Profile of SNSD’s Sooyoung (Birthday, Age, Drama, Dating, and Fashion)


SNSD’s Multitalented Entertainer Choi Sooyoung

Being a member of SNSD means that you are placed under the spotlight of fame, which many people would consider a burden because it can affect a person’s personality and behavior, encouraging them to be more indulgent and pretentious. However, Sooyoung proves that one still can be a down-to-earth and respectful lady even if she is a member of the most popular and phenomenal girl group of South Korea.

Thus, in this article, Channel-Korea will explain to you all about SNSD’s Choi Sooyoung, starting with her personal profile, her fun facts and trivia,her family, her sister, her dramas and films, her famous pairings with male idols, her boyfriend, her Instagram feed, her lit fashion, and her short hairstyle that you can take a look to be the inspiration. So, stay tuned!

Profile of SNSD’s Sooyoung, 2018

Real Name: Choi Soo Young

Stage Name: Sooyoung

English Name: Summer Choi

Japanese Name: Che Suyon

Nickname: Cheerful Princess, Shikshin (God of Food), NaSoo (interrupter), DJ Syoung, Syoo

Date of Birth: Cheongdamdong, Seoul, 10 February 1990

Age: 29 (Korean age) / 28 (International age)

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 175 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Blood Type: O

Religion: Christian

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Chinese Astrology: horse

Siblings: 1 (older sister Choi Soo Jin)

Position: Lead dancer, sub-vocalist

Specialty: Dance, eloquence, acting, imitatations

Language: Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese

Training Time: 6 years and 3 months

Agency: Echo Global Group

Education: Chungang University (majored in the Department of Theater) and Jeongshin Girl’s High School

Instagram: @hotsootuff

Tumblr: sootuff

Fun Facts You Have To Know About SNSD’s Sooyoung:

  • Sooyoung was cast into SM Entertainment by SM’s Open Auditions in 2000.
  • Sooyoung also participated in the Korea-Japan Ultra Idol Duo Audition in 2002, which resulted in her joining the Japanese duo ‘Route O’ with Marina Takahashi, and releasing three singles.
  • Sooyoung used to not be able to swim, despite the literal meaning of her name (in Korean, ‘sooyoung’ means swimming). However, we can clearly see that in the dramas she starred in, Sooyoung pulled off the swimming scenes perfectly.
  • The meaning of Sooyoung’s full name is luxurious flower petal.
  • Sooyoung is a big eater, she can eat an average of 6-7 times in a day, hence the nickname ‘shikshin’ (god of food). Despite that surprising fact, Sooyoung still manages to have a thin body because of her fast metabolism.
  • Sooyoung can eat three scoops of ice cream in five minutes.
  • Sooyoung’s favorite ice cream flavor is choco mint.
  • Sooyoung eats straight away, right after she wakes up.
  • There was a time when Sooyoung was so hungry that she went into a Korean BBQ house alone, and had two servings of beef and dwenjjang chiggae (bean paste stew). Apparently, her record is six servings on her own.
  • Sooyoung’s English name ‘Summer’ was given to her by former SNSD member, Jessica Jung.
  • Despite her English name, Sooyoung’s favorite season is winter.
  • Sooyoung got the nickname ‘Cheerful Princess’ because of her charming and friendly personality.
  • Although having a one year age gap between her and the other six SNSD members, Sooyoung does not call them ‘unnie’ (the term a younger girl calls an older girl) because she was born early in the year and is in the same grade they are in.
  • Sooyoung’s sleeping habit is sleep talking, and pouting her lips as if she is kissing someone in her sleep.
  • Sooyoung won the Most Comic Talent Award in the Girl’s Award in 2009. In relation to the award show, TVXQ said that Sooyoung is really fun to be around, and has that special something that makes her stand out.
  • Sooyoung has a thick hair.
  • Sooyoung’s favorite color has changed from pink to black.
  • Sooyoung has so many favorite singers, such as Jason Mraz, Stacie Orrico, Tori Kelly, Bruno Mars, Beyonce, and Lana Del Rey.
  • Not only favorite singers, Sooyoung also has many celebrity crushes, such as Jo In Sung, Go Soo, Lee Seung Gi, and Brad Pitt.
  • During her trainee period, Sooyoung saved her mother’s number as ‘Jo In Sung’ on her phone. She would then get messages saying “What are you doing?”, “Did you eat?” and all were from ‘Jo In Sung’. She got busted when ‘Jo In Sung’ called and her mother’s voice was heard from the other line.
  • Sooyoung is a fan of comic writer Kangfull. Long before her debut with SNSD, Sooyoung sent a fan-email to Kangfull, which he replied to because he was so impressed with the mature way Sooyoung spoke. Years later Sooyoung starred in the movie adaptation of ‘Hello, Schoolgirl’, one of Kangfull’s comic stories.
  • Sooyoung has a penchant for keeping things even after they are worn out. For example, Sooyoung still uses a Harry Potter blanket and the passport holder that Soshified (SNSD’s international fanbase forum) gave her from years back.
  • Sooyoung was the part of Jeongshin Girl’s High School choir.
  • When she was in middle school, Sooyoung had a crush on a certain guy, so on Valentine’s Day, she planned to give him chocolate. However, the plan was not executed because Sooyoung felt too shy, and ended up bringing the chocolate back home.
  • Sooyoung can imitate the host of Home Shopping Channels perfectly, hence received the nickname as ‘Home Shopping Queen’.
  • Sooyoung’s favorite music genre is the ballad.
  • Sooyoung has aegyo (cute act) which people referred to as ‘aegyo that causes rage’.
  • Sooyoung can spot fancams easily by smiling, waving, sending winks or hearts, or blowing kisses to the fans who record her.
  • Sooyoung likes to discover new facial expression when she looks in the mirror without makeup.
  • Sooyoung likes spicy cabbages.
  • On Oh Sang Jin’s radio show, Sooyoung admitted that she is more acquainted with actors and actresses than music idols, which she mostly meet through her Bible Study Group.
  • Sooyoung chose Jane Birkin as her style icon.
  • Sooyoung always brings NARS lipstick, Saint Laurent mascara, and a Canmake Color Stick on her bag.
  • Sooyoung’s favorite love story is the movie ‘Lost In Translation’.
  • Sooyoung wants to shoot independent films rather than action movies.
  • Besides independent films, Sooyoung also wants to act in a historical drama.
  • Sooyoung’s favorite emoji to use on messaging apps is the thinking face emoji.
  • Sooyoung embarrassingly admits that her favorite camera app is Beauty Plus.
  • If she was not a member of SNSD, Sooyoung would have been a designer.
  • Sooyoung was dubbed the Dancing Queen of SNSD on Weekly Idol because she is able to dance choreography from other girl groups well.
  • Sooyoung is a big fan of the Harry Potter franchise. She even went to England, and visited the sets of the movie in 2015 with other SNSD members such as Tiffany, Hyoyeon, and Yuri.
  • Sooyoung is interested in photography, and often asked other SNSD members to be the models in her photos. She also has a digital camera for Tumblr photos.
  • When Sooyoung took a vacation to New York, she was spotted having a conversation with a chess-playing man in a park. The man was lonely waiting for someone to play chess with him, and Sooyoung talked to him and comforted him, saying that she has no worries in life because she believes in God.
  • When asked if she could be reborn into any point in time, what time would she want to be reborn into, Sooyoung answered: “the time when Jesus was alive”.
  • On KBS’s ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook’, Yu Hee Yeol asked her “When was the last time you lied?” and Sooyoung said she never lies because she is a church-goer.
  • Sooyoung once mentioned her Japanese is getting a little rusty, so she watches Japanese dramas to practice.
  • Sooyoung has four puppies named Mori, Cherry, Suri, and Yuri. She also had a puppy named Jjanglee who died years ago.
  • Sooyoung got exposed by her mom on SBS’s Junior Show, saying that her room is like a garbage can. According to her mother, Sooyoung leaves a trail of her clothes every time she arrives home. She would take her shoes off first, leave her bag in the living room after that, and then she would go to her room. She would take off her jacket, leave her pants near the entrance, and then remove her socks.
  • Sooyoung is so good at imitating SNSD members’ signatures that sometimes, the members ask her to sign on their behalf. The hardest signature to imitate for her is the signature of former SNSD member Jessica Jung.
  • Sooyoung is a good friend of Stella Kim’s. They have known each other since they were training, as Stella used to also be in the line-up of ‘Super Girls’, the group who’s final line-up is the SNSD we all know and love.
  • Sooyoung prefers to be at home, and admits that she is quite a homebody.
  • Sooyoung is a fan of Real Madrid.
  • Quite contrary to people’s usual conception of her, Sooyoung actually loves reading books. She says she always reads books, especially when she is traveling by plane.
  • One of Sooyoung’s favorite books is Kim Ji Young, Born 1982 by Cho Nam Joo.
  • Sooyoung wants to be a working mom because she wants to show her kids that even though she is old, she is a strong woman who still works hard. When her kids are babies though, Sooyoung wants to be around them, so perhaps we can say that she will decrease the amount of work she does in the entertainment industry.
  • Sooyoung also wants to write a book, and open a photography exhibition in the future.

Get To Know Sooyoung’s Family

Just like everyone, Sooyoung also has a family which consists of father, mother, and older sister. Sooyoung’s father, Choi Jung Nam, is an architect who runs an architecture firm that built the popular Seoul Arts Center, while Sooyoung’s mother, Moon So Hee, is a housewife and taught opera classes. Sooyoung’s family’s well-off state is also proven by the fact that Sooyoung and her family lived in a mansion in Jeonju, where she lived before her debut with SNSD.

On 12 February 2013, Sooyoung opened up that her father suffered from Retinitis Pigmentosa, a condition that causes degeneration in the eyes, and eventually results in total blindness. She stated that after getting the examination, his father started to do research regarding his illness, and the resources are mostly written in English. Thus, after finding a way to treat his illness, Sooyoung’s father asked SM Entertainment for help in order to establish Korean Retinitis Pigmentosa Society (KRPS) as an organization to help the patients who suffer from the same or similar illnesses.

Fast forward to the following year on 20 December 216, Sooyoung still shows her concern for her father’s illness by celebrating her 27th birthday through story funding in order to support KRPS. The project was named as 2017’s ‘Beaming Effect’, and the 5 million won goal had already been reached before Sooyoung’s birthday on 10 February.

Regarding her mother, Sooyoung shared the story of how her mother used to dress her in a boyish style because she wanted a son very much, so when Sooyoung was born, she was quite disappointed. Sooyoung also never celebrated doljanchi (a traditional birthday party in a banquet table when someone turning one year old) and only had one on SBS’s ‘Haha Mong’ on 24 July 2010 as a surprise birthday party which was prepared by her mother, SNSD members, and the staff of the show when she was turning 20.

Sooyoung also showed her close relationship with her mother by explaining that she really does not want to leave her mother alone at home, because her mother was a little bit depressed, and was always sitting on the sofa in the living room. In order to make her mother feel less lonely, Sooyoung would text her mother more often every day, and act more caring to her mother whenever she is at home. Aww, how sweet!

You can see the bond of Sooyoung and her family by looking at the photos we have compiled below!

Get To Know Sooyoung’s Sister

As has been stated before, Sooyoung has an older sister named Choi Soo Jin who works as an actress in musical and also does voice-overs. While Sooyoung looks more like her mother, Choi Soo Jin resembles her father a lot. Sooyoung and Soojin’s undoubtedly have a close relationship, as Sooyoung has said that her best friend is her older sister. They quietly support each other’s work projects, it is proven that Sooyoung never misses out on any of Soojin’s musical performances and vice versa with Soojin, who often visited Sooyoung on set of her dramas.

However, when it comes to the type of man that they are looking for, the Choi Sisters have contrasting tastes. On tvN’s ‘Taxi’ on 18 May 2017, Sooyoung stated that she likes chic men who are really good to her and love her a lot, that they must be physically bigger than she is, and have some facial hair. On the other hand, Soojin said that pretty and skinny men are endearing to her. Well, it’s a good thing that Sooyoung and her sister have a different ideal type, so they won’t fight because of men, don’t you think, dear readers?

You can see the bond between Sooyoung and her sister by looking at the photos we have compiled below!