Song Yuvin: Profile, Facts, ‘Produce X 101’, Dating with Kim Sohee, and More!

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Everything About Song Yuvin That You Shouldn’t Have Missed!

Song Yuvin was famously known for his debut as Myteen members as well as Produce X 101. But, do you know that his career journey is more than that? Let’s get to know more about Song Yuvin through the article below!

Song Yuvin’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Song Yu-vin (송유빈)

Stage Name: Yuvin (유빈)

Date of Birth: Daegu, South Korea, April 28, 1998

Age: 22 years old

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Nationality: Korean

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 72 kg

Blood Type: A

Current Position: Leader, Vocalist, Maknae

Years Active: 2015 – present

Label: The Music Works Entertainment

Associated With: Superstar K6Produce X 101, Myteen, B.O.Y

Instagram: @syv0428

Get To Know: 10 Fun Facts About Song Yuvin!
  • Yuvin debuted with the group Myteen in 2017.
  • He participated as the singer in a lot of K-Drama’s soundtrack.
  • Yuvin also gained a lot of attention due to his appearance on Produce X 101.
  • When Yuvin was younger, he wanted to be a barista or animal trainer.
  • He loves to listen to music, sing, playing basketball and soccer, as well as sleep.
  • Yuvin could speak a little bit of English, Mandarin, and Japanese.
  • Lee Seung-gi and Seo In-guk are his role models.
  • He said that his ideal type is EXID’s Hani, but he also likes someone caring, kind-hearted, easy to get in touch with, and thinks of him first.
  • Yuvin was allergic to dogs, but he has two dogs named Chopper and Mongyi.
  • A lot of people have thought that Yuvin was very similar to SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu.

Song Yuvin and His Career Journey: Get The Complete Story Here!

Let’s reveal the complete story behind Song Yuvin’s career journey here!

Song Yuvin’s Appearance in Superstar K6

Yuvin used to participate as a contestant through Superstar K6, known as the sixth season of the talent show Superstar K in 2014! Due to his amazing vocal and good-looking visual, he started to gain a lot of attention during the show. Despite his young age at that time, Yuvin also amazes people and judges with his talent.

Even though he didn’t make it the first winner, Yuvin successfully became the top 4 on Superstar K6! After he was eliminated during the 12th episodes, Yuvin also received many offers from various agencies, including The Music Works Entertainment. In February 2015, Yuvin was officially signed a contract with them.

Watch some of Yuvin’s appearance on Superstar K6 here:


Song Yuvin’s Debut with Myteen

Yuvin was made his debut as Myteen members in 2017! The boy group debuted in 2016 under The Music Works Entertainment. The agency has announced that Myteen would have consisted of idols with bright and vibrant as teenagers. Myteen consisted of seven members: Lee Tae-vin, Choi Eun-su, Kim Kook-heon, Shin Jun-seop, Song Yu-vin, Hanseul, and Chunjin.

In the group, Yuvin was in charge as the main vocalist. Myteen was released the mini-album MYTEEN Go! on July 26, 2017, as their debut project. Meanwhile, Amazing was served as its title track. Then Myteen also held their debut showcase at the Ilchi Art Hall on the same day as their mini-album. The debut stage of Myteen has been held through their performance on M! COUNTDOWN.

Yuvin and other Myteen members have held their first international fan meeting in Hong Kong, following their first reality show, Trainee Escape Project – MYTEEN Go!, their second mini-album F;UZZLE, and more! Unfortunately, Myteen was officially disbanded in 2019.

Song Yuvin’s Participation in Produce X 101

People might be very familiar with Yuvin’s appearance with Produce X 101 uniform since his fame has totally gone to another level during his participation within the show! Yuvin has joined the show along with groupmate Kookheon from March until July 2019. With other contestants, Yuvin was showing off his talent to be selected as the line-up for the upcoming boy group X1.

Yuvin was famously known for his vocal and visual during his participation which made the judges praised him! However, Yuvin didn’t make it to the final line-up of the X1 boy group since he got eliminated during the finale with the final rank on #16.

Watch some of Yuvin’s appearance on Produce X 101 here:


Song Yuvin’s Debut as Duo Group, B.O.Y

Yuvin surprised the fans through his debut as B.O.Y members along with former Myteen’s member Kim Kook-heon! B.O.Y stood for Best Of You / Both Of You, a duo group under The Music Work Entertainment. Previously, B.O.Y was known as a project under Kim Kook-heon X Song Yu-vin and released a single entitled Blurry in August 2019.

Their official debut marked through the release of mini-album entitled Phase One: You in January 2020! For its title track, My Angel came up along with the music video. Even before their debut as a duo group, Kookheon and Yuvin’s duet project has gained a lot of attention from the fans which made their agency has decided to release them as a duo group.

B.O.Y has released their second mini-album Phase Two: We with Miss You as the title track on September 2020, and other great singles such, appeared on several music programs and such as Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend!