Get Ready! Here Are 10 Photos of Song Jae-rim’s Toned Abs to Brighten Your Day!

song jae rim

Check Out Song Jae-rim’s Toned Abs that Will Make Your Day Hotter!

Who hasn’t fallen in love with the masculine model and actor, Song Jae-rim? Many girls would fall in love at first sight. Especially, when you look into his eagle eyes, you will definitely melt!

As a model, Song Jae-rim of course often does some photo shoots for various magazines. Song Jae-rim has a really good posture that will make many women fall in love. Especially, if you see his abs! Yup, we can often see Song Jae-rim’s perfect abs as he often appears shirtless! Let’s take a look at some pictures of him below!

Song Jae-rim Showed Off His Abs in We Got Married

In an episode of MBC’s We Got Married, Song Jae-rim showed off his abs. In the episode, which aired on May 9th, Song Jae-rim and his partner, Kim So-eun were going to the sauna. There, the director asked them to wash each other’s back with cool water to calm them down after sweating.

Then, without a second thought, Song Jae-rim took off his shirt. His muscles were clearly flaunted. It even seems like Kim So-eun looks fascinated when she sees the muscles from Song Jae-rim’s hard workout.

Not only Kim So-eun but all of the girls around the world must have been fascinated by his perfect abs.

Watch Unkind Women to Clearly See Song Jae-rim’s Abs

In 2015, Song Jae-rim played the role of a Kendo trainer named Lee Lu-oh, in the drama Unkind Women. When the drama wasn’t even released yet, the audiences were seduced by its production team when some pictures of Song Jae-rim practicing Kendo topless with a stick were made public.

Not just by the ‘spoiler’ pictures, audiences were also surprised when they watched the first episode of Unkind Woman. How could you not be surprised when you see Song Jae-rim in a bathroom scene opposite his female counterpart, Lee Ha-na?

That scene was awkward and cute at the same time. It seems like the production team of Unkind Woman knows well how to catch audiences’ attention and make them more anxious waiting to watch the next episode.

Still not satisfied with these pictures above? Don’t worry, we prepared more pictures of Song Jae-rim showing off his abs, just scroll the page down!