Song Ji-hyo’s Boyfriend: Ideal Type, Dating Rumor, Thoughts On Marriage, etc.

Song Ji-hyo's Boyfriend

‘Running Man’ Mong Ji-hyo’s Love Story And Her Boyfriend

Song Ji-hyo is known as the only female ‘Running Man’ member for more than 7 years. She is widely known by people for her appearance through variety shows and being the strong woman character ever. Not only that, Song Ji-hyo actually works as an actress too. Many people are also curious about her personal life and love story.

The actress who was born in 1981 was never revealed about her love story and relationship with her boyfriend. Do you want to find out more about it? Well, let’s get straight in this article below and know the detail information about Song Ji-hyo’s boyfriend!

Song Ji-hyo Is Currently Single And Doesn’t Have A Boyfriend

Song Ji-hyo's Boyfriend

Until now, Song Ji-hyo doesn’t have a boyfriend. The actress never revealed her love story in public. Although some people think that Song Ji-hyo is very suitable for male celebrities, but she has never revealed about her relationship.

Song Ji-hyo’s Ideal Type

Song Ji-hyo's Boyfriend

Song Ji-hyo revealed that her ideal male type is much different from the image of Kim Jong-kook. This was conveyed when she was a guest on the show ‘Tteokboki Brothers’ which aired on May 10, 2022.

“I prefer someone fat like Winnie the Pooh,” she answered.

In the broadcast, when the show’s host Lee Yi-kyung asked, “Kim Jong-kook never makes your heart flutter? Is that true?” Song Ji-hyo replied, “I like Kim Jong-kook completely different style.”

Song Ji-hyo's Boyfriend

At this point, Kim Jong-min who was also one of the hosts suddenly showed his stomach and said, “So it’s me, wait a few more weeks”. Kim Jong-min’s comments certainly brought laughter to everyone present in the studio.

Song Ji-hyo’s Thoughts Of Marriage

Song Ji-hyo's Boyfriend

In the episode that aired on May 23, 2021, the two female players of ‘Running Man’, Jeon So-min and Song Ji-hyo, had a ‘blind date’ with the guest stars on the episode, namely Sung Si-kyung and Lee Yong-jin.

Song Ji-hyo admitted that she was not comfortable with blind date. “I don’t like the awkward atmosphere that goes on blind dates. As soon as I sat down, I started wanting to go home,”

Even though she is almost 40 years old, Song Ji-hyo admits that she does not think about getting married even though she feels she has found the right person.

Song Ji-hyo's Boyfriend

“It’s very common for people my age to think about marriage. I know people who are married. And it’s not like I’ve never dated before. But I don’t want marriage to be the only goal in my relationship,” she explained.

She also revealed that she had certain criteria for the right man. One of the characteristics is a man who has the ability to apologize. “I hope my future partner knows and understands how sorry feels like (when needed),” she added.

Song Ji-hyo’s Dating Rumor With Kang Gary

Song Ji-hyo's Boyfriend

Since becoming members of Running Man, Song Ji-hyo and Kang Gary are known as the Monday Couple. Involved in a love affair on the small screen, the two of them are often flooded with offers as joint advertising models.

When asked about the chemistry, Song Ji-hyo admitted that he felt closer when shooting a commercial alone with Kang Gary. “But the funny thing is we never met outside of shooting hours once,” he said.

Song Ji-hyo's Boyfriend

Kang Gary apparently did not deny this fact, “Even our fans know this, if we work hard (on ‘Running Man’).”

Looking back, the two of them tried to mention when they first met. Gary only knew the figure of Song Ji-hyo as an actress and ‘Running Man’ became their first program.

Song Ji-hyo's Boyfriend

“Some say that each actress has her own aura. I don’t think that’s true, but when I saw her (Song Ji-hyo), I finally realized,” Gary said.

Although the Monday Couple lasted quite a while on ‘Running Man’, their relationship was nothing more than just friends. Currently, Kang Gary is married to someone else and is focusing on his family.

Song Ji-hyo’s Dating Rumor With Kim Jong-kook

Song Ji-hyo's Boyfriend

After Kang Gary decided to left from ‘Running Man’, there is no Monday Couple anymore. Although it became a big hit and gather a lot of fans because of their chemistry, Song Ji-hyo actually wanted to start a new love line on the variety show.

In response, the actress said, “I agree with it only for the promotion of the drama on Youtube. I actually hated the love line at first. So I asked Jong-kook oppa, ‘Don’t do that’.”

“I used to have a love line with Gary oppa, who is living happily at the moment. After Gary oppa left, I then formed a love line again with Jong-kook oppa. I don’t agree with having a love line with two men. I hate it so much,” she stated.

Song Ji-hyo's Boyfriend

Song Ji-hyo said, “I started to accept it at some point and the reaction was interesting. So I then started wondering if it was okay to try? Should I do it? Now I want more.”

With this statement, Song Ji-hyo clarified that there was no date she had with Kim Jong-kook. They both do romance things on variety shows, just to keep the love line.

Well, that was all for the information about Song Ji-hyo’s boyfriend and the real answer about it. Instead of dating rumors with fellow ‘Running Man’ members, let’s hope someday she will find her true love! If you like this article, don’t forget to share on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming articles from Channel-Korea!