Song Ji-hyo Totally Fangirling Over Park Bo-gum on ‘Running Man’! Look at His Appearance and Funny Moments Here

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Look at Song Ji-hyo Fangirling Over Park Bo-gum on Running Man!

It was no secret that Song Ji-hyo is Park Bo-gum’s biggest fan. Song Ji-hyo has waited a long time to be able to meet Park Bo-gum, and while shooting Running Man, she finally had her dream come true.

In episode 293, which was aired on April 3rd, 2016, and was filmed on March 21st, 2016, Song Ji-hyo finally got to meet her idol Park Bo-gum, even though it did not last very long.

For that episode’s mission, Song Ji-hyo was determined to get Park Bo-gum’s help, so she called Ryu Joon-yeol, who starred together with Park Bo-gum in Answer Me 1988. In the middle of the phone call, Ryu Joon-yeol jokingly said to Song Ji-hyo that in order to give her Park Bo-gum’s number, he needs Bo-gum’s permission first. Song Ji-hyo pretended to be hurt by that and laughed. In the end, Ryu Joon-yeol gave her Park Bo-gum’s number, and she immediately called him.

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During the phone call with Park Bo-gum, Song Ji-hyo was so excited that she shrieked upon hearing Park Bo-gum’s voice. Song Ji-hyo told him that she’ll go to his location, but being the gentleman that he is, he refused and said that he’ll go to her location instead. Park Bo-gum said that he just so happen to need to do something in her area.

When Park Bo-gum arrived, he immediately ran to Song Ji-hyo to greet her, and she was so surprised by the suddenness. Song Ji-hyo was squealing excitedly during the whole time Park Bo-gum was there. And what’s more is that all Park Bo-gum wanted for this episode mission is to take a picture with Song Ji-hyo and get her autograph. Though short, Park Bo-gum and Song Ji-hyo’s meeting was very sweet.

running man
running man