Get to Know ‘We Got Married’ Cast Member Song Jae-rim, Is He Dating Anyone Right Now?

Are You Curious About Song Jae-rim’s Abs?

As a male actor, exposing your body somehow will be an obligatory thing to do since showering scenes are often shown in dramas, making the show more fun and enjoyable to watch, especially for the female viewers. However, the different scenario occurred with Song Jae-rim, as he showed his bare top in front of actress Kim So-eun during their appearance in We Got Married. In the broadcast, which was aired on 9 May, the couple went to Gangwon Province to enjoy a sauna date. After getting out of the sauna room, the producers of the show told Song Jae-rim and Kim So-eun to wash each other’s backs with cold water in order to cool their body temperature.

Song Jae-rim did not hesitate to take off his shirt. The fruits of his work out were shown perfectly, as his abs are well-defined, as well as the biceps on both of his arms. However, in an interview with Newsen, Song Jae-rim said that he does not necessarily build his muscle because of his small head, “I will end up looking awkward because my body has strange proportions.” Well, intentionally or not, Song Jae-rim does have gorgeous abs, right, dear readers?

Song Jae-rim’s Dating News

It is widely known that Song Jae-rim is often linked to his former We Got Married’s partner, actress Kim So-eun. Even after their love story in the show ended, Song Jae-rim and Kim So-eun met again in SBS’s drama Our Gap-soon. However, in January 2015, when she was asked whether she would date Song Jae-rim, Kim So-eun firmly stated that the relationship will not happen because they have not stayed in touch after the filming, “We filmed once every two weeks, and when we were not filming, we were too busy to contact each other. I think it will be very difficult for us to develop a relationship and to start feeling something for each other.”

On the other hand, Song Jae-rim shared his thoughts about We Got Married and his own love story in an interview with media outlet News1 in June 2015, “My appearance on We Got Married did not affect me negatively. I was lucky enough to have met a good partner like So-eun. The show was like fantasy because it does not have a script and a lot of real couple-like aspects are shown as well. My dating style and my relationship with So-eun are reflected through the show. A lover is the counterpart of my pride. I cannot bear to see my woman being looked down on. I always want to make her laugh so I will not give her a hard time. I think of a lot of that goes into the show. When actually dating in real life, I do special events or give flowers to my lover. There are people who cringe (when they watch the show) but we are all guilty of doing those things when dating.”

Regarding his ideal type, in an interview with @star1 in November 2014, Song Jae-rim said that he adores a woman who is able to engage in a conversation with him, “A woman who can understand my odd way of thinking but also knows what loneliness is. That kind of person will know the feeling of receiving love.”

Song Jae-rim’s Instagram Feed

As a trendy model, Song Jae-rim must be expected to be active in social media since models usually build a wide network with other models, designers, and stylists in order to keep in touch with the industry, as well as getting potential projects for photo shoots or runway. On his Instagram account (@jaelim_song), Song Jae-rim has posted 410 posts and has more than 322,000 followers, whereas his following list remains zero. Here are the top 10 of Song Jae-rim’s Instagram Feeds that you must see!

In the first photo, which was posted on September 28, 2018, Song Jae-rim posted an intimate selfie photo on the couch with his cat. In the caption, Song Jae-rim wrote, “It has been a long time since the last time I went back home after working.”

In the second post which was posted on August 13, 2018, Song Jae-rim took another series of selfies with his cat, hugging it tightly. In the caption, Song Jae-rim wrote, “Hug me.” We bet some fans would have wanted to be the cat in their next life!

In the third picture which was posted on August 9, 2018, Song Jae-rim took a picture of when he was being handled by the stylists, busily pampering him so that he will look even more attractive. In the caption, Song Jae-rim wrote, “The busy makeup hands for the photoshoot #HeartBeating.”

In the fourth picture which was posted on August 4, 2018, Song Jae-rim wore his driving gear which is dominated by red and white. In the caption, Song Jae-rim wrote, “Look at it in the shade #TrackDay #KSEF #s1000rr.”

In the fifth picture, which was posted on July 31, 2018, Song Jae-rim is an adorable guy who looks at his cat from a close distance. In the caption, Song Jae-rim wrote, “#When I look into your eyes.”

In the sixth picture, which was posted on July 29, 2018, Song Jae-rim looks cool in blue sunglasses while wearing a blue jersey. In the caption, Song Jae-rim wrote, “Summer is coming so it is best to wear a shirt made from a material like this #MoguShop #Brothers.”

In the seventh picture, which was posted on July 22, 2018, Song Jae-rim took desolate selfies while wearing the black tee. In the caption, Song Jae-rim wrote, “Water is indeed the best.” referring to the words written on his shirt.

In the eighth picture, which was posted on June 30, 2018, Song Jae-rim is endlessly cute, like a teenager, leaning against the bed sheet and sleepy. In the caption, Song Jae-rim wrote, “It is 4:05 AM but I will not sleep because I have to be picked up at 5 AM.” Aww, it must be tiring to have such a hectic schedule!

In the ninth picture which was posted on June 17, 2018, Song Jae-rim is cheerful in front of his food truck that was sent by his fans. In the caption, Song Jae-rim wrote, “Today’s HAPPY TIME & SKY2EARTH UNITED Thank you <3.”

Finally, in the last picture, which was posted on December 31, 2017, Song Jae-rim concluded the end of 2017 by taking selfies with his pet in the bed. In the caption, Song Jae-rim wrote, “Happy new year everyone, happy new year! It is the new 2018.”