Did Son Ye-jin Undergo Plastic Surgery? Let’s Compare Her Potential Before-and-After Photos


Getting to Know About Son Ye-jin

Who doesn’t know the Korean drama Something in the Rain or Noona Who Buys Me Food? This Korean drama is indeed a hit in 2018 because of the storyline that really made the audience get carried away with the plot. The other reason is the strong chemistry between Jung Hae-in as Seo Joon-hee and Son Ye-jin as Yoon Jin-ah. Indeed, who is not carried away by the feeling of seeing these two beautiful actresses and handsome actor on one screen?


Talking about this favorite Korean drama, one of the characters who became the ideal type of girl in front of men and made Jung Hae-in’s fans jealous is Son Ye-jin. Son Ye-jin is known for her beautiful and youthful appearance even though she is 32 years old already. This Korean actress began her career in 2000 with her role in the film Secret Tears. Her career and popularity continued to grow in South Korea, China, and Japan starting in 2006. Until now, her name has become more famous since she starred in today’s favorite Korean drama, Something in the Rain. Wow, Son Yen-jin is the real ideal type of woman!

Son Y-jin’s Plastic Surgery Rumors

Many people are curious about the beauty secrets of Son Ye-jin, especially women. It is unavoidable for plastic surgery rumors to float around for most South Korean artists with perfect appearances in the eyes of the audience. Plastic surgery rumors also happened to this beautiful actress. Many audiences think that Son Ye-jin underwent plastic surgery. There are many rumors saying that she has cheek implants, botox, and some facial fillers.

Do you believe that Son Ye-jin had plastic surgery? Let’s compare and analyze her old and new photos together!


Son Ye-jin’s Cheek Implants

Before having cheek implants, Son Ye-jin used to have chubby and adorable cheeks. However, nowadays, there are many fans who are aware of changes regarding her chin. If you pay attention in more detail, at this time, Son Ye-jin’s chin is sharper and more pointed than before so that her facial contour is more visible. So, do you guys think that Son Ye-jin really had changes? Here are the pictures!


Son Ye-jin’s Botox

There are so many women out there who are very jealous of Son Ye-jin’s skin that always looks glowing and flawless all the time even though she is not young anymore. However, there are some who say that sometimes Son Ye-jin has ultra-flawless skin that doesn’t look natural. So, some of them assume that Son Ye-jin receives Botox injections.


Botox is an effective and fast way to get rid of a person’s facial wrinkles. By having injections or fillers, the person’s face is protected from wrinkles. Then, let’s analyze Son Ye-jin’s old picture! Do you guys think that she really had Botox? But, no matter what she did, she is still amazingly talented in the entertainment industry. Keep supporting her, guys!