Get to Know ‘Three Days’ Actor Son Hyun-joo

Son Hyun-joo

Meet Korean Actor Son Hyun-joo

Son Hyun-joo is one of those Korean actors, who have been part of the entertainment industry for a long time now. This actor, who was born on June 24th, 1965, started his career in the entertainment world in 1991. He has starred in many television series and movies, such as First Love in 1996, To Be With You in 2002, My Rosy Life in 2005, and many more.

If you guys want to know more about Son Hyun-joo, Channel-Korea will present you with everything you want to know about this acclaimed actor. Throughout this article, Channel-Korea will bring you closer to Son Hyun-joo!

Son Hyun-joo’s Drama List

Son Hyun-joo

As we know, Son Hyun-joo has starred in many television series, so if you guys haven’t watched them yet, here’s the list of his dramas!

Drama List:

Year Title Role
1995 Even If The Wind Blows Kim Jin-gook
1996 First Love Ju Jung-nam
2000 The Thief’s Daughter Min-gyu
2000 Pardon Han Ho-sub
2001 School 4 Oh Dal-sung
2001 Rules of Marriage Hwang Bok-soo
2002 The Woman Oh Man-soo
2002 To Be With You Choi Min-ki
2003 Love Letter Father Peter


Year Title Role
2003 Near to You Won-joon
2003 Lady Next Door Sang-tae
2004 Terms of Endearment Noh Kwang-taek
2004 Passion Kang Woo-sik
2005 My Rosy Life Ban Sung-moon
2006 What’s Up Fox? Park Byung-gak
2007 H.I.T Jo Kyu-won
2007 Several Questions That Make Us Happy Sun Jae-hyung
2007 How To Met a Perfect Neighbor Yang Duk-gil


Year Title Role
2007 First Wives’ Club Gil Eok
2008 Tazza Go Kwang-ryul
2009 My Too Perfect Sons Song Jin-poong
2010 Definitely Neighbors Kim Sung-jae
2010 My Sister’s March Park Jong-pyo
2011 Drama Special “Perfect Spy” Sweeper
2011 Drama Special “Special Task Force MSS” Hwang Joon-sun
2011 Drama Special “Men Cry” Nam-soo
2011 Living in Style Na Dae-ra


Year Title Role
2012 Drama Special “True Colors of Kang-chul” King
2012 The Chaser Detective Baek Hong-seok
2013 Empire of Gold Choi Min-jae
2014 Three Days President Lee Dong-hwi
2016 Signal Jang Young-chul

Son Hyun-joo’s Movies

Son Hyun-joo

After we presented you with his drama list above, here’s the full list of Son Hyun-joo’s movies!


Year Title Role
2001 Guns & Talks Tak Mun-bae
2004 Two Guys
2004 Liar
2004 Father and Son: The Story of Mencius Father Pig
2005 Short Time Detective Kang Jong-tae
2006 Now and Forever Section Head Min
2007 Punch Lady Soo-hyun
2008 The Devil’s Game Min Tae-suk
2013 Secretly, Greatly Kim Tae-won


Year Title Role
2013 Hide and Seek Sung-soo
2015 The Chronicles of Evil Choi Chang-sik
2015 The Phone Go Dong-ho
2017 Ordinary Person Kang Sun-jin

Son Hyun-joo’s Marriage

Son Hyun-joo

In 1997, Son Hyun-joo finally tied the knot with his wife, Lee Jae-sook. In an interview on SBS Good Morning, Son Hyun-joo revealed the story of how he proposed and married to his wife. His wife’s appearance is matching the appearance of an actress.

Son Hyun-joo said that he proposed to his wife the second time they met each other, and at that time, his future wife looked at him with a shocked expression and she thought that Son Hyun-joo was crazy.

But, finally, they got married in 1997. Currently, they have a daughter and a son.

Son Hyun-joo’s Wife

Son Hyun-joo

There’s only very little information about Son Hyun-joo’s wife. The one thing that has been revealed is only her name, Lee Jae-sook. They have been married since 1997 and currently have two children.

Son Hyun-joo’s Daughter

Son Hyun-joo

As we have said before, from his marriage with Lee Jae-sook, Son Hyun-joo has two children, a daughter, and a son. Not much is known about neither his daughter nor his son. Something that has already been revealed is his daughter’s name, which is Son Jung-min and his son’s name, which is Son Hyung-seok.