The “Mong Ji” Song Ji-hyo’s Full Stories: From Her Drama List to The Truth About “Monday Couple”

Song Ji-hyo, The Korean Actress and Running Man Cast

Before her popularity soared up with Running Man, Song Ji-hyo had a surprising history with South Korea’s movie industry In 2008 she starred A Frozen Flower, a film which exposes her whole body, making her a fearless actress who is not afraid to break the boundary. As an entertainer, Song Ji-hyo’s hard work has been appreciated through awards, such as Special Award in Variety and Top Excellence Female Award held by SBS Entertainment Award.

In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Song Ji-hyo, starting by her personal profile, the list of her drama, films, music videos, television shows, her siblings and family, her plastic surgery, her relationship with Gary, Kim Jong-kook, Chen Bolin, the rumor of her dating life and boyfriend, her fashion style, and her Instagram feed. So, keep reading!

Song Ji-hyo’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Chun Sung Im

Legal Name: Chun Soo Yeon

Stage Name: Song Ji Hyo

Date of Birth: Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province, 15 August 1981

Occupation: Actress, model, host

Nationality: South Korean

Blood Type: A

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Chinese Astrology: Rooster

Siblings: 2 (an older sister and a younger brother)

Education: Daerim Elementary School, Hwagye Middle School, Ilsan Convention High School, Kookje College, with a major in Tax and Accounting

Talent Agency: My Agency

Instagram: @my_songjihyo

Song Ji-hyo’s Age, Height, and Weight

As has been explained in her personal profile earlier, Song Ji-hyo was born in 1981. According to the Korean Age System, Song Ji-hyo’s age is 38 years old in 2018 and according to the International Age System, Song Ji-hyo is 37 years old. Besides Song Ji-hyo, there are other Korean celebrities who were born in 1981 as well, such as Rain, Kim Ji-hoon, Kang Dong-won, Lee Dong-wook, Jo Insung, Kim Rae-won, and Seo Ji-suk. On the other hand, Song Ji-hyo is considered as a tall and slender girl as her height is 168 cm, whereas her weight is 53 kg.

List of Song Ji-hyo’s Drama, Films, and TV Shows

Mostly recognized as the only female member of Running Man until (Jeon So-min joins the line-up), Song Ji-hyo’s prime job was actually an actress. Her face appeared on music videos in the early 2000s, as well as starring dramas and films as the supporting roles. In the present time, Song Ji-hyo has been chosen as the lead actress due to her improving skills in the field of acting. Moreover, her hosting skills in various television programs increases her value as an entertainer in South Korea’s entertainment industry. Here, you may check the list of Song Ji-hyo’s drama, films, music videos, and variety show list below!

2001 – Music video of JTL’s Just Say Goodbye

2001 – Music video of Lee Soo-young’s And I Love You

2002 – SBS Age of Innocence (Guest Role as Min-jung)

2003 – Whispering Corridors 3: Wishing Stairs (Main Role as Yoon Jin-sung)

2004 – Some (Main Role as Seo Yoo-jin)

2006 – MBC Princess Hours (Main Role as Min Hyo-rin)

2006 – MBC Jumong (Supporting Role as Lady Ye So-ya)

2006 – Music video of Stay’s Unbelievable Words

2007 – Sex Is Zero 2 (Main Role as Lee Kyeong-ah)

2007–2008 – SBS Inkigayo (as Host)

2008 – SBS Family Outing Season 1 (as Guest Cast on episode 58 – 59)

2008 – A Frozen Flower (Main Role as Queen)

2008 – SBS Dream Concert (as Host)

2009 – SBS Dream Concert (as Host)

2010–2011 – SBS TV Entertainment Tonight (as Presenter)

2010–present – SBS Running Man (as Guest Cast on episode 2 – 5 and Regular Cast from episode 7 – present)

2010 – Music video of Young Jee’s Don’t Listen To This Song

2011 – Music video of Young Jee’s It’s Not a Big Deal

2011 – Music video of JYJ’s In Heaven

2011 – KBS2 Detectives in Trouble / Crime Squad (Main Role as Jo Min-joo)

2011 – MBC Gyebaek (Main Role as Eun-go)

2011 – Late Blossom (Supporting Role as Kim Yeon-ah)

2012 – Code Name: Jackal (Main Role as Bong Min-jung)

2012 – Music video of Young Jee and Lee Kyu-hoon’s Be Happy

2013 – Maritime Police Marco (Dubber as Lulu)

2013 – The New World (Supporting Role as Lee Shin-woo)

2013 – Music video of Freestyle’s Winter Song

2013 – KBS2 The Fugitive of Joseon / Heaven’s Order (Main Role as Hong Da-in)

2014 – tvN  Emergency Couple (Main Role as Oh Jin-hee)

2014 – Keep Running Season 1 (as Guest Cast on episode 5)

2015 – jTBC Knowing Brothers / Ask Us Anything (as Guest Cast on episode 120)

2015 – SBS The Girl Who Sees Smells (Guest Role as Herself on episode 1)

2015 – tvN Ex-Girlfriend Club (Main Role as Kim Soo-jin)

2016 – Go Fridge Season 2 (as Guest Cast on episode 9 – 10)

2016 – Abnormal Summit Season 2 (as Guest Cast on episode 121)

2016 – tvN My Little Old Boy / My Ugly Duckling (as Guest Cast on episode 79 – 80)

2016 – jTBC Listen to Love / My Wife’s Having An Affair This Week (Main Role as Jung Soo-yeon)

2016 – tvN Entourage (Guest Role as Herself on episode 3)

2016 – Jiangsu TV We Are In Love (as Regular Cast with Chinese actor Chen Bolin)

2016 – Music video of Gary featuring Gaeko’s Lonely Night

2016 – 708090 / Shenzhen Love Story (Main Role as Duan Yu Rong)

2016 – Super Express (Main Role as Maggie / Meixi)

2017 – DIA TV 29gram (Main Role as Yeon Yoo-jin)

2017 – jTBC2 Song Ji-hyo’s Beauty View (as Host)

2017 – Naver Corporation I Am Jyo Unnie (as Host)

2017 – tvN Drama StageChief B and the Love Letter (Main Role as Bang Ga-young)

2018 – KBS2 Lovely Horribly (Main Role as Oh Eul-soon)

2018 – OnStyle Song Ji Hyo’s Beautiful Life (as Host)

2018 – Lifetime Pajama Friends (as Host)

2018 – What a Man Wants (Main Role as Mi-young)

2019   Raging Bull / Unstoppable (Main Role as Ji-soo)

Song Ji-hyo’s Siblings and Family

Reportedly, Song Ji-hyo has two siblings consisting of an elder sister and a younger brother. She spent lots of time playing with her siblings in a disciplined family lifestyle as their mother was a professional swimmer, hence they reached an athletic body and good health in the present time. Song Ji-hyo’s brother, Chun Sung-moon, is an aspiring actor and occasionally appeared in Running Man. During his first appearance in October 2015, Song Ji-hyo introduced her brother as the show’s topic is to share the stories of their most cherished old belongings.

She brought a VHS of Space Commando Bioman and told her brother to explain about their favorite TV show. However, Chun Sung-moon jokingly said that rather than having fun together by watching the show in the past, Song Ji-hyo used to hit him a lot. Song Ji-hyo and her brother also teamed up to sing the legendary theme song of Space Commando Bioman.

Three years later, Chun Sung-moon was invited to Running Man again and was asked by Yoo Jae-suk regarding the funny stories about Song Ji-hyo, “Whenever Chun Sung-moon comes out, he reveals Song Ji-hyo’s secret. Is there anything you want to say today?”.

Chun Sung-moon voluntarily told Song Ji-hyo’s surprising bathroom habit, “We are comfortable because we are family. It is to the extent that she keeps the bathroom door open when she is using it”. Song Ji-hyo was flustered and defended herself, “I need to use the bathroom when I was watching the TV. I was curious about the program so I left the bathroom door open in order to watch it”. Well, Song Ji-hyo certainly did that because she has nothing to be embarrassed about in front of her family!