All About ‘Personal Taste’ Actress Son Ye-jin: From Her Latest News to Her Dating Rumors with Jung Hae-in

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Son Ye-jin’s Acting Career

Son Ye-jin is an actress from South Korea. She debuted in the horror film Secret Tears in 2000. In the following year, she had her first leading role and drama debut in Delicious Proposal (2001). It is a story about two families that operate rival Chinese food restaurants. The same year, she also became part of the main cast in the drama Sun-hee and Jin-hee (2001). The story revolved around sisters who encounter conflicts regarding the quest for love.

The biggest success of her early career was in the films Lover’s Concerto (2002) and The Classic (2003). The latter film is about the parallel love stories of a mother and daughter. Film reviewers praised the cinematography, music and Son Ye-jin’s acting and said the film was really good. In 2004, Son Ye-jin acted in A Moment To Remember along with Jung Woo-sung. A story about a relationship and the burdens of loss caused by Alzheimer’s disease. The film became the 5th highest-grossing film of 2004 and also gained popularity in Japan. Due to Son Ye-jin’s pure and innocent image in the films The Classic (2003) and A Moment To Remember (2004), she was given the title of the Nation’s First Love in Korea.

Son Ye-jin showed off her acting capabilities by playing different roles in diverse genres. In The Art of Seduction (2005) she was playing the role of a con artist, in Open City (2008) she became the boss of a gang who was being investigated by the police, and in My Wife Got Married (2008) she portrayed a polyandrous woman. The latter film ranked 10th among the top grossing domestic films of 2008.

In 2010, Son Ye-jin acted in the television series Personal Taste (2010) with actor Lee Min-ho. It was a story about a woman and a man who live together under the misguided assumption that the man is gay. Despite the mediocre ratings in Korea, the overseas rights to Personal Taste were sold to The Philippines, Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

Some of the films in the 2010s with Son Ye-jin in the leading role are Spellbound (2011), about a magician who falls in love with a woman who can see ghosts; The Tower (2012), about a fire breaking out in a luxurious skyscraper in central Seoul on Christmas Eve; Blood and Ties (2013), about a budding journalist who suspects that her doting father may have been the culprit in a kidnap-murder case 15 years ago; The Pirates (2014), which is set during the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty period and is about a group of bandits and group of pirates, and The Last Princess (2016) about the last princess of the Joseon Dynasty, Princess Deokhye’s life in Japan after she was forced to move there at the age of 13 by the Imperial Japanese government and her attempts to return to Korea.

Son Ye-jin’s latest drama is Something In The Rain (2018) which aired on JTBC from March 30 to May 19, 2018. Her co-star in the series was Jung Hae-in. The series marks her comeback on the small screens after five years. The story is about the relationship of a woman in her mid-30s with a younger man. The relationship goes from being ‘just acquaintances’ to ‘a genuine couple.’ The series was a commercial hit and became one of the highest rated Korean dramas in cable television history.

Son Ye-jin’s latest films are Be With You (2018) and The Negotiation (2018). Be With You was released on March 14, 2018. Her co-star was So Ji-sub. The film is a remake of a 2004 Japanese film of the same name. The Negotiation was released on September 19, 2018. The story is about a negotiator from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s crisis negotiating team and an arms dealer in Bangkok.

Son Ye-jin’s Profile

Name: Son Ye-jin (손예진)

Birth Name: Son Eon-jin (손언진)

Date of Birth: January 11, 1982

Place of Birth: Suseong District, Daegu, South Korea

Star Sign: Capricorn

Height: 165 cm

Blood Type: A

Education: A Degree in Film at the Seoul Institute of the Arts

Agency: MSTeam Entertainment

Instagram: @yejinhand

Dating Rumors with Jung Hae-in

Son Ye-jin and her co-star in the television series Something In The Rain (2018), Jung Hae-in were rumored to be dating because of their incredible on-screen chemistry in the series. Their acting drew the attention of many viewers and fans. People were asking about the possibility of a real-life relationship between them. However, they denied the rumor and said that the romantic tension between them was all just acting.

Son Ye-jin said that she did many melodramas since her debut and many people around her asked if she and Jung Hae-in were really dating. She wondered why many people asked her and thus she closely watched the videos and photos that they shot. She said that when they were in a scene together, there was a feeling of harmony that came off strong and she said that was probably the reason why many people thought that they were dating. She added that Jung Hae-in reminded her of the beginning of her debut when she filmed the melodrama films The Classic and A Moment To Remember.