Here’s the Latest News about Song Hye-kyo After Her Divorce from Song Joong-ki!

Song Hye-kyo at New York Fashion Week 2019

After her separation with handsome actor Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-kyo made a new ‘debut’ by attending her first New York Fashion Week (NYFW). She attended the fashion show held by designer Ralph Lauren. The Ralph Lauren Fall 2019 event was held at the Ralph’s Club.

While attending this first New York fashion event, Song Hye-yo was seen shining with a masculine white tuxedo boss. She only wears small, round earrings on her ears. The style looks very simple, and she pairs it with equally simple make-up and red lipstick. Citing E Online, Song Hye-kyo daubs fresh and natural-style make up with her red lipstick as the center of attention.

In her interview with Harpers Bazaar Korea, the Descendants of the Sun star said she couldn’t wait to see Ralph Lauren’s collection.

But, her appearance at New York Fashion Week has also drawn criticism from netizens. As reported by AllkPpop, some netizens were saying that she looked ugly and old.

“She looks different after divorce.”

“I really don’t like her.”

“She looks like a middle-aged woman.”

“Song Joong-ki still looks young but she’s aging.”

“She looks ugly and gets worse every day.”

What horrible things to say; she still looks amazing as ever.

Song Hye-kyo’s presence at the fashion week was certainly not new. Lately, the presence of South Korean idols at fashion shows has become a trend. Such as Winner’s Mino, EXO’s Kai, and others.

Since her divorce from Song Joong-ki, the actress has been increasingly busy collaborating with various beauty and fashion labels, including Chaumet and Sulwhasoo. She is also ‘friendly’ to the fashion house Dior, who designed her wedding dress at that time.

Song Hye-kyo Enrolls in New York Art School

After officially separating from Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-kyo was increasingly busy with her schedule. Not only being an advertisement model and fulfilling a series of fashion event invitations, but it was revealed that the 37-year-old actress is now also entering an art school in New York. This news was first circulated by the Hong Kong Apple Daily, which revealed that Song Hye-kyo took a short course at an art school in New York and settled there.

As you already know, Song Hye-kyo was seen attending the Ralph Lauren fashion event on September 7, 2019. It turns out that Song Hye-kyo has been living in New York and doesn’t even go home during the Chuseok celebration. She reportedly enrolled in a short-term class at an art school in New York, whose name was not revealed. But, unfortunately, it is difficult to ensure the truth of this news.

Her agency in Hong Kong sid that they could not make any comments regarding the artist’s personal life. “It’s hard to talk about her personal life, it’s her privacy,” explained Song Hye-kyo’s manager in Hong Kong, as reported by Allkpop.

Well, whatever she chooses, we will always be supporting her, for sure!

Is Song Hye-kyo Stalking Her Ex-husband on Instagram?

the Song Song Couple’s divorce broke their fans’ hearts, but after the divorce, Song Hye-kyo still seems unable to forget her ex-husband. Fans of the couple suspected that Song Hye-kyo is still harboring feelings for her ex-husband, Song Joong-ki.

Reporting from The Independent, it all started when a fan account, realkiaile, caught Song Hye-kyo watching an Instagram upload by Song Joong-ki. Many fans were shocked by what she did, still looking for her ex-husband. They were busy commenting on why the two didn’t just get back together.

Since the divorce, Song Joong-ki lives with his family, while Song Hye-kyo moved to a luxury home. Some ad sponsors canceled their collaborations with Joong Ki afterward. Instead, Song Hye-kyo actually appeared in several shows and advertisements abroad. Their marriage was not blessed with children, and now both of them are busy with their own schedules.

Song Hye-kyo’s First Public Appearance in Korea After Her Divorce

Elle Korea uploaded a video showing Song Hye-kyo’s short interview at the opening ceremony of the Chaumet boutique in South Korea. In the video, she congratulates the jewelry brand that successfully organized the event.

I attended this event as a brand ambassador for Chaumet in Asia. I congratulate the brand on the reopening of their boutique. I hope you can enjoy your time at the Chaumet boutique and be happy,” said Song Hye-kyo in the video on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019.

The appearance of Song Jong-ki’s ex-wife is in the spotlight with many netizens because the actress looks very elegant and glamorous in the video. Using some accessories and jewelry, this beautiful actress looked very radiant. The long black dress makes it look more charming and elegant. With natural makeup and a simple appearance, Song Hye-kyo’s appearance is more complete.

Her appearance received positive responses from many fans. They praised her beauty at the event. They even said the actress was just like a queen who was attending a party. she also looked very happy at the event. Her charming smile expanded when she was on the show.

And that was all the information we could gather about Song Hye-kyo’s latest news after her divorce with Song Joong-ki. Even though it’s heartbreaking news that they’re not together anymore, let’s keep supporting both of them and their careers, and believe their separation is for the best. Kindly let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!