Song Yuvin: Profile, Facts, ‘Produce X 101’, Dating with Kim Sohee, and More!

Song Yuvin’s MV Throughout the Years

song yuvin

Check out some of Yuvin’s music video throughout the years here:

Through his duet project with Baek Ji-young, Yuvin has appeared with a ‘manly’ and minimalist concept. It was also supported by his slow, calm voice, which made the single Garosugil at Dawn become very soothing!

Just like the group’s name Myteen, Yuvin also appeared with vibrant, playful, and youthful concepts through the Amazing music video! The concept also suits Yuvin’s visual perfection, and the single sounded easy-listening!

My Angel music video has portrayed another side of Yuvin that people haven’t seen before! The futuristic and warm concept has made Yuvin’s visual appearance looked even more stunning, and his style also looked classy!

Song Yuvin’s Acting Appearance

song yuvin

Stunning visuals, incredible vocals, and powerful dancing have been Yuvin’s talent. However, he seemed couldn’t stop to make people getting fell deeper for his charms since he was also good at acting! Yuvin has made his acting debut as the guest role through the famous 2016 drama Age of Youth in the third episodes. Even though it wasn’t the main role, but his appearance was surprising as well.

Later on, Yuvin took the main role as Kim Yoo-gun through the drama Loss Time-Life in 2019! He was played the role of a student who was a member of the judo team who meets again with his first love, So-jin. From the drama, Yuvin was also praised for his acting appearance!

Find Out About Song Yuvin’s Love-Life: His Dating Experience with Kim Sohee

song yuvin & kim sohee

In August 2019, the public was getting shocked after the picture of Song Yuvin, and Kim Sohee were kissing has spread through the internet. Both of them scouted under the same agency. They have known for their project together through Kim Sohee’s Sobok Sobok music video and sang together for Coincidence single OST.

It turns out that Yuvin and Sohee used to have a relationship as a couple, which the agency confirmed. Later on, there was another proof of their dating news, such as the leaked kissing picture, their moments in Sweden together, until Yuvin revealed that his ideal type also referred to Sohee.

song yuvin & kim sohee
song yuvin & kim sohee

Yuvin also explained through his Instagram account that he and Sohee used to date in the past, but currently, they have broken up. The leaked picture was their moment while they still together. He has expressed his apology toward everyone that concerned about his dating news as well.

That’s it for today’s topic about Song Yuvin! He has proved that he deserves to be one of the successful K-Pop idols from all of his hard works despite his dating controversy in the past. Well, what do you guys think about Yuvin? Write your thoughts about Yuvin down below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media!