Ex-Secret’s Song Ji-eun: Profile, Facts, Instagram, and More

Song Ji-eun and Lee Kwang-soo

Song Ji-eun appeared as a guest in Running Man episode 450. It was a Lee Kwang-soo themed episode where he was assigned to make videos with three of the most beautiful women. The women were selected because they consider Lee Kwang-soo as their ideal type. Song Ji-eun was selected by the producer and she could enjoy a date with Lee Kwang-soo. Song Ji-eun looked so beautiful and Lee Kwang-soo was mesmerized by her beauty. They decided to go to a nail shop and had their nails done. Song Ji-eun’s initial was engraved on Lee Kwang-soo pinky nail and he looked so happy during their date.


At the end of the date, the producer asked Song Ji-eun to use the lie detector. Lee Kwang-soo asked whether he is the ideal type. She said yes and it turned out to be the truth. Later, it was revealed that she didn’t regret meeting Lee Kwang-soo after dating him for a whole day. Last question, Lee Kwang-soo asked if she wanted to go out again another day. She answered yes and it also turned out to be the truth. Without a doubt, Song Ji-eun considered Lee Kwang-soo as her ideal type.

Plastic Surgery


Song Ji-eun is among the most beautiful second-generation idols. Large eyes, long and straight hair, full lips and an innocent smile earned her attention, especially from male fans. When her past photos surfaced several years after her debut, fans commented that her face didn’t change at all. She looked pure and innocent in her uniform photos. Even without make-up, she still shined as a beautiful young girl. Other fans even commented that she is more beautiful than another Secret member Jun Hyo-seong. She is indeed a natural beauty. Look at the photos of her transformation below!


Song Ji-eun’s Filmography



2010 More Charming by the Day Cameo
2011 Shut Up Family Cameo, Episode 45
2013 A Bit of Love (Remaining Love) Do Ji-won
2014 Longing for Spring Yang Mal-ja
2015 Superhuman Generation Jieun
2015 Immutable Law of First Love Lee Yeo-ri
2015 Sweet Home, Sweet Honey Oh Bom
2017 My Secret Romance Lee Yoo-mi


Variety Shows

2009 Secret Story
2010 Bouquet
2010 Invincible Youth Episode 52
2011 MTV Special: Big Pleasure Guam
2011 Immortal Songs Episode 25
2011 Weekly Idol
2011 Let me Show
2012 Qualifications of Men Episode 369
2012 The Duets
2012 Hello Counselor
2014 Weekly Idol Episode 130, 172
2015 Hello Counselor
2016 Running Man Episode 318

Latest News About Song Ji-eun


Recently, Song Ji-eun participated as the main MC of the 2019 Shinhan Bank Golden Glove Awards. It is an award ceremony for professional baseball athletes in the Korean baseball league.


A few days earlier, on December 8th, 2019, she uploaded a video of her eating ice cream. She captioned the video: “I am not sad, I am not thinking anything.”


Song Ji-eun recently appeared as one of the leading roles in the tvN drama Melting Me Softly. The fictional drama was aired from September 28th to November 17th, 2019. The drama told the story of a man and a woman who were frozen and melted 20 years later.

Although recently Song Ji-eun hasn’t produced any singles or albums, she is actively performing in Korean dramas. Can’t wait for her next single and music album!

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