Full Profile of Korean Actress Song Ok-sook


Senior Actress, Song Ok-sook

For drama enthusiasts, Song Ok-sook is definitely a familiar face that has often graced the screens of your television. Her roles in dramas, such as Winter Sonata and Queen Seondeok are simply iconic and will never be forgotten over the years. Song Ok-sook’s acting is on par with best of the best, having starred alongside Choi Ji-woo, Jang Geun-suk and more, and this is proven by the fact that she is actually teaching theatre and acting at university! Are you curious to know more about her career and personal life? Let’s go and take a deeper look at Song Ok-sook!


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Name Song Ok-sook
Date of Birth August 14th, 1960
Height 162 cm
Weight 48 kg
Blood Type A
Family Husband Lee Jong-in, Daughter Song Ji-won, Daughter Lee Chang-seon, Son Lee Chang-yeon
Academic Background Attached Girls’ High School to the College of Education Sangmyung University
Chung-Ang University – Theater and Film
Yonsei University Graduate School of Journalism and Mass Communication – Master’s degree
Debut 1973
Years Active 1973 – Present
Entertainment Agency Great Company
Religion Protestantism (Baptists Church)
Career Actress
Professor in the Department of Film Arts at the Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts


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Song Ok-sook made her debut in 1973 as a child actor in the movie A She-Sailor. Her role might have been insignificant but it was a great start for her successful career. While she promoted as a child actor, she auditioned and debuted through MBC’s 12th generation talent search in 1980. Around the same time, she graduated from Chung-Ang University with a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Film and promoted as a radio DJ.

She got her first big drama break after Winter Sonata in 2002, as Joon-sang’s mother, Kang Mi-hee. The drama tells a story of two lovers who are reunited after years, with the male lead, Joon-sang having lost his memory along the way. The drama was widely received as the drama that kick-started the international Korean Wave, and for Song Ok-sook to have been a part of it is an amazing feat. After it aired domestically, the drama began airing in Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, and America, consecutively, proving that its popularity is unmatched to this day.

Song Ok-sook followed up this success with other dramas along the way but what stood out the most, post-Winter Sonata, is her portrayal of Jung Hee-yeon in the MBC drama Beethoven Virus. The drama aired in 2008 and tells the story of perfectionist maestro that must adjust in order to train and salvage a local orchestra. Soon after, she also starred in the drama Queen Seondeok and Rooftop Prince, respectively, both of which were a big hit at the time.

Her most recent works are the projects Missing Nine and My Father is Strange, both of which were broadcasted in 2017. Until now, there has not been any more news regarding new casting and new projects for Song Ok-sook but hopefully, we will see her return to the silver screen soon.

Personal Life

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Song Ok-sook was first married to a soldier from the United States Force Korea, that was stationed somewhere near her hometown. Although this was the case, she filed for divorce, for reasons undisclosed, and then chose to remarry with a rescue company representative, Lee Jong-in. At the time of her divorce, she was actually unsure of her feelings for her current spouse and how she feels about love in general, but she got on board anyway and decided to make it work.

Truthfully, the couple had revealed that the two actually met while still in their own relationships prior to dating, yet after Song Ok-sook got her divorce finalized and moved back to Korea, Lee Jong-in provided a lot of comfort for her and they naturally got together after reaching a certain point. What is also surprising about the two is the fact that their first daughter actually came while they were still dating, and the unplanned pregnancy was what convinced Song Ok-sook to marry him.

Previously, Song Ok-sook had a daughter from her first marriage but this is her first child with husband Lee Jong-in. At the time of her pregnancy, her then-boyfriend convinced her that it was okay and not to get rid of the baby, which made her really happy as a woman with tons of motherly instinct. Right then and there is when she decided to marry Lee Jong-in for real.