Wanna Know Song Joong-ki’s Most Recent News After His Divorce with Song Hye-kyo?

Song Joong-ki’s New Hairstyle For His New Project

On September 27th, 2019, the YouTube Swoon Channel shared a video of Arthdal ​​Chronicles’ lead role participating as a model in a photoshoot. Visual Song Joong-ki was in the spotlight of the photoshoot. Thanks to his hairstyle that was upgraded into a new one.

Unlike the curly hair that he had for his appearance in the drama, Song Joong-ki appeared with straight hair arranged into a comma shape. The hairstyle makes him look more radiant.

Of course, what really completes Song Joong Ki’s handsome visuals is his flawless baby face and simple clothing choices that give him an elegant vibe. As if that wasn’t enough to steal a million hearts, the way the 1985-born actor performed various poses, made it very difficult for fans to turn away.


The visual appearance of Song Joong-ki has always been unquestioned, but the ‘comma hairstyle’ really made him shine brighter. It can be seen from the comments of most netizens who praised his good looks.

“Song Joong-ki is handsome. He is really handsome,” praised the netizens. “If he joins ‘Produce,’ I will definitely choose him no matter how much money I have to spend,” added another netizen. “I like the style and color of his new hair,” said another. “I really like the face of Song Joong-ki,” said another. “Song Joong Ki’s face is my type,” concluded the other.

What do you think about Song Joong-ki’s new hairstyle?

Well, that was all about the latest updates and news involving Song Joong-ki. Although he, unfortunately, had to divorce Song Hye-kyo, which was regretted by fans and also the public, don’t forget to continue to support Song Joong-ki in both his personal life and career. Let’s pray for the best for him in the future so we can see his comeback in both dramas and movies!