SNSD’s Sooyoung’s Sister Choi Soo-jin: Full Profile, Career, Visual

SNSD’s Sooyoung’s Sister Choi Soo-jin—A Musical Actress

Choi Soo-jin is a South Korean musical actress. She is the older sister of SNSD’s Sooyoung. Soo-jin made her debut in a musical in 2009 with her first role as Gloria in the musical Jack the Ripper. For her, musicals are her life. She’s been part of the music industry for about 11 years. Soo-jin also does a voice over for some foreign movies. In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed rundown of everything about Choi Soo-jin. Stay tuned!

Choi Soo-jin’s Full Profile
  • Stage Name: Choi Soo-jin (최수진)
  • Full Name: Choi Soo-jin (최수진)
  • Date of Birth: August 9th, 1986
  • Nationality: Korean
  • Star Sign: Leo
  • Occupation: Musical Actress
  • Debut Year: 2009 (with Musical Jack the Ripper (살인마 잭))
  • Agency: R&Dworks (former)
  • Education: Sookmyung Women’s University (Department of Chinese Language and Chinese Literature/Graduation)
  • Official Instagram: csj_lovesu


Musicals and Plays

Year Title Role
2020 Man of La Mancha (맨 오브 라만차) Aldonza
2020 Musical Something Rotten! (썸씽 로튼) Fosha
2020 LIZZIE (리지) Alice Russell
2019 The Promise of The Day (귀환) Lee Hae-sung
2019 ORPHANS (오펀스) Phillip
2019 The Gloomy Day (사의 찬미) Yoon Shim Duk
2019 King Arthur— La Légende du roi Arthur (킹아더) Morgan
2018 Maybe Happy Ending (어쩌면 해피엔딩) Claire
2018 The Rocky Horror Show (록키 호러 쇼) Janet
2018 Man of La Mancha (맨 오브 라만차) Aldonza
2017 I LOVE YOU (아이 러브 유)  Woman #2
2017 Maybe Happy Ending (어쩌면 해피엔딩) Claire
2017 The Gloomy Day (사의 찬미) Yoon Shim Duk
2017 The Rocky Horror Show (록키 호러 쇼) Janet
2016 In the Heights (인 더 하이츠) Nina
2016 Newsies (뉴시즈) Catherine Plummer
2015 The Gloomy Day (사의 찬미) Yoon Shim Duk
2015 Through The Door (쓰루더도어) Charlotte
2014 All Shook Up (올슉업) Lorraine Hart
2014 Singin’ in the Rain (싱잉인더레인) Kathy Saldon
2013 The passer-through-walls (Le Passe-muraille)(벽을 뚫는 남자) Isabel
2013 Hey, Zanna! (헤이, 자나!) Kate
2012 Finding Mr. Destiny (김종욱 찾기) Woman
2012 The Celestial Watch (천상시계) Yesung
2012 Propose (프로포즈) Eungyeong
2011 Winter Sonata (겨울연가) Yu-Jin
2011 The Wonderful Wizard of OZ (오즈의 마법사) Glinda
2010 Palace (궁) Hyolyn
2009 Jack the Ripper (살인마 잭) Gloria


TV Broadcasts

Year TV Program Network  
2012 The Third Hospital tvN cameo appearance (Episode 6)
Hwaje Jipjoong (화제집중) MBC TV Radio Drama
History 50 MBC TV Narration

Movie Dubber

Film Title Role Network
Heartbreakers Jennifer Love Hewitt MBC (Korea TV Edition)
Seven Gwyneth Paltrow MBC (Korea TV Edition)
Sahara Brooke Shields MBC (Korea TV Edition)
I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Jennifer Love Hewitt MBC (Korea TV Edition)
GoldenEye Izabella Scorupco MBC (Korea TV Edition)

Concerts and Showcases

Year Schedule
2020 Concert (Space) with Yooha Choi
2018 Rocky Horror Show Concert
2018 DCF Daemyung Culture Factory Factory-QUEENS MAN with Ahn Yujin
2017 The Musical Festival
2017 R&D Works Concert
2016 Musical Talk Concert Housewarming (Hey, Zanna!)
2015 Gloomy사의찬미Day
2011 싸인 OST Part 3 – 혹시


Choi Soo-jin’s Visual

Choi Soo-jin has a beautiful face shape. She usually has a bold make-up look because of her characters in the musicals. Even so, while in her daily life, she still looks sweet and pretty with a natural make-up look. Check out her gorgeous selfies below!

Choi Soo-jin and Sooyoung are really cute sisters. Both are so pretty and talented.


In 2012, an interesting piece of news circulated, namely that Choi Soo-jin was dating EXO’s Xiumin. However, there is no explanation from either of them or a representative of the artists. Seems like the two were just hanging out together because both of them were working on the same musical theater show. Check out more of the news below!

Choi Soo-jin’s Dating Rumor With EXO’s Xiumin

Understandably, fans were suspicious of the relationship between SNSD’s Sooyoung’s older sister Choi Soo-jin and EXO’s Xiumin. Based on the online community, fans started to assume that the two are in a relationship based on the fact that both of them went to the same café. What started off the rumor is that a person who works at a café in Namhae, Gyeongsangnam-do left a certification shot that the person saw EXO’s Xiumin. However, at the same time, Choi Soo-jin uploaded a picture on her Instagram story, and the café in the picture is known as the same one that Xiumin went to. Fans speculated that the two went on a date together in Namhae. There is no further confirmation of them about the relationship.

Choi Soo-jin was born in 1986, while Xiumin was born in 1990. Choi Soo-jin is the sister of Sooyoung of Girls’ Generation, who is in the same agency as Xiumin (SM Entertainment). Soo-jin and Xiumin appeared together in the original musical titled Return (also known as Promise of the Day). This musical was produced with the subject of the remains of the victims of the Korean War.