Let’s Take a Look at SOPA Seoul, the School of Many Korean Idols!

SOPA Tuition Fee

According to the official website, to enter this school, you have to pay 50,000 KRW or around $44 for the application fee. It’s not that expensive for such a worthy performing arts high school like SOPA.


But what if you got accepted? How much do you need to pay as a regular student? Well, the SOPA website doesn’t tell that much about the tuition fee for the accepted students. However, some say that this school makes you pay around $10,000 per year. Well, it’s quite a large amount of money for high school. But if we think about how much we as students will get later, it seems to be worth the pay.


Besides, going to a school with such popularity and reputation will change how society sees you. Also, the competition to be accepted into that school is classified as difficult which means not everybody can be accepted in that school. And as we know, good school and education are one of the most important things for someone’s future. Especially in South Korea, where parents are willing to spend a lot of money to send their children to the best place they can get their hands on. So, they can get the best education for their children to support their future later.


Oh, wait, what actually will we get as a student if we got accepted by SOPA anyway? Hmm, you totally need to read some more information about this school, then. Let’s check it out below!

SOPA Courses

According to their official website, SOPA has four different departments.

Theater & Film Department

The first one is the Theater & Film Department, that is divided into Acting and Film major. The Film major is tending to the needs of those who love film. The curriculum entails teaching students about broadcast planning, film and drama production, writing a broadcast script or scenario, and also filming and editing.


If high school students are taught about all of these before they enter university, it is no wonder Korea has such good television shows and dramas. You see, reality shows such as Running Man and 1 Night 2 Days are very famous not only nationwide but worldwide as well, with a lot of international viewers.


Students majoring in Acting get the opportunity to learn about acting, singing, and dancing, having practical lessons that will contribute to them becoming theater or musical performers. Not only that, but they will also get in-depth knowledge about how to be a proper actor with theoretical education.


Hmm, if you’re interested in this major, prepare yourself to get into the audition! SOPA definitely will teach you how to be a better actor and actress or even film director in your teenage years.

Practical Music Department

Well, this one must be the department that has the most idols as their students. Because this Practical Music Department will teach the students how to be proper musicians that will lead the Korean wave in the future.


The main courses that are taught are, of course, in the musical field. For example, vocal practice, musical instruments, songwriting, music planning, music leadership, music directing of the K-Pop industry. This department is also divided into different majors, namely Vocal, Keyboard, Wind Instrument, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drum, and Gauge.


Woah. Totally cool! No wonder the Korean wave has remained the hype for almost ten years worldwide when they teach high school students these kinds of techniques.


Practical Dance Department

Well, well, well… For those of you who love doing dance covers of your favorite K-Pop songs, I bet you will simply love this department. This is the department that only accepts one class per year. It must be quite competitive to get into this department with such a tiny number of acceptances like that. But of course, those who get accepted are the ones who are totally incredible at dancing.


SOPA will teach the students in this department to be competent professional dancers. And not only dance to a piece of K-Pop music, but the students will also be able to dance to any kind of music genre, such as modern dance, hip-hop dance, jazz dance, b-boy, rocking, and also waxing.


Most importantly, SOPA trains its students to be creative and sensible professional dancers in the future. Hmm, do you think your idols are creative and sensible as idols who are good at dancing? Well, they must have graduated from SOPA, then.

Stage Arts Department

This department is divided into two majors: Stage performance and Art design. Those who want to be performers on stage can be trained as drama and film actors and actresses. Not only that, but the students will also be taught to develop skills in modeling.


The other major that this department has is the Art design major. This major is mainly focused on discussing any kind of artwork, such as a painting, for example. Through this major, students will be taught to be creative and expressive when creating artworks. And the goal is to train them to be artists with strong emotions and creativity. For you who claim to be a creative person, are you interested in being a student with this major?


While we are on the subject of joining as a student, we haven’t really talked about admissions, right? Well, let’s discuss the admission then. How is the flow and is it easy to get accepted?