Song Jae-rim’s Visual Appreciation: His Long Hair and Best Style Choices

Take A Closer Look At Actor Song Jae-rim’s Appearance!

Do you know about the South Korean actor, Song Jae-rim? The actor who starred on the television drama, The Idle Mermaid, with actress Jo Bo-ah is well known for his manly looks and for having a visual like a Prince Charming. He is also popular for his appearances in many dramas and his fans have praised him for always looking good.

In this article we’re going to take a peek at Song Jae-rim’s best looks, whether in his dramas or his daily life!

Song Jae-rim, Visual Appreciation

The actor, who was born on February 18, 1985, is really known with his handsome visual as an actor. He’s signed under S.M. Culture & Contents, a talent company under SM Entertainment, which is one of the Big 3 companies in South Korea.

The actor, who starred in the drama Goodbye Mr. Black (2016), playing the character of Seo Woo-jin, represents one of the best body goals that an actor can achieve. He’s very tall and works out to maintain a muscular body, as well.

His Long Hair

Song Jaer-rim started his career as a runway model and appeared in many fashion shows in South Korea. He mostly did photoshoots as a cover model for magazines such as Bazaar Korea, Vogue Girl Korea, Dazed & Confused Korea, Nylon Korea, GQ Korea, Arena Homme + Korea, Esquire Korea, and Marie Claire Korea.

In 2009, Song Jae-rim began his acting career and started appearing on television dramas in supporting roles. While he worked as a model and actor at the same time, he still maintained his perfect body and the long hairstyle that he used to when he was a cover model.


Song Jae-rim is known as anactor that has a perfect body. He has broad shoulders and muscular arms which aren’t as obvious when he’s wearing a shirt. On special occasions like a magazine photoshoot, he had a chance to take a shirtless picture.

As an actor, Song Jae-rim really has to maintain a healthy body. He likes to exercise and works out to have the perfect body shape depending on his drama’s needs. The actor, who starred on Moon Embracing the Sun (2012) as Kim Jae-woon, will sometimes look slimmer or more bulky, depending on the specific role he’s working on.

If you watched the drama Unkind Ladies, there is a scene where you can see his muscular body in one episode where he went in a bath. Unlike the magazine photoshoot before, his body looked fuller and he had gained a little weight in this drama.

Song Jae-rim’s Best Style Choices

As an entertainer, Song Jae-rim has many favorite looks that he wears, including his outfit while he was at the airport, his casual style, attending awards, and many more.

Let’s check out Song Jae-rim’s best style choices below!

Airport Fashion

The airport is a place that gets filled with many fans who wait for their favorite idols or actors to arrive in their country after a long flight. Although the airport is a public place, many celebrities look very handsome or beautiful with their outfits.

Song Jae-rim can wear any kind of outfit really well. He usually wears a jacket or men’s coat over a simple t-shirt. He also likes jeans for everyday wear.

Casual Style

Mostly men of Song Jae-rim’s age are best-suited for more mature and manly looks for their daily style. If you look at his casual style collection below, it’s not obvious that the actor is in his 30s, since he he looks really goodin a casual outfit.

During one magazine photoshoot, Song Jae-rim only wore a casual white t-shirt and jeans, a simple look that made him resemble a teenager. His previous look, with a simple cardigan and black trousers, made him looks mature and attractive. A striped sweater, jeans, and a pair of white sport shoes in the picture below made the actor look masculine, as well.

Boyfriend Look

Have you ever seen a rich man who likes an ordinary girl in a K-drama? In the picture above, Song Jae-rim’s outfit looks like he just popped out of a drama and is getting ready for his first date with a girl he’s falling in love with!

In the picture above, Song Jae-rim had a solo photoshoot as a magazine cover with Geek magazine. The actor, who became a virtual husband with actress Kim So-eun in We Got Married, definitely looked like boyfriend material in this navy bomber jacket and a plain black t-shirt. He also looked very handsome in a bucket hat and t-shirt ina matching color, below.

Red Carpet

When you’re an entertainer, whether an actor or actress, you get invited to important events, such as attending awards or shows. On these occasions, it’s critical that they put their best foot forward with regard to who they put themselves together. It’s like the world is watching as they walk on the red carpet.

The actor, who starred in drama Our Gap-soon (2016), won the Special Acting Award, Actor in a Serial Drama at the SBS Drama Awards and his outfit when attended the awards and walked the red carpet really represents a strong and well-dressed man.