From Son Ye-jin to Ha Ji-won: Here Are Their Skincare Tips For A Flawless Look!

Park Shin-hye

park shin hye

If you want to have radiant skin like Park Shin-hye, let’s get to know more about her beauty and skincare tips! Park Shin-hye really takes care of her face, body, and hair, as well. For a face cleanser, she prefers to use a cleanser which is not too oily and doesn’t produce thick foam. For her body wash, she prefers a body foam that’s oil-based to keep her bodies natural moisture.

Park Shin-hye has said that tans easily, so whenever she goes traveling, she never forgets to bring her sunscreen and Mamonde’s Rose Water Toner. She uses the toner as a mask replacement if she forgets to bring her mask. She soaks some cotton pads with the toner and puts them into fridge before using them as a face mask.

mamonde rose water toner

For her daily makeup, especially during the summer days, she avoids using a heavy base makeup or other products which might make her skin look oily. She makes her base makeup as thin as possible and sticks with a natural eye makeup look, but she pays more attention to the lip products by using bright colors on her lip to make her skin look brighter.

The most important skincare tip from Park Shin-hye is to always take the time to moisturize your skin. She revealed that keeping a natural and hydrated appearance is important to achieve flawless skin, instead of layering the face with a lot of colors when you put on makeup.

Song Ji-hyo

song ji hyo

Even in her 30’s, Song Ji-hyo still looks as stunning as ever! No wonder she has been becoming the ambassador for certain famous brands. And now, let’s get to know the beauty and skincare secrets from Song Ji-hyo!

Through Get It Beauty Con, Song Ji-hyo revealed her beauty and skincare tips. Since she is very busy, she always tries to keep her own beauty, as well. She has oily skin, so she’s always using cleansing water to cleanse her face. Since she’d prefer to feel comfortable, Song Ji-hyo focuses her beauty tips into basic skincare. She makes sure she gets enough sleep, doesn’t put on too much makeup, and focusing on using the right cleansing methods.

song ji hyo

Not only that, to keep her body healthy, Song Ji-hyo revealed that she did cardio exercise. After her appearance on Running Man, she thought that she would try another heavy exercise, as well. She also said that she never eats after seven or eight at night.

Ha Ji-won

ha ji won

Last, but not least, we have Ha Ji-won and her skincare secrets! The most important step for her is to always hydrate her skin, and to use the ‘3 second’ method, as well. Once she cleanses her face with facial wash, she immediately rinses her face with water. For every skincare step pause, she hydrates her skin with a hydrating mask, J-One’s Jelly Pack, followed with the hydrating face mist afterwards.

j'one jelly pack

Another skincare tip from Ha Ji-won is to not use a towel to dry her face. She let her face stay wet for around one minute, so the water can sink into her skin. She also uses cold water to rinse her face, to keep her pores healthy. For her healthy and flawless skin, Ha Ji-won takes care of her skin from her makeup products to having a health drink recipe, as well.

She’d prefer to use a makeup which also contains skincare within it. One of her favorites is Giorgio Armani Maestro Glow Foundation, with face oil in the product. Actually, she rarely uses base makeup, since she always uses a face balm or face oil to made her skin look glowing and radiant. But with the Giorgino Armani foundation, she felt that her skin was glowing instantly, and she loves the product because it contains with three different natural face oils.

giorgio armani

Meanwhile, the health drink recipe for her healthy skin is made from a mixture of lemon and soju. The health drink recipe consists of one bottle of soju, three pieces of lemon, one tablespoon of honey, and soda. She revealed that the day after she drinks lemon soju drink, people always compliment her, saying that her skin was looking more soft and flawless.

That was all of the information about the beauty tips and skincare secrets from South Korean actresses! Since all of them have such flawless and radiant skin, you can choose which one is your favorite skincare secret from among them! And also, if you are looking for skincare tips, you can try the skincare steps from one of them, as well. Let’s always support all of their careers and wait for another beauty secret from them!

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