Son of Netflix, Song Kang: Profile, Fun Facts, Pre-Debut, Acting Career, Instagram, and More

song kang profile

Song Kang and His Talent in Melting People

This rising actor is in the spotlight after his acting in the drama Love Alarm. Song Kang has an incredible talent in acting and great visuals. He stole many eyes with his appearance in the drama he was involved in.

After the consecutive success of his acting, Song Kang was titled Son of Netflix. It’s cool, right! Let’s get to know Song Kang’s profile in this Channel-Korea article! Keep reading!

Song Kang’s Profile

song kang profile

Name: Song Kang (송강)

Birthday: April 23th, 1994

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: 184 cm (6’0′)

Family: Parents, younger brother

Education: Changhyeon High School, Konkuk University

Nicknames: Song River, Song Actor, Ginger (Song Gaeng in Korean), Son of Netflix

Instagram: songkang_b

20 Fun Facts about Song Kang

song kang profile

1. Song Kang is under Namoo Actors.

2. He debuted on the romantic-comedy series The Liar and His Lover.

3. For movies, Song Kang debuted in Beautiful Vampire.

4. Song Kang appeared in the music videos “Sweet Summer Night” by The Ade and “Love Story” by Suran.

5. Song Kang collaborated with EXO’s Chanyeol and SNSD’s Sunny during the Salty Tour.

6. He was seen in episode 13 of Touch Your Heart.

7. Song Kang joined the variety show Village Survival.

8. Song Kang appeared in the phenomenal drama When the Devil Calls Your Name.

9. Song Kang became the lead role in the Netflix series named Love Alarm.

10. Song Kang got the nomination for the Rookie Award at the 12th SBS Entertainment Awards.

11. He is of Korean nationality.

12. Song Kang became an MC on the music program Inkigayo alongside Seventeen’s Mingyu and DIA’s Chaeyeon.

13. Song Kang was cast in the drama Man in the Kitchen.

14. On July 8th, 2017, Song Kang joined the Introduction to Rookies fan meeting.

15. Song Kang appeared in the main role in Love Alarm 2 with a different destiny role.

16. Song Kang studied at Konkuk University’s Department of Film Arts.

17. Song Kang’s MBTI is INTP.

18. Song Kang’s role models are Ju Jihoon and Kim Jaeuck.

19. Song Kang loves to exercise to decrease stress.

20. Song Kang’s parents almost decided to name him Song Kanggeun.

The Thriving Story of Song Kang’s Pre-Debut

song kang profile

In the beginning, Song Kang dreamed of becoming an interior designer. Who knew he would later develop his acting skills? Song Kang debuted in the short drama Hello Spring in 2015. Next, he got a small role in the romantic-comedy drama The Liar and His Lover in 2017. After this appearance, Song Kang got many opportunities in the entertainment world. He was in two music videos including “Sweet Summer Night” and “Love Story” with The Ade and Suran.

Later on, Song Kang auditioned to enter Namoo Actor and succeeded after passing 5 rounds. So amazing! Song Kang joined Namoo Actor and marvelously continued his journey in acting.

He became more active in many segments of entertainment such as becoming an MC for Inkigayo and joining the cast in the variety show Village Survival, the Eight in 2018. He is at the peak of his career!

Song Kang’s Career in Acting

song kang profile

Acting became a part of Song Kang’s DNA. Not many people realize that Song Kang almost did not pursue acting as his career path. When he was young, he wanted to become an interior designer.

He received a small role in a short drama and built his skills and incredible portfolio. Song Kang joined Namoo Actor which is one of the popular agencies for talented actors in South Korea.

In 2019, he got a project in the drama When the Devil Calls Your Name as a supporting role, and next he shot the drama series Love Alarm with Kim So-hyun. This drama escalated his popularity. He got this role after auditioning against 900 people. Isn’t it amazing!

Next, he got a role in the horror Netflix show Sweet Home after a good recommendation from the director of the drama Love Alarm. It proves that in everything you do, do it 100% and the universe will give you a way to your success.

Then, Song Kang starred in Love Alarm‘s second season in 2021. So cool, right! This is why he received the Rookie Award from SBS Entertainment Awards. Here are some highlights about his acting roles!

Charming and Spontaneous in Love Alarm

song kang profile

Song Kang became a rich and handsome high school student in the drama Love Alarm. Despite his visual and wealthiness, he experiences abandonment from his parents.

Love Alarm is a Netflix romantic drama where a cell phone app name Joalarm exists. This app rings when it detects someone who has feelings to you to help find true love. This drama is about a love triangle that is influenced by the Joalarm app.

Song Kang played a cool and spontaneous person in this drama. He was cast as Hwang Sun-oh who falling in love with Kim Jo-jo. Hwang Sun-oh tries to attract Kim Jo-Jo to prove that his best friend, Hye-yeong, really cares about her, but he falls in love with her, too. His actions toward Kim Jo-jo are captivating and undeniable. You could easily fall in love with him!

Passionate Ballet Dancer in Navillera

song kang profile

Song Kang became Chae-rok, a ballet dancer in the drama Navillera. He revealed that being this character wasn’t too difficult since the character is passionate about his dream, the same as him in real life.

He expressed that he could combine the emotions, characteristics, and the role into himself.

The Loner and Survivor in Sweet Home

song kang profile

Song Kang played Cha Hyun-soo, an introverted personality. He admitted that he felt nervous since it was his first time doing a horror drama.

As Cha Hyun-soo in the drama Sweet Home, he was helped by other professional actors to experience the emotions. This drama tells about Cha Hyun-soo moving to a new apartment and dealing with a strange situation where people change into monsters and they need to survive.

The Amazing Achievements of Song Kang’s Career

song kang profile

Song Kang has already received some achievements in his work. He is considered new in this industry, but he proves his capability.

In 2018, Song Kang got the Rookie Award at the 12th SBS Entertainment Awards for his work in Village Survival, the Eight and being the MC for the music show Inkigayo.

Moreover, in 2021 he was nominated at the 57th Baeksang Arts Award, a prestigious award for acting, in the category Best New Actor (TV) based on his work on the drama Sweet Home.