Want to Dress Like Son Na-eun? Check Out Her Luxury Outfits Here!


Try To Look Fabulous And Elegant With Son Na-eun’s Outfit Ideas!

Do you know Son Na-eun? One of the members of A-Pink who is famous for her beauty has a large number of fans beside the talent she has, Son Na-eun also has a beautiful face and a body like a model. This A-Pink member also debuted as an actress taking on roles in several K-Dramas, such as Cinderella With Four Knights (2016). Son Na-eun is also famous for her appearance that looks glamorous and elegant.

In this article, we are going to present you with some of the fashion styles and outfits that Son Na-eun has chosen and get you interested in trying out some of the fashion ideas from Son Na-eun. What are you waiting for? Let’s look at the session below!

Naeun At The New York Fashion Week

Beside having a very good fashion sense, Son Na-eun was also invited to a fashion show and she also showed her fancy and elegant clothes at the event. On February 12th, 2018, Son Na-eun attended the 2018 New York Fashion Week annual event. The A-Pink member who appeared on PSY’s music video, “New Face,” shared her photo while attending the fashion show on her personal Instagram.

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Son Na-eun looks charming with long hair that is let loose and Korean-style shiny make-up. She was seen stepping into the venue with confidence. The girl who was born in 1994 looks elegant wearing a purple dress.

Son Na-eun was seen attending one of the events in New York, USA, ZADIG & VOLTAIRE. Through her personal Instagram account, she published her photos while attending the event. It is known that this event is one of the fashion show events in New York.


The dress also made Son Na-eun show off her long legs and white skin. The woman who was born on February 10th, 1994 looks very confident in her appearance while attending the New York Fashion Week 2018 even though she just went to the event alone without the other A-Pink members.


Some even say that some reporters and photographers were surprised and admired Son Na-eun’s perfect visuals. The fans also expressed their admiration in Son Na-eun’s Instagram comments section.


“Shine wherever you go,” “Your wide smile… you are the best,” “So jealous, really beautiful,” “We love you. Cheer up,” commented some of the fans. Her appearance was complemented by a white fur coat. A silver belt and high heels complemented Son Na-eun’s beauty at that time. Son Na-eun’s beauty is unquestionable.

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Naeun At The Milan Fashion Week

During Son Na-eun’s last visit to Milan in 2019, she was again invited to attend the Milan Fashion Week 2019 and she again showed her charisma as an idol filled with aura as a model and very beautiful visual. On September 20th, 2019, still with the concept of natural but chic, Son Na-eun attended the Milan Fashion Week 2019 with a more sporty style.


Son Na-eun wore a black dress and a black jacket with sleeves stitched with see-through material. At the end of the dress worn by Son Na-eun there is a very unique detail because it has tassels and almost looks like goose feathers.


With a very simple make-up, Son Na-eun looks confident attending the Milan Fashion Week 2019 with long black hair that is parsed and made rather wavy. Newfangled high heels like red boots have become Son Na-eun’s mainstay in attending this fashion show.

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Naeun’s Luxurious Outfits

There are many K-Pop idols and celebrities that display their fashion tastes and some of their outfit collections are classified as very luxurious and expensive. Some of them, including Son Na-eun, are famous for wearing outfits of world-famous brands which has become one of the trademarks of K-Pop idols.

Let’s take a look at some of the famous brand clothes that Son Na-eun has worn!

Son Na-eun was once a fashion trendsetter because she was seen wearing leggings from one of the famous brands, Adidas, when she was practicing dancing with the members of A-Pink. In the photo above, Son Na-eun can be seen wearing Track Pants from Adidas priced at $120. Na-eun, who was once paired up with SHINee’s Taemin in We Got Married is looking very sporty wearing the Adidas track pants.

Son Na-eun seems to be very fond of Adidas and she has also been seen wearing an outfit from head to toe with one brand and still looking as stylish as ever. For those who like simple but chic appearance, Son Na-eun is a good role model for you to follow. This member and visual from A-Pink wears a Bra Top priced at $70, Track Pants priced at $90, and Falcon W by Adidas priced at $93.84, in the photo above.


If the photo above, Son Na-eun can be seen wearing an all-in-one brand with Adidas with a blue theme, this time she is wearing an Adidas outfit again with a red theme. Son Na-eun wears 3 Stripes Tee priced at $60, Cycling Shorts priced at $32.47, Tulle Skirt priced at $90, Crew Socks priced at $16.88, and Sleek Shoes priced at $120.

Son Na-eun has also been asked to be one of the brand ambassadors for Adidas Korea because she has an aura and sporty vibe that really radiates from her. Son Na-eun can often be seen wearing Adidas in attending events and in her daily life. This time, in one photoshoot with Adidas, Son Na-eun wore MYSHELTER Climaheat Parka priced at $257.37 and Must Have 3 Striped Pants priced at $50 from Adidas.

A little out of her comfort zone, Son Na-eun, famous for her proportional body shape, is seen wearing a Ribbed Knit Dress Tape Logo priced at $258 from Michael Kors. The black sporty dress with writing from the bottom of the arm to the end of this dress looks very suitable for Son Na-eun and complements her very slim body shape.