Do You Miss the Sexy Couple Song Jae-rim and Kim So-eun from We Got Married? What’s Their Relationship Now?

The Undeniable Chemistry Between Song Jae-rim and Kim So-eun

The couple Song Jae-rim and Kim So-eun are most notable from their appearance on the show, We Got Married, from 2014 to 2015. Their stint on the show garnered them a lot of attention due to their steamy yet sweet chemistry, an attraction that could not be found in the other couples going on the show at the time. Not only that, but they also seem very comfortable in doing skinship and other couple-like things that some fans just can not seem to get out of their minds.

From their sweet kisses and hugs to their exceptional domestic activities, it is to no one’s surprise that people are dying to see them together again. Some have even theorized that the two are something more than just friends. So what is the truth behind their relationship? Did their careers really take off with the help of the show? Is a reunion something that is feasible anytime soon? Stay tuned to find out more about Song Jae-rim and Kim So-eun.

Song Jae-rim’s Career

Song Jae-rim started his career in 2009, with the movie Actresses. The movie garnered a very mediocre response, at least on the part of his appearance in the movie itself as he was still just another background character. Besides that, he has also starred in the drama Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, which is a relatively successful work yet still unable to lift his name into stardom. The slow and steady growth of his career finally amounted to his most notable appearance as a loyal bodyguard in the drama Moon Embracing The Sun.

Another one of his most notable roles is as the cold assassin in the drama Two Weeks, which also featured stars such as Lee Joon-gi, Kim So-yeon, and Ryu Soo-young among other successful cast members. His role was very memorable for the fact that it was one of the antagonist characters, yet it was still unable to create a household name out of Song Jae-rim. We Got Married truly became his savior as 2014 rolled around, because not only did the public recognize his name but casting agents started to take note of his personality and acting ability. This is especially true since he was cast alongside his on-screen wife Kim So-eun for the drama Our Gap-soon.

Kim So-eun’s Career

Most people might remember Kim So-eun from her iconic role in the drama Boys Before Flowers, as Geum Jan-di’s loyal best friend, Chu Ga-eul. The role definitely kicked off her career but it was not her actual debut, as she first debuted in Two Guys, back in 2004. Her role was very minor and insignificant in the movie but it helped establish her career in a very competitive industry. She followed up her most successful role with fairly mediocre projects such as Happiness in The Wind, A Thousand Kisses, and Horse Doctor.

Her most interesting role to date might just be her role in the project titled Liar Game. The drama that was broadcasted on tvN, tells the story of a regularly done game that tests both the loyalty and intelligence of each of the players. The plot is very out of the box and out of the norm from a typical Korean drama because it is adapted from its Japanese counterpart. The drama garnered an average amount of following but it was not until her appearance in We Got Married that she finally got back in the spotlight.

Song Jae-rim and Kim So-eun in We Got Married

So what is it about the LTE Couple on We Got Married that brought them so much attention from the Korean public you say? Well, it is their undeniable chemistry and steamy skinship that drew all the fans to the yard! From the very first meeting, through their wedding, to their domestic life together and their final goodbye, everything is a very picturesque scene that seems to have come out of a movie.

The picture above is a screenshot taken from their supposed wedding day, with only a few episodes that serve as a prologue to this sweet skinship, you can see why they are called the LTE Couple. They wasted no time building their chemistry and demonstrated that chemistry through sweet kisses and loving touches. These kinds of actions are guaranteed to make fans’ and viewers’ hearts flutter inside their chests.

kim so eun song jae rim
kim so eun song jae rim

You can just see how comfortable they are with each other through the two gifs above as they are seen in one of the episodes prior to the wedding and another doing a photo shoot for a spread in Allure magazine. The two are not stingy when it comes to skinship, freely hugging and touching, even when directed as in the second picture. The laughter and happiness just shine through their eyes as they bask in each other’s love. Fans are a sucker when it comes to their most comfortable situations.

kim so eun song jae rim

The two even bantered like a real couple would as illustrated in the scene above, where the two are lovingly engaged in doing pottery together. The scene is definitely done in reference to Kim So-eun’s role in the hit series, Boys Before Flowers, as her character, Chu Ga-eulis often seen doing pottery. The activity has also a very steamy and romantic connotation in Korea due to one of the Western movies that trended this in the past. Thus, this perfectly shows why fans and viewers are falling left and right for the couple. Sadly, their time on the show came to an end in 2015, as the show renewed for another season.

Reunion in Our Gap-soon

The drama Our Gap-soon started airing in the summer of 2016 and marked the reunion of the LTE Couple. The drama was a weekend drama that started off as a twice a week airing drama but went to a once a week drama at the middle of its airing. But that posed no problem for the fans because due to its increasing popularity the drama got extended by 11 episodes at the end. Not only that, but this drama really is the test of their popularity as it marks the first time a We Got Married couple being able to score an acting gig together after completing their run in the variety show.

Recent News

Since the end of the drama Our Gap-soon, there has been no more news regarding the two, both in terms of real-life dating rumors or new projects together. This definitely made some fans upset, as they long to see the chemistry they have fallen for in recent years. All they could do now is rewatch and relive their romance from the past in We Got Married and Our Gap-soon episodes, which amounts to a lot of content when compared to other fictional couples.

So what do you think of the LTE Couple? Are you among the fans that want them to work together again? Comment your thoughts in the section below!