Let’s Look At Song Joong-ki Appearances and His Last Episode on ‘Running Man’!

Song Joong-ki

Get to Know Song Joong-ki

Actor Song Joong-ki was one of the original members of Running Man’s cast along with presenter Yoo Jae-suk, comedian Ji Suk-jin, singer Kim Jong-kook, actor Lee Kwang-soo, singer Gary, and singer Haha. He was a part of Running Man’s cast from Episode 1 which aired on July 11, 2010, until Episode 41 which aired on May 1, 2011. He left Running Man to focus on his career as an actor.

In Episode 41, the guests were actor Lee Sun-kyun and actor Park Joong-hoon. The shooting location was the National Digital Library of Korea and Haha’s house in Seocho-gu, Seoul. Channel-Korea has compiled some interesting moments of Song Joong-ki in his last episode as a Running Man cast member, and here they are:

Caught by Lee Sun-kyun

The guests were given a mission to catch the Running Man’s members. The member that has been caught would be their teammate and helped them to chase the other members together. Song Joong-ki was ambushed by Lee Sun-kyun when he was on the look-out. Song Joong-ki tried to resist but Lee Sun-kyun eagerly wanted to rip Song Joong-ki’s nametag. He said that Song Joong-ki had to be caught by him and after overturned Song Joong-ki’s back, Lee Sun-kyun managed to rip his nametag and made Song Joong-ki his teammate.


Song Joong-ki then helped Lee Sun-kyun to chase the other members. Their first target was Haha who ran to the bathroom to hide. Yoo Jae-suk from Park Joong-hoon team also tried to catch Haha. After convincing Haha to come out from the bathroom stall, Song Joong-ki said that Lee Sun-kyun waited outside but it turned out that Lee Sun-kyun hid in the next stall and managed to ambush Haha. With Song Joong-ki’s help, Lee Sun-kyun succeeds in removing Haha’s nametag.


While searching for other members, Lee Sun-kyun and Song Joong-ki met Kang Gary. After cornering him, Song Joong-ki managed to rip Kang Gary’s nametag. Song Joong-ki also discovered Lee Kwang-soo and chased him. He caught Lee Kwang-soo and told Lee Sun-kyun where they were. Lee Sun-kyun then came and removed Lee Kwang-soo’s nametag.


With Lee Kwang-soo’s help, their team managed to catch Song Ji-hyo. In the end, Lee Sun-kyun’s team had six members.

Car Take-Over Operation

The second mission was to decorate the library with the best 5 items based on the citizen survey in the library. They would get the items from a venue which turned out to be Haha’s house. Whichever team brought back the most correct items would win. As Park Joong-hoon’s team departed first, they were able to take a lot of good items first. Lee Sun-kyun’s team then planned to take-over their car.

When Lee Sun-kyun’s team tried to start the operation, they found Park Joong-hoon was sitting inside the car. Song Joong-ki tried to lure him out by saying that he was asked to go up by his teammate. Unsuspecting Park Joong-hoon followed Song Joong-ki, but then Song Joong-ki said that he would park the car and Lee Sun-kyun asked him to go up first. Park Joong-hoon then realized that Lee Sun-kyun was trying to take some items from his team car. He then went back and guarded the items in his team car. Lee Sun-kyun’s team’s plan to take-over items was failed.


Last Farewell

After the game ended, Yoo Jae-suk announced Song Joong-ki’s departure from Running Man. He said that Song Joong-ki has worked hard in the past ten months since he started on Running Man. But that day might be his last farewell to everyone. Song Joong-ki shed some tears and said that he was extremely happy during the period of time he was in Running Man. He promised that he would return in a much better condition to Running Man. He thanked the hyungs and nuna, also thanked his friend, Lee Kwang-soo for always listening to him.


Everyone was listening to his words attentively. Lee Kwang-soo and Song Ji-hyo were also shed some tears. Other members also had sad faces. After saying his last words, Song Joong-ki hugged Yoo Jae-suk. Yoo Jae-suk said that Song Joong-ki would be coming back. The members averted the situations by teasing the crying Lee Kwang-soo and Song Ji-hyo. Haha also plead and asked to bring all the stuff back to his house and put them back in their previous location. Haha’s words brought the laughter back to the set.


Latest News

Song Joong-ki is currently working on the new tvN drama titled Asadal. The drama is a historical fantasy drama and tells about the love, conflict, and harmony between the residents of Asadal as the city grows and gives birth to a hero. His co-stars in the drama are Jang Dong-gun, Kim Ji-won, Kim Ok-bin, Kim Eui-sung, and Park Hae-joon. The drama will air in 2019.

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