Be Ready to Fall In Love with Song Kang in ‘Love Alarm’

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Heartthrob Song Kang from Love Alarm

Song Kang has a handsome and charming figure that has started stealing many eyes. He is considered a new actor in the acting industry, yet he succeeds in making people fall in love and sympathize with him especially in the drama Love Alarm. Moreover, a love story between high school students that is influenced by a cellphone app, sounds unique right!

Let’s get ready to know Song Kang in the cute and modern love story with technology that is the Korean drama Love Alarm in this Channel-Korea article. Get ready to inhale and exhale after seeing him!

Quick Summary of the Drama Love Alarm

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Couples are being decided by an app called Joalarm. The Joalarm will give a ring if someone within 10 meters likes you but will not reveal who specifically. Throughout the plot of this drama, this app is set to be something important and viral, especially for high school students.

joa alarm

The love triangle between high schoolers Kim Jo-Jo, Hwang Sun-Oh, and Lee Hye-Young becomes the storyline in the drama. Kim Jo-Jo is a cute and clever girl who experiences a difficult life, and she doesn’t use the Joalarm app at first. Which one is true love and which is love driven by technology? This drama will make your heart skip.

Song Kang’s Role in Love Alarm

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Song Kang is cast as Hwang Sun-Oh who is the most popular male student in school. For such a long time, he already had a best friend named Lee Hye-Young. Song Kang as Hwang Sun-Oh is cool, handsome, and from a rich family, yet he is neglected by his parents.

He knew that his best friend was falling in love with Kim Jo-Jo. He tries to attract Kim Jo-Jo to prove that his best friend really cares about her. Yet, he falls in love with her, too.

Song Kang’s Scene as Hwang Sun-oh in Love Alarm

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In school, the popular kids are usually handsome, smart, or wealthy. This is true for Song Kang as Hwang Sun-Oh as well. During Love Alarm season 1, he becomes a heartthrob for viewers. Here are some highlights of Love Alarm, but be warned, there are spoilers!

Hwang Sun-oh vs Hye-yeong

song kang hye yeong love alarm

Hwang Sun-Oh and Hye-yeong are best friends since early childhood. They are really cute and have their bromance. When Hwang Sun-Oh returned from the United States, he saw that his best friend kept looking at one girl, Kim Jo-Jo.

songkang and his best friend

While Hwang Sun-Oh felt disturbed seeing his best friend care to somebody else, he became curious about the girl. But, he then meets her and feels something in his heart.

Hwang Sun-oh Kisses Kim Jo-jo

Hwang Sun-Oh wants to know for certain that his best friend really likes Kim Jo-Jo. He kisses her which seems too fast to be true for the first episode!

song kang kiss scene kim jo jo

That’s is Hwang Sun-oh’s character and it makes Kim Jo-Jo more aware of him.

Hwang Sun-oh Falls in Love with Kim Jo-jo

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Hwang Sun-oh shows his affection towards Kim Jo-jo. He also keeps dragging her into small talk and sweet gestures by saying things like “Can I grab your hand?” This move makes Jo-jo share her thoughts with him.

Kim Jo-Jo is a hard-working high school orphan. She can’t afford a new cell phone to support the Joalarm app. Hwang Sun-Oh falls in love with her and comes to her more straightforward, and he uses his Joalarm app to justify his actions.

song kang love alarm

The storyline might remind you of high-school teenage love.

Love Triangle between Kim Jo-jo, Sun-oh, and Hye-yeong

songkang and his best friend

Like some may have predicted, Hwang Sun-oh succeeds in winning Kim Jo-jo’s heart. His gestures, way of speaking, and actions change Kim Jo-jo’s heart. They start dating.

Hye-yeong, who saw Jo-jo first, gets nothing. Hwang Sun-oh used an app to look for answers for his love, and Hye-yeong uses his real heart but never reveals it directly. So, the one who’s acts faster wins the trophy of love.

Song Kang’s Instagram during Love Alarm

song kang instagram

Song Kang released a Love Alarm commercial on his Instagram (@songkang_b). He chose to upload a picture of him and his “best friend” in Love Alarm.

songkang instagram

Song Kang wrote, “Yesterday I was so moved and thankful!! Have a good weekend everyone.”

song kang instagram love alarm

Song Kang’s Appearance in Love Alarm 2 in March 2021

song kang love alarm 2

The drama Love Alarm gained a lot of success throughout the episodes. Song Kang admitted that his Instagram account gained a lot of followers suddenly after he appeared in the drama. His comment sections show he has a lot of international fans who share their thoughts in various languages alongside Korean fans.

song kang love alarm

The drama Love Alarm is top-ranked on Netflix and gained a lot of support for a second season. The second season of Love Alarm was released on March 12, 2021. Song Kang as Hwang Sun-oh comes back more mature and more considerate.

So, be ready for sudden changes as Song Kang goes from a heart-winner to a sad boy in season 2. That’s all about Song Kang’s appearance in Love Alarm. So, what’s a scene that you like the most? Put your comment below and don’t forget to share it on Twitter or another social media!