Song Joong-ki Became a Rich Mafia Member In ‘Vincenzo,’ and You Should Watch!

Song Joong-ki Cried While Filming the Last Episode

song joong ki vincenzo

Song Joong-ki confessed that he cried during the last filming of the drama Vincenzo. This was revealed by Song Joong-ki during an interview with YTN Star about his impressions during the filming of the drama Vincenzo. “I was the only one caught on camera crying, but actually, all the actors were crying too,” Song Joong-ki said.

The ex-wife of actress Song Hye-kyo then revealed the reason. “It was such a fun [drama] production that I didn’t want to say goodbye,” she said. Song Joong-ki admitted he always gets emotional when the last filming of a drama he stars in is over.

He revealed that Vincenzo managed to overcome his uncertainty about acting in the comedy genre. “When I choose a project, I tend to avoid the roles I’ve already played. Playing the same roles again feels like I’m not showing any progress,” he says.

song joong ki vincenzo

His experience in Vincenzo makes Song Joong-ki dare to take on new challenges. The 35-year-old actor said that Vincenzo‘s drama helped him fulfill his desire to act in various genres. When he had trouble acting out his scene, he would look for answers in the script. “Through Vincenzo, I feel that this method is right for me,” he concluded.

Song Joong-ki Received a Food Truck

song joong ki vincenzo

Sending food trucks to sets can indeed be considered a culture among South Korean celebrities. This aims to show their direct support for having a partner who is a part of a drama, film, or something else.

Song Joong-ki is known to be one of the actors who very often sends food trucks to his colleagues. In 2020, Song Joong-ki was known to send a food truck to the set of the drama Uncanny Counter to support Jo Byeong-gyu. Song Joong-ki and Jo Byeong-gyu are known to have met when they starred in the 2019 drama Arthdal ​​Chronicles.

song joong ki vincenzo

Song Joong-ki also apparently got a lot of food trucks sent to Vincenzo’s filming location. This is shown by Song Joong-ki directly through his new uploads through his personal Instagram account, @hi_songjoongki. In the shared portrait, Song Joong-ki is seen enjoying the menu of his food truck.

The handsome actor shared his portraits with 6 different food trucks in his uploads. Song Joong-ki expressed his sincere gratitude to those who sent food trucks to support him and Vincenzo.

song joong ki vincenzo

“Thank you to everyone who supported the making of Vincenzo‘s drama,” Song Joong-ki wrote through the caption of his upload.

During that time, Vincenzo had recently finished filming its 20 episodes. Jeon Yeo-bin who became Song Joong-ki’s co-star also thanked him for making her feel comfortable on the set. Jeon Yeo-bin revealed that Song Joong-ki asked her to do whatever she wanted for her character so as not to have any regrets.

Song Joong-ki’s Kiss Scene in Vincenzo

song joong ki vincenzo

Vincenzo is currently transformed into one of the audience’s favorite dramas. It’s only natural that the drama, starring Song Joong-ki and Jeon Yeo-bin, is often a netizen conversation in various South Korean online forums.

Netizens are busy talking about the hot kiss scene between Hong Cha-young (played by Jeon Yeo-bin) and Vincenzo Cassano (played by Song Joong-ki) in the 14th episode. The main couple of Vincenzo actually only acted but ended up enjoying their kiss.

The kiss scene of Hong Cha-young and Vincenzo apparently sparked debate among South Korean netizens. There are those who think that the kissing scene will make Vincenzo‘s story unclear, but many also comment on the opposite.

“I prefer this drama not to have a love line because it would make the story too obvious. Cha-young and Cenzo’s chemistry is fun as it is now, but who knows how it will turn out with a kiss,” wrote one netizen.

“The most important thing is that the drama is fun to watch, right? Kiss scene or not?” connected another. “I mean.. I hate love lines, I hope they stick to business,” said another. “I didn’t know this was a contentious scene,” added another netizen.

“I don’t know why people are fussy because of the kiss scene in Vincenzo, it’s not like the kiss scene spoils the plot or anything or there are less action scenes because of it. Everything is perfect,” concluded another netizen.

song joong ki vincenzo

As soon as this episode was broadcasted, Vincenzo‘s production team was kind enough to present a behind-the-scenes video. Jeon Yeo-bin and Song Joong-ki seemed to practice before filming the kiss.

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They seemed to laugh at the hilarious gesture made by one of the supporting actresses on the set of Vincenzo. Song Joong-ki even teased Jeon Yeo-bin about lifting one of his legs during a kiss.

Song Joong-ki also spoke with the director and screenwriter of the K-drama Vincenzo. The three of them reviewed various things that happened behind the scenes during filming. Song Joong-ki and Jeon Yeo-bin’s romantic scenes did not escape the spotlight. The two of them showed strong chemistry when paired as partners in crime in Vincenzo.

Song Joong-ki also praised Jeon Yeo-bin’s acting when his kiss scene was shown. He considered that the production team and lighting director succeeded in making the intimate scene even more intense.

song joong ki vincenzo

“Jeon Yeo-bin is everything in this scene. The film director and lighting do everything,” Song Joong-ki said in a video uploaded to the Korean Netflix YouTube channel.

Furthermore, Song Joong-ki revealed that he and Jeon Yeo-bin had expected their kiss scene to be hotter than the script’s direction during rehearsal, stating “What I felt during rehearsal with Yeo-bin was that this scene would exceed the script.”

song joong ki vincenzo

“Ah, right,” said the director and screenwriter of the Korean drama Vincenzo at the same time. Both admitted that they were surprised when they saw Song Joong-ki and Jeon Yeo-bin’s kissing scene. “You didn’t expect the scene to be this intense, did you?” the director Kim Hee-won asked the scriptwriter. “The script isn’t that intense,” Kim Jae-bum replied, which brought laughter.

song joong ki vincenzo

Song Joong-ki and Jeon Yeo-bin’s hug scene was also featured in the 20-minute 15-second video. As seen in the 10th episode of Vincenzo. At that time, Hong Cha-young (played by Jeon Yeo-bin) initiated the two to hug for 10 seconds to detect her feelings for Vincenzo (played by Song Joong-ki).

Hong Cha-young’s character can dominate her relationship with the clumsy ex-mafia. The actor also liked the idea. “The female players initiate romance in Vincenzo. It feels really new and fun,” said the 35-year-old actor Song Joong-ki.

Well, that is all for the information about Song Joong-ki’s latest appearance in the K-drama that was aired in 2021 titled Vincenzo. His appearance proved to be able to bring special characters, especially Song Joong-ki, the opportunity to appear as lead roles and was able to make the K-drama a success that fans had been waiting for all this time. Let’s give support to Song Joong-ki so he can make more appearances in K-dramas or movies in the future!

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