Let’s Take a Look at Song Joong-ki Before and After Plastic Surgery!


Is Song Joong-ki Naturally Attractive?

Achieving explosive popularity after being the idolized army captain Yoo Shi-jin in the famous television series Descendants of the Sun, Song Joong-ki has been on the rise ever since he started a career in South Korea’s entertainment industry. He debuted in a controversial movie A Frozen Flower and starred in many films and television series playing supporting roles.

However, it was only in Sungkyunkwan Scandal that his acting skills and attractive appearance got noticed because he got one of the supporting roles as a mischievous playboy. Later, the public gets to see Song Joong-ki’s youthful face not only in the films and dramas but also in SBS’s variety show Running Man every weekend,  laughing over his entertaining side while playing the games with the other regular cast members.

In this article, we will dig out whether Song Joong-ki is indeed naturally gifted in the visual department or not, by comparing his past and present look.

Song Joong-ki Before and After Plastic Surgery Transformation


Although he was born in 1985, Song Joong-ki’s appearance is often mistaken by non-fans as a celebrity in his 20s due to his babyish facial features. Along with his superb acting skills, it is undeniable that Song Joong-ki’s natural appearance is one of the factors that make him likable. Even so, Song Joong-ki was also accused of doing plastic surgery, which he has denied in an interview, saying that he has never thought of doing plastic surgery.


The first facial feature that Song Joong-ki may have changed is his nose. Many people think that the actor has done a nose job to gain a sharper nose tip. As you can see in the photos above, Song Joong-ki’s nasal bridge looks slimmer compared to how he used to look in the past. Though it is still debatable whether he has done surgery or not, due to the given different angle and lighting, Song Joong-ki’s nose job may be possible when his surgeon is competent enough to minimize the signs of surgery.


Other than his nose, Song Joong-ki was alleged of undergoing jaw contouring surgery. By comparing the two pictures above, we actually cannot see any difference in his jaw shape as it still looks the same. What we believe is that his baby fat in 2003 have already gone as he matured into a fine young man. Thus, we think that Song Joong-ki’s jaw surgery rumor is far-fetched compared to his possible nose job.