Check Out Song Kang’s Sexy Butterfly Tattoo in ‘Nevertheless’!

song kang tattoo

From Cute Guy to Sexy Guy, a Tattoo That Changed Song Kang’s Image

The cute and handsome high school student in the teen drama Love Alarm has transformed into a sexy and stunning guy in the romantic drama Nevertheless. By sporting a new tattoo, Song Kang‘s gentle image has taken a new turn. His new tattoo unleashed his new image, something that fans never saw before. Check out Song Kang’s tattoo and the meaning of the tattoo in this article!

Song Kang’s Tattoo

 song kang tattoo

Following his lead role as a campus playboy, Park Jae-uhn in Nevertheless, Song Kang proudly sported a new tattoo behind his neck. The new tattoo exposed his sexy image that fans have never seen. When fans think about Song Kang, the first image that comes to mind is the nice guy from Netflix’s action drama Sweet Home or the handsome student from the teen drama Love Alarm.

Song Kang’s Tattoo Location and Meaning

 song kang tattoo

Song Kang’s new tattoo is located behind his neck, midway between his hairline and shoulders. The tattoo is half-visible when he is wearing a shirt. The black butterfly tattoo represents faith, freedom, and transformation.

Although it is usually related to women, when a man sports a butterfly tattoo, it means transformation. In the case of Song Kang’s character who experienced a bitter love story in the past, his tattoo could mean that he has transformed into a new personality. His butterfly tattoo also means that his loved one is gone.

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A butterfly tattoo usually represents good luck, purity, and salvation as a white butterfly tattoo. Butterflies transform from dull pupa to bright and colorful butterflies. We must agree on one thing, both Song Kang and Han So-hee’s tattoos mean that they have transformed from the bitter past love story to a beautiful and colorful love story.

Song Kang’s Tattoo and Han So-hee’s Tattoo in Nevertheless

Song Kang and Han So-hee showed their matching tattoos during the shooting of the Nevertheless drama poster. The duo looked dazzling in simple and casual outfits. Song Kang wore a pair of black jeans and a matching black shirt while Han So-hee wore a comfortable white shirt. Even with simple outfits, the duo’s visuals were beaming throughout the shoot.

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Song Kang showed the butterfly tattoo behind his neck while Han So-hee exposed her butterfly tattoo under her wrist. The size of the tattoos matches the location and the characters in the romantic drama. Song Kang’s tattoo was slightly larger and broader, indicating his high self-esteem and confidence while Han So-hee’s butterfly tattoo looked cute but small and secretive, indicating her low self-esteem and confidence.

song kang tattoo

In the K-drama Nevertheless, Song Kang played Park Jae-uhn, the handsome senior that every female junior wants to date. In the past, his ex-girlfriend left him to study in the USA, leaving him heartbroken. From that moment, he never trusted in romantic relationships and only plays and teases with every woman’s heart. On the other hand, Yoo Na-bi (Han So-hee) was fresh from breaking up with her ex-boyfriend. Even though she promised to never trust any man, deep inside of her heart, she is still longing for true love.

song kang tattoo

What happens when the two characters with butterfly tattoos and different love stories meet? Check out their love story in the K-drama Nevertheless.

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