Want to Dress Like Son Na-eun? Check Out Her Luxury Outfits Here!

Get Inspired By Apink’s Naeun’s Style!

After a few sections above about the fashion style that is often chosen by Son Na-eun, are you interested in making the A-Pink member who appeared in the K-Drama Childless Comfort (2012) as one of your role models in dressing?

If yes, let’s move on and find out more about Son Na-eun’s fashion style and taste in everyday clothes!

Airport Fashion

Son Na-eun is famous for her fashion style and always wearing expensive brands and she also has simple and unique dress tastes. When talking about airport fashion, idols and celebrities usually come up with a simple outfit.

Son Na-eun was seen wearing a simple outfit on one of her flight schedules at Incheon Airport on June 16th, 2019. She wore a Basic Ribbed Tank Top priced at $225.98, a Black Rib Long Sleeve T-Shirt priced at $350, and Creatch Pants priced at $714.55 from Rick Owens, Large Shopping Bag priced at $4,400 from CHANEL, and Daniel_C01 sunglasses priced at $162.71 from VIE; U.

On November 12th, 2019, Son Na-eun was seen at Incheon Airport arriving from Shanghai wearing a $3,550 Fur Parka from Mr. & Mrs. Italy, Leather Jogger Zip priced at $253.98, BBAL “TRIPLE WHITE” Shoes priced at $195 from Alexander Wang, and Sully 01 Sunglasses priced at $163.58 from KIVULI.

On November 9th, 2019, Son Na-eun was seen at Incheon Airport on a flight to Malaysia. The member of A-Pink looks very cool and tomboyish by wearing an outfit set from several well-known brands, such as Basketweave Sweaters priced at $572, and Push Straight Leg Jeans priced at $152 from RAEY, Sulli 01 Sunglasses priced at $163.58 from KIVULI, Geo Bag priced at $282, 39 from Samantha Thavasa, and Supercourt Shoes priced at $90 from Adidas.

Casual Style

Beside appearing in public with an elegant, simple, chic and sporty look, Son Na-eun can also amaze fans with a casual dress style and look very relaxed while attending various different events. Casual style is perfect for teenagers in their daily life or can also be one of the fashion ideas during hangouts on weekends.

In the photo above, Son Na-eun looks very beautiful with her clothing choices for casual style by wearing the Breast Cancer Awareness Improvement Campaign with Limited Numbers of 100 T-Shirts and Roger High Rose Denim priced at $515 from Isabel Marant.

The casual style displayed by Son Na-eun also has a tomboyish and chic side because she often wears expensive and well-known brands. In the picture above, Son Na-eun wears a Sweater Version priced at $427, and Jean Fusele Taille priced at $360 from IRO PARIS, a Flap Bag priced at $6,102 from CHANEL, Leather Boots priced at $3,442 from vanessabruno, and Ruddy 04 Sunglasses from KIVULI.

Casual look can also be achieved with a skirt as a mainstay outfit. In the picture above, Son Na-eun came to Music Bank to provide support for A-Pink’s Ha-young’s solo debut by wearing The Naomi Skirt priced at $180 from Realization, Nylon Shoulder Bag priced at $1,220 from PRADA, Plated Necklace priced at $275, and L’Incognito Necklace priced at $311 from Alighieri, SL-37K Sunglasses priced at $380 from Saint Laurent Paris, and Bow Mules priced at $650 from Balenciaga Paris.

Girlfriend Look

Girlfriend look is also one of the fashion ideas most often used by idols or celebrities when they are not on schedule and go out for hangouts with friends just to fill their free time on holidays. Some fashion ideas with girlfriend look from Son Na-eun can be seen in detail in the following photos:


Son Na-eun did a photoshoot session for a brand using the concept of a girlfriend look. She wears a $473 Raquel Skirt from Eudon Choi and a $197 Backpack from Samantha Thavasa. This girlfriend look can be used as a simple idea to wear by teenage girls.

In one of Son Na-eun’s posts on her personal Instagram, she looks very beautiful by wearing a girlfriend look in one of her photos. Son Na-eun wore a Christy Chamisole priced at $198 from Zadig & Voltaire Paris, Kitten Ruched Slippers priced at $450 from Acne Studios and ripped jeans and a small nude brown bag that completed a very simple girlfriend look but still looked very sweet.

While enjoying the holiday, Son Na-eun posted a picture on her personal Instagram, @marcellasne, wearing a $19 Crochet Lace Triangle from OYSHO and a $478 Maxiskirt Print Bandana from POLO. She was also seen using Candy Camera 27 Film from half/half priced at $30 to capture the moment of her vacation.

Red Carpet

Red Carpet is one event where guests or celebrities who come to a special event must greet the fans and the media as they walk down the red carpet in their best style.

At one of the red carpet events, Son Na-eun looks very cute wearing an $88 Back Zip Sleeveless Tent Dress from STYLENANDA. The navy blue color of the mini-dress is perfect for Son Na-eun’s upper arm cut that shows her shoulders looking very elegant but simple.

Son Na-eun also really looks very fond of the guests and fans who see her appearance at the Gucci Beauty Store Seoul Event wearing the all-in-one brand from GUCCI. Wearing bold makeup, Son Na-eun wore a Silk Tuxedo Jacket priced at $4,700, a Silk Wool Mini-Skirt priced at $980, a Zumi Smooth Bag priced at $3,361, a Double G Brooch priced at $980, and Rouge à Lèvres Lunaison Lipstick 25 Goldie Red priced at $645 as a signature make-up look.

On October 25th, 2019, Son Na-eun was invited to the W Korea Campaign Breast Cancer Event and looked very stunning with her all-in-one outfit choice from GIVENCHY, such as the Bustier Top With Oversized Ruffle priced at $3,314 as her top, Mini Eden Bag in Smooth priced at $1,360, and Midnight Pearl Earrings priced at $761 as a sweetener from the red carpet look.


Although Son Na-eun is very rarely seen wearing a dress as her favorite outfit, this time we will see a precious moment when Son Na-eun wears a dress and looks different from her usual appearance.

In one of the photoshoots, Son Na-eun looked very beautiful wearing a blue patterned dress, the $343 Long Belt Dress from Thyren and the $15 Chain Earrings from Thiers seem to be one of the simple dresses but still made Son Na-eun look stunning.

Son Na-eun is one of the idols most often seen with her natural style and always looks fresh all the time. The dress that Son Na-eun wore this time was a Block Lace Dress priced at $394 from Club Monaco and a Nut Shoulder Bag priced at $92 from Samantha Thavasa completing her fashion look very nicely.

In one photoshoot, Son Na-eun wore a dress that was very expensive and came from one of the famous brands in the fashion world, GIVENCHY Paris. In the photo above, Son Na-eun who has a height of 167 cm and weighs 45 kg looks very charming and elegant when wearing the Rainbow Metal Gown priced at $9,490.

Sporty Look

Famous as one of the models and brand ambassadors for Adidas Korea, Son Na-eun always looks cool by wearing all-in-one brands from Adidas and mixes and matches several fashion items into a good sporty look.

Son Na-eun attended one of the Adidas x FREIKNOCK events on March 22nd, 2019, she looked very sporty wearing a $41 Peace T-Shirt from the FREIKNOCK Interface, Ultraboost 19 priced at $188 from Adidas, and the Big Oval Hoop Earrings priced at $32 from Hey.

Son Na-eun also inspires many people in sports, exercise, and diet to make healthy lifestyle choices as a means of life for many people nowadays. In the picture above, Son Na-eun is seen wearing a Track Jacket and Track Pants priced at $184 from Adidas x OliviaOBlanc.

In one photoshoot with Adidas, Son Na-eun also looks very sporty wearing a Free Climaheat outfit priced at $111 and Alpha Skin Leggings priced at $85.22 from Adidas.


In cold weather, sweaters are usually one of the main choices of outfit to keep body temperature warm. Besides being seen wearing a sporty outfit, Son Na-eun also often wears a sweater as one of her favorite outfits.

In the photo above, Son Na-eun is seen wearing a Hoodie White priced at $200 from COMME des GARCONS and looks very simple with a look like this.

Son Na-eun also likes to wear a variety of sweater models and this time, she is wearing a light blue V-Neck Knit priced at $127 from our comos which makes her appearance simple but still chic.

Son Na-eun looks very suitable to wear any style of clothing including when choosing a simple outfit. With charisma as an idol from the famous girl group, Son Na-eun who wore an $812 Jacquard V-Neck Sweater from COACH also looks very cute with a simple outfit.

Top Designer Brands

More than five years have passed since Son Na-eun debuted as an idol and now she has a title as a celebrity. Beside that, Son Na-eun has also been nominated for ‘The Most Beautiful Asia Faces of 2018’ for having beautiful visuals.

Son Na-eun is often seen wearing a brand that comes from some of the world’s top fashion designers and she also looks very beautiful with some fashion styles that characterize a famous idol. Let’s take a look at some of the fashion styles that have the luxury concept that Son Na-eun has chosen!


On November 15th, 2019, Son Na-eun was seen coming to the PRADA Pop-up Store Event wearing an all-in-one brand from PRADA, such as Belted Padded Utility Jacket (Modified) priced at $2,113, Statement Cargo Skirt (Modified) priced at $1,105, Nylon Cargo Mini-Bag priced at $610, and Chunky Ankle Boots priced at $992.

The idol who attended school at the Seoul School of Performing Arts (SOPA), has become a celebrity who is famous for her glamorous lifestyle. In one photoshoot for a magazine, Son Na-eun was seen wearing one of the top fashion designer brands, Parka Cropped A-Line With Mink Fure priced at $5,174 from Mr. & Mrs. Italy.

At the red carpet events of W Korea Campaign Breast Cancer Awareness, held on September 25th, 2018, Son Na-eun looks beautiful and elegant wearing one of the top brands, Lanvin Paris, with a mix and match outfit of Side Slit Dress priced at $3,141 and Metallic Lurex Jacket which have sold out.

In addition, Son Na-eun also wears some accessories from Chaumet to complete her appearance, such as Josephine Rings priced at $8,860 and $4,508, Josephine “Rondes de nuit” Watch priced at $37,541, and Josephine Earrings priced at $42,715. Very fantastic price, right?

On May 7th, 2019, Son Na-eun was seen attending the GENTLE MONSTER and FENDI launch event for the collaboration titled GENTLEFENDI collection. At this event, she wore an all-in-one brand from FENDI, such as the Nylon Dress priced at $3,390, Tank Top priced at $350, Bike Shorts priced at $350 and new items from GENTLEFENDI’s collection, No. 1 Dark Havana priced at $425.

Well, those were some of Son Na-eun’s appearances and fashion styles that she often shows in public and her fashion taste which mostly includes some famous fashion brands with fantastic prices too. Son Na-eun is famous for her charisma that can make any type of fashion look and outfit look very fashionable and stylish when she wears it. Are you inspired by the fashion style and the outfits of Son Na-eun?