Do You Wanna Know the Latest News of ‘Lookout’ Actress Song Seon-mi? Here Are The Details and Her Profile


Who is Song Seon-mi?

Song Seon-mi was born on September 13th, 1976 in Pusan, South Korea. She is an actress, known for On the Beach at Night Alone (2017), Art Museum by the Zoo (1998) and Round 1 (2003). She was previously married to Go Woo-seok.

Song Seon-mi’s Profile

Name: 송선미/Song Sun Mi (Song Seon Mi)
Occupation: Actress and model
Date of Birth: September 13, 1975 (age 43)
Place of Birth: Busan, South Korea
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Star sign: Virgo
Blood type: O
Talent agency: Vibe Actors

Song Seon-mi’s Filmography


song sun mi

On the Beach at Night Alone | Bamui Haebyunaeseo Honja (2017) – Joon-hee

The Day He Arrives | Bukchon Banghyang (2011) – Bo-ram

Woman on the Beach | Haebyonui yoin (2006) – Choi Sun-hee

Liar (2004) – Oh Jeong-ae

Mokpo the Harbor | Mokponeun hangguda (2004) – Lim Cha-kyeong

Silver Knife | Eunjangdo (2003) – Ga-ryeon

Round 1 (2003)

Scent of Chrysanthemums | Gukhwaggot hyanggi (2003) – Choi Jeong-rae

Can’t Live Without Robbery | Dodookmatgo motsala (2002) – Hwang Ma-ri

My Boss, My Hero | Doosaboo ilchae (2001) – English Teacher

Art Museum by the Zoo | Misulgwan yup dongmulwon (1998) – Da-hye

Drama Series

song sun mi

Lookout | Pasooggoon (MBC/2017) – Chae Hye-sun

Return of Bok Dan-Ji | Dolaon Bokdanji (MBC/2017) – Park Seo-jin

Memory | Gieok (tvN/2016) – Han Jung-won

Miss Korea | Miseukoria (MBC/2013-2014) – Ko Hwa-jung

Blooded Palace: The War of Flowers | Goongjoongjanhoksa – Ggotdeului Jeonjaeng (JTBC/2013) – Crown Prince Sohyun’s wife Kang

Drama Special Series: Their Perfect Day | Geunyeodeului Wanbyukhan Haroo (KBS2/2013) – Jung Soo-a

Cheongdamdong Alice | Cheongdamdong Aeliseu (SBS/2012-2013) – customer (cameo)

Golden Time | Goldeuntaim (MBC/2012) – Shin Eun-a

Ojakgyo Family | Ojakgyo Hyungjaedeul (KBS2/2011-2012) – Nam Yeo-wool

Personal Taste | Gaeinui Chwihyang (MBC/2010)

Like a Dandelion | Jangmiwa Mindeulre (MBC/2010)

Mrs. Town | Miseoseu Tawoon Nampyeoni Jugeotda (tvN/2009-2010) – Oh Da-jung

Green Carriage | Noksaek Macha (SBS/2009) – Han Ji-won

The Daughters-in-Law | Myoneuri Jeonseongshidae (KBS2/2007-2008) – Cha Soo-hyun

Behind The White Tower | Hayeon Keotap (MBC/2007) – Lee Yun-jin

One Day, Suddenly | Eoneunal Kapchiki (SBS/2006)

A Man and A Woman | Bimilnamnyeo (MBC/2005)

Precious Family | Bumoonim Jeonsangseo (KBS2/2004)

War of the Roses | Jangmiui Jeonjaeng (MBC/2003)

Hard Love | Keojimeobneun Sarang (KBS/2002)

8 Love Stories | Reobeuseutori (SBS/1999-2000) – Hee-soo (Ep. 8 “Host of Memory”)

Magic Castle | Mabumui Sung (KBS2/1999)

Sunpong Sanbuingwa (SBS/1998)

Model (SBS/1997)

TV Movies

Love Story: Host of Memory | TV Yeonghwa Reobeu Seutori – Kieokui Juin (SBS/2000)


Excellent Actress (daily drama) (“Return of Bok Dan-Ji”) – 2017 MBC Drama Awards – December 30, 2017


Song Seon-mi’s Career

song sun mi

Song Seon-mi won second place at the Super Elite Model Contest in 1996, then transferred from a modeling career to acting a year later with the television drama Model (1997). In 1998, Song Seon-mi made her film debut playing a dual role as an art gallery employee and former army girlfriend in Lee Jeong-hyang’s famous romantic comedy, Art Museum by the Zoo, opposite Ahn Sung-ki. This was followed by the gangster comedy My Boss, My Hero (2001). Although Song Seon-mi is more active on television, famous in filmography are two artistic films by director Hong Sang-soo. For Woman on the Beach (2006), she and her star colleagues agreed to appear in the film without even reading Hong’s manuscript. While in The Day He Arrives (2011), Song Seon-mi played a film professors who often visited a bar in Bukchon. Back on the small screens, her popularity increased when she played as a young housewife in Precious Family (2004), written by Kim Soo-hyun.

This was followed by leading roles in The Secret Lovers (2005), One Day Suddenly (2006), Green Coach (2009), Mrs. Town (2009), and Dandelion Family (2010), as well as supporting roles in the well-received drama Behind the White Tower (2007).  In 2012, Song Seon-mi acted as a capable trauma nurse in Golden Time. She then reunited with director Kwon Seok-jang in Miss Korea (2013), which was set in 1997 during the IMF crisis. Song Seon-mi starred in her first period drama in the 2013 Blooded Palace: The War of Flowers. Song Seon-mi got a positive response for her role as Crown Princess Lady Kang, Crown Prince Sohyeon’s wife, despite the controversy involving the breastfeeding scene.

Song Seon-mi’s Personal life

Song Seon-mi was married to art director Go Woo-seok, whom she met on June 29, 2006, through mutual acquaintances and dated for one year. In 2009, she left the Entertainment Content talent agency to join a new agency formed by her former manager Mr. Yu, Hoya Entertainment; this resulted in a contract violation. Then, in January 2013, Song Seon-mi was accused of slander for allegedly insulting Mr. Kim, CEO of Entertainment Content, at a press conference for a drama held in July 2012. On August 21, 2017, her husband, Go Woo-seok, was killed by a 28-year-old man during a fight.