Sonamoo Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture Comparison

Sonamoo Minjae
TS Entertainment

Now is Minjae’s turn. What do you think about Minjae’s pre-debut and after debut? We think that she looks the same, maybe only becoming a little more mature after she joins Sonamoo. This change might also be because she is wearing makeup and different styles of outfits. No matter what, we can agree that she still looks pretty, right?

Sonamoo D.Ana

Here are D.ana’s older and more recent photos. At first, the rumors of her having plastic surgery became a hot topic among her fans. Some people say that she only went on a diet, and did not do anything to her face. Others assume that she might have had surgery to her body in order to make it slimmer. Both D.ana and company haven’t given any statements admitting whether she had surgery or not, but we can see that she has lost weight since her first appearance.

Sonamoo High D

High D was also rumored to have had plastic surgery because of her weight lose. It seems, however, that she only applied a strict diet to loose the weight. The main vocalist of the group has never admitted if she has had surgery or not.

Bonus pictures of Sonamoo, predebut!

Who do you think has the biggest difference in their before and after photos? Do you like the pre-debut or the after debut Sonamoo? Tell us your thoughts!