Killed by a Hitman, Here Is Information About Song Seon-mi’s Husband

Let’s Get Closer With Multi-Talented South Korean Actress Song Seon-mi

Song Seon-mi was born on September 13th, 1974, in Taean County, South Chungcheong Province, South Korea. She is a popular South Korean actress. Song Seon-mi was married to art director Go Woo-seok, who she met through mutual acquaintances and dated for a year, before getting married on June 29th, 2006.

In 2009, she left the talent agency Contents Entertainment to join a new agency set up by her former manager Mr. Yu, Hoya Entertainment; this resulted in a breach of contract lawsuit. Then in January 2013, Song was charged with slander for allegedly insulting Mr. Kim, CEO of Contents Entertainment, at a press conference for a drama, held in July 2012. On August 21st, 2017, her husband, Go Woo-seok, was murdered by a 28-year-old man during an argument. 

Song Seon-mi’s Profile
Name Song Seon-mi ( 송선미 )
Date and Place of Birth September 13th, 1974, Taean County, South Chungcheong Province, South Korea
Education Dongju College – Early Childhood Education
Occupation Actress
Years Active 1996-present
Agency JR ENT
Spouse(s) Go Woo-seok
(m. 2006 – his death in 2017)
Height 176 cm
Social Media Twitter: @Lollita76


Actress Song Seon-mi’s Husband Became A Murder Victim

Song Seon-mi’s husband was rushed to the hospital after being stabbed. Unfortunately, his life couldn’t be saved even though he had received treatment immediately.

According to Korean media, Go Woo-seok, Song Seon-mi’s husband was found covered in blood in the Gangnam area, Seoul. He was immediately rushed to The Catholic University of Korea, Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital.

Unfortunately, Go Woo-seok was helpless and was declared dead at 11:40, on August 21st. Song Seon-mi’s agency confirmed the news circulating about the star’s husband.

“Song Seon-mi is in a deep shock and felt at a loss when she heard the news. Currently, the police are conducting an investigation about the incident,” JR Entertainment explained as quoted by Allkpop.

According to the statement issued by the police, a person named Cho was allegedly the culprit. It was supposed that the motive behind this terrible act was Cho’s dissatisfaction regarding the distribution of inheritance. Go Woo-seok was not given the proper compensation and was only given 10 million Won (Rp. 117.5 million).

On the other hand, Song Seon-mi and Go Woo-seok got married in 2006, and the two got their first baby after eight years of marriage. Right now Song Seon-mi is playing in the MBC drama Return Of Bok And Ji, playing the role of Park Seo-jin.

Alleged Reasons for the Murder of Song Seon-mi’s Husband

The star of Blooded Palace: The War of Flowers, Song Seon-mi, is mourning. Her husband, Go Woo-seok, was found dead after being brutally stabbed by a young man in Seocho District, Seoul, South Korea.

According to Soompi, the man who was known to work as an art director was found covered in blood on Monday (08/21/2017), around 11.50 KST or around 09:50 WIB. However, Go Woo-seok is known to have died while traveling to St. John’s Hospital. Mary, Seoul.

Shortly after the incident, the Seoul Metropolitan Police arrested Cho, a 28-year-old man suspected of being the culprit. At present, the police are still carrying out further investigations regarding the motives of the perpetrator that brought the killer to take the life of the victim.

Many speculations have circulated regarding the reason why Cho stabbed the victim. A number of local media said, the perpetrator had been involved in a mouth quarrel with the victim prior to the stabbing incident. Allegedly, money is what triggered the action of the perpetrator.

Go Woo-seok was said to have agreed to give some money and valuables to the perpetrator after helping him resolve the case of a family inheritance that had been delayed. However, when he learned that the victim only gave KRW10 million or the equivalent of Rp.117.2 million, the man was unsatisfied and stabbed him with a knife.

Another report said that Song Seon-mi’s late husband was fighting over inheritance with his cousin. The man who stabbed Go Woo-seok was known as his cousin’s acquaintance.

On the other hand, JR Entertainment, the agency that oversees Song Seon-mi confirmed only the news of the death of the artist’s husband. “Song Seon-mi is still shocked and sad after hearing the news. At present, the police are still investigating the incident,” the agency wrote in its official statement, as quoted by Allkpop.

In addition to the agency, actor Park Seo-jin in the Return of Bok Dan Ji drama also confirmed the news of her husband’s death. “Right now, I still can’t believe it. I’ll give further information after everything has been cleared,” he said, as quoted by Soompi.

Song Seon-mi and Go Woo-seok got married on June 29th, 2006, after dating for a year. After waiting for 8 years, the couple was finally blessed with a daughter in April 2015.

Song Seon-mi Remembers Her Husband Who Was Killed By A Hitman

On her Instagram account, Wednesday (08/30/2017) in the early hours of Korean time, actress Song Seon-mi (42) wrote impressions about her late husband, Go Woo-seok. It was the first time Song Seon-mi filled her Instagram account after the death and funeral of her husband. “He is like a bright blue sky. He always prioritizes the interests of others and that is fun about him. He is funny and friendly and he is not good at expressing himself but he is kind, so he makes you understand how all his expressions are meaningful. I do, more than anyone else. He gives me strength when I am not sure of myself or when I am facing difficulties. I miss him and miss him again, but I find the strength to continue today for him,” wrote Song Seon-mi, who won the Excellence Award for an actress at the 2012 Korea Drama Awards, thanks to her acting in the television series drama Golden Time.

Hopefully, Song Seon-mi can be resilient and find her enthusiasm after being left by her beloved husband.