Top 10 Songs From After School You Should Added To Your Playlist!


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Right after “AH,” After School released the single “Diva” on April 9th, 2009. The single was also included in the New Schoolgirl album and lead them to win the Rookie of the Month Award at the Cyworld Digital Music Awards. “Diva” received a Japanese version as well, which was released on November 23rd, 2011.

Through the concept photo of “Diva,” After School emphasized the cheerful side of them through neon outfits. Then in the MV, After School introduced the new member Uee and still appeared with their sexy-cute image. The single is an electro-dance song that made people want to sing along the whole time!

Just like the title, “Diva” made After School members ‘divas’ for someone that they loved. As gorgeous as ‘divas’, they would show their electric love and unlock someone’s heart!


after school

The single was known as the fifth Japanese single of After School, and it was officially released on October 2nd, 2013 (physically) and on September 25th, 2013 (digitally). From the title, people might be wondering if After School members would appear with a softer image. Turns out, they appeared with colorful outfits and a bright concept!

The MV of “Heaven” reminded us of the “First Love” MV, since After School members demonstrated a magnificent pole dance. Then they were divided into several clips such as in a room full of books, in a hazy bedroom, and also a simple stage with their shimmery outfits and bright lights!

“Heaven” is about romantic feelings. The mixture of mature-seductive romance in a relationship, and how it also feels like heaven. The happiness and good memories of a relationship is a kind of heaven for them.

Rip Off

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“Rip Off” was part of the Flashback single album, which was released on June 20th, 2012. The song was released in both Korean and Japanese versions. For its genre, it used dance and electronic. Although there wasn’t an MV for “Rip Off,” the single gained a lot of attention!

In one of the live performances of “Rip Off,” After School members were looking like a bunch of beautiful magicians since they were dressed up in a fedora hat and held magic wands, as well! The song’s meaning is also about love-related things, as the girl wanted to be with the boy whom they loved. They also thought that their relationship might be the best love pop as they could have dreamt before.

Rambling Girls

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Another Japanese single by After School was “Rambling Girls,” which was released on January 25th, 2012. The single was also included in the Playgirlz album, and it was known as the debut Japanese album of After School as well!

Talking about their concept, After School came up with their iconic sexy image with the mixture of ‘futuristic’ concept which also showcases the silvery-hologram outfits! Meanwhile, through the “Rambling Girls” MV, After School members became a group of space travelers. They have returned from their mission, and they are also involved in an interview about that as we can see a bunch of microphones surrounding them. The space traveler act was really suitable with their ‘futuristic’ outfits.

Then, what about the meaning of the song “Rambling Girls?” If we’re to take a look at the translation of the lyrics, it seems that the words are going ‘rambling’. But it might as well blurb out about a girl who’d like to set themselves free in a relationship. If their partner in the relationship doesn’t do the same, then it doesn’t matter, because they are ‘rambling girls’.

Because Of You

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The single was released on November 25th, 2009, and marked the first appearance of the newly-added members Raina and Nana. Through “Because Of You,” After School brought a new ‘mature’ concept that looked different from their sexy image.

The “Because Of You” MV was dominated by a monochrome theme, as the members also appeared in black and white outfits. The rhythm of “Because of You” also sounds different, as in the opening it was kinda slow and mellow, but then turns into an upbeat rhythm afterward! The rap part also completes “Because Of You” in becoming a bop!

For the song meaning, “Because Of You” was narrated by a girl who is still longing for her unforgettable love, even though their relationship is over. But still, the experience of pain, happiness, and love was remarkable because of their relationship.

Those are the top 10 After School song that can brighten up your mood. Even though they are kind of old songs, but the euphoria of music never gets old, right? For After School fans, it might become one of the best ways to get a flashback of them. Kindly comment below which one is your favorite After School song!