Take a Look at Song Joong-ki’s Hairstyles Throughout All of His Dramas and Movies!

Song Joong-ki

The Handsome Actor Song Joong-ki

All you Song Joong-ki fans obviously couldn’t forget his appearance in Descendants of The Sun. His role as Captain Yoo Shi-jin made all the fangirls melt. Well, we’re always interested and curious about everything to do with this handsome actor, right?

Talking about his style and fashion sense, Song Joong-ki has tried a variety of hairstyles to fit the requirements of the roles he’s played. Have you seen all of them? If you haven’t, scroll through this article. Channel Korea has introduced you to the flawless Song Joong-ki and all of his hairstyles so far!

Have You Seen All of Song Joong-ki’s Hairstyles?


It’s a fact that any celebrity has to take care of their appearance, from their face to their style, and even their hair. How about Song Joong-ki? He’s got all the necessary ingredients —  the good face, the good style, and also the good hair. Now, let’s talk about Song Joong-ki’s hair transformation over time!

Song Joong-ki has acted in a lot of movies and drama, and each character he’s played has required a different look.  The same is true if he’s involved in a photoshoot; he has to change his hairstyle. All that means is that this actor’s hair has covered a lot of ground, in terms of style.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the things Song Joong-ki has done with his hair!

1. Long and Curly 




In September 2018, Song Joong-ki started wearing his hair in a long, curly style for his photoshoot with Esquire Korea magazine. We’ve often seen him with straight or spiked hair, but seeing him with a sexy, curly mop is a great thing!

2. Half-Curly  and Spiky Hair in The Innocent Man






For his role as Kang Ma-roo in The Innocent Man, Song Joong-ki rocked a shorter, half-curly haircut. He looks cute with that style, right? Plus, we love his bangs!

He also wears his hair spiked in the same show! He looked gorgeous both ways, proving he’s an ‘It’ guy!

3. Medium-Length Layered Hair in A Werewolf Boy




For his role in A Werewolf Boy, we can see the medium-length, layered hairstyle with a long fringe on Song Joong-ki, which gave him a very young, boyish look.  He was so cute!

4. Short-Medium Straight Hair — Descendants of The Sun




This is might be the worldwide favorite of all Song Joong-ki’s hairstyle transformations! For his role as the Captain Yoo Shi-jin in Descendants of The Sun, we see his medium-short, straight hair. This cut is probably Song Joong-ki’s signature style! Because of the popularity of his role and in Descendants of The Sun, guys all over the world want to try Song Joong-ki’s hairstyle.

5. Helmet Haircut in Will it Snow For Christmas?




Let’s turn the clock back a few years, to when Song Joong-ki was still a teenager! As Han Ji-young in Will it Snow For Christmas?, Song Joong-ki has a really cute, if helmet-looking haircut, that’s in keeping with his youthful good looks! Have you seen him in that drama?

6. Short-Signature Hair Cut Style in Battleship Island

CNN Indonesia



Song Joong-ki’s role in Battleship Island as Park Moo-young made him change his hairstyle again. This one is only a little bit different than his style in Descendants of The Sun, but this one is shorter than his hair cut before. But still, he looks awesome!

So, which one Song Joong-ki’s hairstyles are your favorite?