SNSD’s Sooyoung’s Sister Choi Soo-jin: Full Profile, Career, Visual

Interview With Choi Soo-jin

In an interview with a magazine, when being asked about how she felt about her major role from the first work, she answered that it’s actually the biggest burden. “In the musical The Wizard of Oz, I played the role of Glinda, a good witch, and I had a chance to participate as an ensemble. I’m here for an ensemble scene where my role doesn’t play. I was worried that I might not have as much endurance as the actors who have experienced an ensemble. I was able to experience both the role and the ensemble while appearing in the scene where I danced and acted together. I was really grateful to have such an experience. I worked really hard then.”

She wanted to do a musical titled Jekyll and Hyde. She said that she wants to play a role that she doesn’t think she can do well. “Many actors look for roles that they can play well with. There are a lot of people who are good at it, so it’s right to play the role according to their preferences. But I want to play a role that I am not good at. When I say I want to do a musical, Jekyll and Hyde, everyone thinks of Emma. But the role I want to play is Lucy. I really like the songs that Lucy sings. I also want to do a small theater piece. Especially, the musical Finding Mr. Destiny. At first, I couldn’t relate to the female character, but the more I know, the more attractive it is. She has a lot to analyze.”

Musical life means a lot to Choi Soo-jin. She said that all her life is tuned toward musicals. In real life, she appears as an actor only when she is immersed in the role. That’s why she tries to live in order to be good at acting, and try to get musical roles. “I try to generate energy. There are some actors who are calm and explode on stage, but I can’t do it well. I think of Choi Soo-jin on stage every day.”

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Choi Soo-jin’s Appearance In The Man Of La Mancha Musical Theater

Choi Soo-jin played the leading role in the musical Man of La Mancha. She played the role of Aldonza. Aldonza is a serving lady and a part-time prostitute at the hotel. Aldonza is harsh on the outside but she has a soft heart inside and yearns to trust what Don Quixote tells her. To Don Quixote, she is called Lady Dulcinea. At first, she avoids Don Quixote and makes fun of him. However, she faces a rough patch because of the disturbance caused by him.

Man of La Mancha is a 1965 musical. It was written by Dale Wasserman, music by Mitch Leigh, and lyrics by Joe Darion. The story itself is about the humorous tale of the insane but kind elderly nobleman, Don Quixote, who with the help of his manservant, Sancho Panza, battles the windmills that are seen as dragons to rescue the prostitute, Dulcinea, who is seen as a noble lady.

The musical performance is going to take place in Charlotte Theater, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea. The performance will take place from December 18th, 2020 to March 1st, 2021. The ticket price is various, from 60,000 won to 150,000 won.

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Choi Soo-jin’s Instagram

Choi Soo-jin’s Official Instagram: csj_lovesu

The picture above was taken recently. It was taken when she played a role in the musical Something Rotten! She wrote a meaningful and beautiful caption, “Thank you so much for coming to see us again after three weeks. In the meantime, I was upset thinking only of what I lost and what I couldn’t, but when I saw us gathered again, what I gained and learned was much bigger and more precious. And I believe it was given to you by the audience♡ Let’s do it again and have something valuable! thank you:)”

Mostly, all of the recent posts of Soo-jin on Instagram are promoting her upcoming musical performances. In December 2020, Soo-jin is going to play in a musical titled Man of La Mancha. In the caption, she wrote, “There is no dream that cannot be fulfilled.
Please come and see us.🌻 #ManofLaMancha.” Sooyoung and Tifanny of SNSD were seen commenting on the post.

She uploaded her official pictures of her upcoming musical performance. Her sister and her fellow musical actor were seen in the comment section. Sooyoung said, “숨멎” which means breathtaking, while Min Woo-hyuk said, “Wa…. *thumbs up* (와….👍).”


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