Are You SEVENTEEN’s Woozi Biased? You Must Know These 10 Songs Created by Him!

Woozi, The Song Composer of Seventeen

Lee Ji-hoon, more familiarly known as Woozi, is the leader for the vocal unit of the South Korean boy-group SEVENTEEN. Woozi is known for his various abilities, such as his musical genius or for having the hilarious nickname of being BTS Suga’s twin brother, Tofu, Soft Food, Flare Sneaker, etc. Woozi’s amazing talents for singing, composing, and dancing are already recognized since he’s composed most of SEVENTEEN’s songs and a few more that have been performed by other idols. Want to find out what masterpieces he’s responsible for?  Keep reading!


Can’t See The End

Have you ever been anxious about your future? If the answer is yes, this song is right for you! Can’t See The End is a song about a teenager’s anxiousness about what may happen in future. Check it out!

Don’t Listen

Don’t Listen has quite a deep, sad story. The song tells us about a boy who doesn’t care about anything but waiting for his girl to come back, although she won’t ever come. The deepest lyric is, “I’m still waiting for you. I won’t ever tire”.


Flower is one of the songs from the album Teen AgeFlower describes a girl as a beautiful and fragrant flower. This particular girl is like a rose, so amazingly beautiful yet has thorns that could hurt anyone who tries to get too close to it/her. Such a beautiful irony!


Pinwheel gives SEVENTEEN’s vocal line a great opportunity to show off their talent! This song tells about a strong desire from someone who can’t wait to meet their lover although it won’t happen for a long time and feels a little bit impossible. One of the touching lyrics is, “I wan’t to meet you, but you’re too far away.”

Without You

Still from the Teen Age album, Without You tells us about someone who worried about losing his beloved one from his side. He’s afraid to feel empty, alone, and depressed, as Woozi expressed in the lyric “without you, everything is hard and I’m afraid.”

Don’t Wanna Cry

Although this is an upbeat one (a typical electronic song), the lyric has a sad meaning. Don’t Wanna Cry is about someone who lost his beloved ones, but he tried so hard to not cry because he promised to and it’s quite heavy. One of the memorable lyrics is, “I don’t miss you but I miss you so much.”

Songs Performed By Other Singers

Feelin’ (Sung by Ailee, ft. Eric Nam)

This time, Woozi collaborated on one of soloist Ailee’s songs, to cooperate with her in writing lyrics. It’s a medium-tempo song and nice to hear as Ailee and Eric Nam’s voices are really impressive. The song tells us about someone’s amazing feeling when she sees her crush.

Give Me That (Sung by EXO’s Chanyeol)

This time, our handsome Chanyeol sang a song which Woozi helped compose. Give Me That is a chill song, starting with the rap part. The story is about someone who admires a girl from a distance. He’s struck with the girl’s beauty and wantsto see her again and tell her how much he loves her.

Thankful For You (Sung by NU’EST’s Baekho)

This song was for NU’EST’s Baekho. Thankful For You gives the ballad vibe and thanks to Woozi, we can enjoy Baekho’s vocal so well. The song is about someone who thanks his girl very much for staying on his side, even though the girl seems not understand him very well but at least he’s not alone.

Downpour (Sung by I.O.I)

This song is very sad since it was made to memorialize I.O.I’s journey since beginning on Produce 101. Everyone who has been following I.O.I is sure to cry, and it’s beautifully composed by Woozi! The song is about a hard goodbye that makes her cry bitterly as tears came down like raindrops. They wish to meet again after the downpour passes and be happy.