Who’s Sooyoung’s Boyfriend? Learn More About Her Love Life Here!


Sooyoung and Her Love Life

Sone (SNSD fans) must know at least a bit about Sooyoung’s love life. Even though Sooyoung and her boyfriend hid their relationship a couple years ago, the fact is they’ve been in a relationship for six years now. Do you want to know more about about it? Just keep reading!

Who is Sooyoung’s Boyfriend?


For those of you who don’t know about Sooyoung’s love life yet, She’s been in a romantic relationship with Jung Kyung-ho for about six years, since early 2013. Jung Kyung-ho, who was born on 1983, is a South Korean actor who’s well known for his supporting roles in I’m Sorry, I Love You and Time Between Dog and Wolf, and his leading roles in Beating AgainOne More Happy Ending, Missing NinePrison Playbook and Life on Mars.

They became acquainted because they attend the same church and went to the same university.

How Did They Start Dating?


Sooyoung and Jung Kyung-ho’s love life often makes netizens emotional, but how did it all begin?

In an episode of tvN Life Bar, Jung Kyung-ho told stories about his personal life, including a story about his relationship with Sooyoung.  He told the audience how they began to get to know each other and ended up dating.

He said that the first time he met Sooyoung they were introduced by a friend.


I didn’t immediately ask to be introduced to her, but indeed our introduction was not accidental. I did have a goal when I met her.” Jung Kyung-ho explained.

Interestingly, he also claimed that he was a fan of SNSD and had watched SNSD concerts several times. “My friend was a big fan of SNSD. Even, we have watched the concert several times,” Jung Kyung-ho said.

Once Given One Thousand Roses


Even though Sooyoung and Jung Kyung-ho have been together for 5 years, the couple is still intimate. Jung Kyung-ho has said that five years was still only a little while, “It’s still short while, so we still very romantic.

Although their relationship always sounds fine, the fact is that being with the same person for many years isn’t always smooth. That’s why Kyung-ho knows that Sooyoung hates roses.

I once gave her one thousand roses for our 1000th day anniversary. I did’t know that one thousand roses were numerous. She immediately told me to come and clean it.” Jung Kyung-ho said.

Really Admired by Her Boyfriend


Jung Kyung-ho often praises Sooyoung. He says such sweet things about her that other women get jealous. He really admires Sooyoung, who has a very understanding personality and always makes people around her feel happy

Sooyoung doesn’t drink alcohol, so we rarely drink together. She adjusted his mood with me. And i’m very grateful of it,” Jung Kyung-ho said.

He added, “She has a lot of warm sides that I don’t have. She also thinks a lot of other people around her. I’m jealous that she has all those qualities that I don’t have, at the same time, it makes me like her more. I believe that all faults are made by the man. So, I just think about how I treat her well. Really, Sooyoung gives me many strengths.

Will They Get Married?


Jung Kyung-ho revealed that neither he nor Sooyoung were ready to get married yet. They will do that after they’ve both reached their goals for their acting careers.

I don’t have any plans of getting married yet. I want to help Sooyoung start her acting career as her ‘stepping stone’. I don’t want to burden or disturb her career with the marriage.”