Full Profile of Korean Actress Song Ok-sook


song ok sook

TV Series

Year Title Role Network
1984 MBC Bestseller Theater
“The Story of a Woman Like a Small Octopus”
MBC Bestseller Theater “Unruly Child” MBC
MBC Bestseller Theater “Sa-ra’s Tears” MBC
1985 MBC Bestseller Theater “Divorce Party” MBC
MBC Bestseller Theater
“Wildflowers in the Wind”
A Human Land MBC
1986 MBC Bestseller Theater “Wind” MBC
1991 We Are Middle Class Se-ra KBS2
1992 Small Town Madam Jang SBS
1993 Good Morning Yeongdong! KBS2
1997 Beautiful Woman Jang Soon-ja SBS
1998 The Great King’s Road Heo sanggung MBC
For Love MBC
1999 Magic Castle Bang Choon-ja KBS2
2002 Winter Sonata Kang Mi-hee KBS2
Man of the Sun, Lee Je-ma Ms. Gong KBS2
Glass Slippers Oh Kim Sun SBS
2003 The Bean Chaff of My Life Kim Hyun-ja MBC
Drama City “To William” Sun-ja KBS2
First Love Hee-soo’s mother SBS
2004 Drama City
“Cherry Blossom Daughter-in-law”
Jeom-rye KBS2
2005 Drama City “Fox, Fox” Oh Soo-hee KBS2
5th Republic Former First Lady
Kim Ok-sook
Fashion 70’s Lee Yang-ja SBS
Only You Park Mi-jung SBS
MBC Best Theater
“Crying in the Glow of Sunset”
Hyeong-gook’s mother MBC
Love Needs a Miracle Park Soon-ae SBS
TV Novel “Hometown Station” Soon-deok KBS1
2006 Hello God Woman from Bongpyeong KBS2
My Lovely Fool Choi Jung-min SBS
Jumong Bi Geum-seon MBC
My Beloved Sister Yoon Soo-ah’s mother MBC
2007 Love Isn’t Stop KBS N
Witch Yoo Hee Geum Bok-joo SBS
Fly High Lee Sung-hee SBS
Belle Kang Soon-ae KBS1
Cruel Love Lee Jin-sook KBS2
2008 Woman of Matchless Beauty, Park Jung-geum Cha Kwang-soon MBC
Wanted: Son-in-Law Park Soon-ae SBS
Don’t Ask Me About the Past Han Hyo-jung OCN
Hometown of Legends
“Curse of the Sajin Sword”
Gook-moo KBS2
Beethoven Virus Jung Hee-yeon MBC
Innocent You Kim Hee-sook SBS
2009 Can Anyone Love? Managing director Kim SBS
Queen Seondeok Seori MBC
Smile, You Baek Geum-ja SBS
Son of Man Dong-pal’s mother KBS2
2010 Pasta Seo Yoo-kyung’s mother MBC
More Charming by the Day Song Ok-sook MBC
Daemul Madam Min SBS
2011 The Thorn Birds Kim Kye-soon KBS2
While You Were Sleeping Na Pil-boon SBS
Deep Rooted Tree Woman from Dodam SBS
Brain Kim Soon-im KBS2
What’s Up? Jang Jae-heon’s mother MBN
2012 Rooftop Prince Gong Man-ok SBS
Bridal Mask Mrs. Han KBS2
I Like You Ma Joo-hee SBS
Seoyoung, My Daughter Kim Kang-soon KBS2
Missing You Kim Myung-hee MBC
2013 Ugly Alert Bang Jung-ja SBS
Goddess of Fire Son Haeng-soo MBC
2014 Big Man Hong Dal-sook KBS2
Only Love Oh Mal-sook SBS
Fated to Love You Kim Mi-young’s mother MBC
Drama Festival “Lump in My Life” Yeo-ok MBC
Punch Park Jung-hwan’s mother SBS
2015 House of Bluebird Oh Min-ja KBS2
Queen’s Flower Gu Yang-soon MBC
2016 Five Enough Park Ok-soon KBS2
Squad 38 Noh Bang-shil OCN
2017 Missing Nine Jo Hee-kyung MBC
My Father Is Strange Ok Bok-nyeo KBS


Year Title Role
1973 A She-Sailor
1985 Mother Young-ja
1986 Dan Martial Arts
Hero’s Love Song
1990 I Stand Up Every Day Sook-hee
1992 Walking All the Way to Heaven
1995 A Hot Roof Young-hee’s mother
1996 Farewell My Darling Madam Go
Kill the Love Mother
1997 Sky Doctor Mrs. Na
1998 Spring in My Hometown Sung-min’s mother
1999 The Harmonium in My Memory Yun Hong-yeon’s mother
2000 Just Do It! Won Jung-rim
2001 Summertime Gi-ok
My Sassy Girl Gyeon-woo’s mother
I Love You Hyun-soo’s mother
Ray-Ban Bong-nyeo
2003 The First Amendment of Korea Woman from Bongchun
Garden of Heaven Moon Hye-ja
Eunjangdo (Silver Knife) Min-seo’s mother
2010 Happy Killers Choi Jung-min’s mother
Grand Prix Seo Ju-hee’s mother