Full Profile of ‘My Secret Terius’ Actor Son Ho-jun


Son Ho-jun, Korean Actor Who Originally Was an Idol

There is a saying that you must try your luck, meaning that you have to try achieving something despite knowing that you may not succeed in that particular thing. Perhaps this is what Son Ho-jun attempted because he decided to survive in the entertainment industry as an actor even after his group disbanded. The change of his career was not instantly seeing the light as Son Ho-jun struggled for a few years and was merely known as a supporting actor of the projects he appeared on. Fortunately, his persistent effort was rewarded when he starred in Reply 1994 as Haitai, while his witty and entertaining side could be seen through variety shows on tvN.

In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Son Ho-jun including his full profile, facts, discography, filmography, awards and nominations, on-screen chemistry with Jang Na-ra, ideal type, dating rumor with Kim So-eun, plastic surgery, Instagram feed, and recent news. So, keep reading!

Son Ho-jun’s Full Profile


Birth Name: Son Ho Jun

Date of Birth: Gwangju, South Korea, June 27, 1984

Age: 36 (Korean age) / 35 (International age)

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Chinese Astrology: Rat

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 70 kg

Education: Songwon University, with a major in Department of Entertainment

Talent Agency: J&H Media, Core Content Media, YG Entertainment (current)

Instagram: @ sonhojun_official

Fun Facts You Have to Know About Son Ho-jun

  • Despite in his mid-30s, Son Ho-jun always uses a respectful tone to people who are younger than him, whereas he considered himself a rowdy person when he is with his friends.
  • Son Ho-jun is a smoker.
  • Son Ho-jun is a good friend of TVXQ’s Yunho and actor Yoo Yeon-seok.
  • Son Ho-jun starved himself for three days for his role in Three Summer Nights in order to lose some weight.
  • Son Ho-jun has not considered himself an actor, “I think I should put in the effort to become an actor in order to continuously improve”. Even so, he is grateful for people who compliment him

List of Son Ho-jun’s Discography and Filmography


Initially debuted as a leader of three-membered boy group, Son Ho-jun finally found the right path in the field of acting. His early gigs were mostly as the supporting role which went unnoticed. Nonetheless, Son Ho-jun’s effort got recognition when he starred in one of Reply series, followed by his appearance on Blow Breeze, Go Back Couple, and My Secret Terrius. Not only television series, but Son Ho-jun also got a wide acknowledgment in variety shows, namely Three Meals a Day and Coffee Friends. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of songs, dramas, films, variety shows, and music videos by Son Ho-jun.

2006 – EBS Jump 2 (as Supporting Role)

2007 – Feel Your Breeze (sung with the rest of Tachyon’s members)

2008 – DramaX The Shanghai Brothers (as Supporting Role)

2008 – Death Bell (Supporting Role as Jo Beom)

2008 – Music video of SeeYa’s That Person

2009 – Music video of Voice One’s My Ugly Love

2009 – Music video of T-ara’s Apple is A

2009 – Wish (Supporting Role as Kim Young-joo)

2009 – MBC Cinderella Man (Supporting Role as Yeo Jeong-min)

2010 – SBS Coffee House (as Supporting Role)

2010 – Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp (Supporting Role as Jung-beom)

2012 – SBS Running Man (as Guest Cast on episode 184 and 243)

2013 – tvN Reply 1994 (Supporting Role as Haitai)

2013 – Music video of T-ara’s Do You Know Me?

2013 – Only Feeling You (sung with Jung Woo & Yoo Yeon-seok for the original soundtrack of tvN’s Reply 1994)

2013 – MBC I Live Alone (as Guest Cast on episode 237)

2014 – More and More (with The SeeYa for album Tears)

2014 – Music video of The SeeYa’s More and More

2014 – Music video of Davichi’s Pillow Arm

2014  – Theater Show Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Main Role as Joseph)

2014 – KBS2 The Full Sun / Beyond the Clouds (Supporting Role as Han Young-joon)

2014 – jTBC Abnormal Summit Season 1 (as Guest Cast on episode 55)

2014 – KBS Off to School (as Guest Cast on episode 47-50)

2014 – KBS2 Trot Lovers (Supporting Role as Seol Tae-song, Jang Jun-hyun’s manager)

2014 – tvN Three Meals a Day: Jeongseon Village (as Guest Cast on episode 7 and 8)

2014 – Big Match (Supporting Role as Jae-yeol, President of Ik-ho’s fan club)

2014 – tvN Three Meals a Day: Jeongseon Village – Season 2 (as Guest Cast on episode 12 and 13)

2014 – tvN Youth Over Flowers (as Regular Cast in Laos)

2015 –Three Summer Nights (Main Role as Hae-gu)

2015 – Circle of Atonement (Main Role as Nam Chul-woong)

2015 – tvN Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village (as Regular Cast)

2015  – SBS Law of the Jungle (as Regular Cast in Palau, Indochina on episode 1-4)

2015 – tvN Mr. Baek: The Homemade Food Master (as Regular Cast)

2015 – tvN Three Meals a Day: Fishing Village – Season 2 (as Regular Cast)

2015 – MBC Warm and Cozy (Guest Role as Son Joon-hee on episode 16)

2015 – SBS Mrs. Cop (Main Role as Han Jin-woo)

2015 – Music video of K.Will’s Growing

2016 – MBC Blow Breeze (Main Role as Lee Jang-Go)

2016 – tvN Three Meals a Day: Gochang Village (as Regular Cast)

2017 – KBS2 Drama Special: Let Us Meet, Joo Oh (Main Role as Cha Joo-Oh)

2017 – KBS2 Confession Couple / Go Back Couple (Main Role as Choi Ban-do)

2018 – MBC My Secret Terrius / Terrius Behind Me (Main Role as Jin Young-tae)

2019 – jTBC The Light in Your Eyes / Dazzling (Main Role as Kim Young-soo)

2019 – tvN Coffee Friends (as Regular Cast)

Son Ho-jun’s Awards and Nominations

Having been working for almost 15 years in South Korea’s showbiz industry, Son Ho-jun is not merely popular for having attractive looks or skillful acting but also appreciated in several award shows. Accordingly, Son Ho-jun has won as the best rookie actor and nominated as best actor. Here you may see the complete list of Son Ho-jun’s achievement below!

2014 – Best New Actor on the 7th Korea Drama Awards (Nomination)

2014 – Best New Actor on the 3rd APAN Star Awards (Winner)

2014 – Best New Actor on KBS Drama Awards (Nomination)

2015 – Popular Star Award on the 10th Asia Model Festival Awards (Winner)

2015 – Popular Star Award for the Category of Actor on the 4th APAN Star Awards (Winner)

2015 – New Star Award on the 23rd SBS Drama Awards (Winner)

2016 – Made in tvN for the Category of Variety (Male) on the tvN10 Awards (Winner)

2017 – Best Actor in a One-Act/Special/Short Drama on KBS Drama Awards (Nomination)

2017 – Excellence Award, Actor in a Miniseries on KBS Drama Awards (Nomination)

2017 – Netizen Award (Male) on KBS Drama Awards (Nomination)

2017 – Best Couple with Jang Na-ra on KBS Drama Awards (Winner)

2018 – CF Star Award on MTN Broadcast Advertising Festival (Winner)

2018 – Excellence Award, Actor in a Wednesday-Thursday Miniseries on MBC Drama Awards (Nomination)

Son Ho-jun’s Best Chemistry with Jang Na-ra On ‘Go Back Couple’ Drama


Back in late 2017, Son Ho-jun accepted the offer to star in KBS2’s 12-episode drama Go Back Couple as the main role along with actress Jang Nara. In the drama, Son Ho-jun played as Choi Ban-do, a 38-years-old husband who did time travel to his college time when he met his wife Ma Jin-joo (played by Jang Na-ra) for the first time. Regarding his work experience with a senior actress, Son Ho-jun stated that he works really well because Jang Na-ra is an experienced actress who reacts to him greatly when they are acting. Despite the great chemistry shown in the drama, the actor said that he was initially embarrassed, “At that time I was meeting her for the first time yet our first scene was kissing scene. We have built good chemistry since then because the filming site vibe is excellent”. Son Ho-jun also praised Jang Na-ra’s eternal beauty and youthful appearance, “From the first script reading, I was not able to notice the age gap between us. I think she is the best example of the saying, ‘Age is just a number.’ She looks exactly the same to the time when I used to watch her on television as a singer”.


Not only communicating in the drama site, Son Ho-jun and Jang Na-ra also talk often through the phone and hang out during their off days. In an interview with KBS2’s Entertainment Weekly, Jang Na-ra shared that Son Ho-jun asked the director to have a week’s time prior to the kissing scene, “We had to record scenes where we slap each others’ butts and share kisses from the first day. He is a shy person, hence his request before filming that particular scene”.

Reportedly, Son Ho-jun and Jang Na-ra successfully received the Best Couple Award on KBS Drama Awards in 2017. Jang Na-ra also thanked Son Ho-jun for making her role as a married woman believable during her speech when she received the Excellence Award. We wish lasting friendship for these two!

Son Ho-jun’s Ideal Type and Dating Rumor


Just like the commoner, celebrities also have their preference regarding the romance partner, including the star of our article Son Ho-jun. In several interviews with the media outlet, Son Ho-jun said that he is looking for a bright and positive woman as his life partner, “I want someone who is able to spend the rest of her life with me. Rather than sexy, I like someone who is small, cute, chill, and not secretive”. When asked about his ideal type, Son Ho-jun answered, “Im Soo-jung was my ideal type when I was young. I used to put beauty first but now I am attracted to respectful and considerate women”. Regarding marriage, Son Ho-jun looks up to his parents’, saying that he wants to get married to someone who takes her side while he also becomes a husband who takes his wife’s side.


In early February 2015, Son Ho-jun was involved in a dating rumor with actress Kim So-eun as news outlet The Fact released exclusive report provided with photos of them going out on a date. Accordingly, Son Ho-jun and Kim So-eun have gone on dates frequently since late January as Kim So-eun’s mother was hospitalized. Son Ho-jun visited the hospital with Kim So-eun on 28 January and went on a late night date to a fusion bar on 7 February for three hours before went home with a substitute driver driving Son Ho-jun’s car at 1.20 a.m.


The representative of Son Ho-jun’s agency stated that their artist was introduced to Kim So-eun by an acquaintance and has good feelings for her but they are not an item, whereas Kim So-eun’s agency representative said that the pairing is not dating because they went with her manager. Korean netizens reacted to the news negatively because at that time, Kim So-eun joined MBC’s We Got Married, thinking that the report will affect the show and how pitiful Son Ho-jun because of Kim So-eun’s refutation, ‘No wonder she put up an iron wall before saying there is no chance she would get together with Song Jae-rim. I mean it is true but I thought it was suspicious how she was so against it’, ‘Son Ho-jun’s reps already said they were in some type of some, what is she denying it for? She is trying so hard to survive this that she is turning her some partner into a crazy man?’, and ‘Innocent young man Son Ho Jun who wants to get married early… I would rather he date a non-celebrity than celebrities who are always measuring each other up’. Well, what do you think, dear readers? Do you believe that Son Ho-jun and Kim So-eun were dating?

Did Son Ho-jun Do Plastic Surgery?


Unfortunately, we have not found any past pictures of Son Ho-jun so we cannot determine whether the actor has undergone plastic surgery in order to improve his facial features. Nonetheless, Son Ho-jun is a charming man who radiates benevolence and thoughtfulness to the people around him, so even if he did several changes here and there, we believe that it will not lessen his worth as a public figure.

Son Ho-jun’s Instagram Feed


Currently known as a shining actor and famous figure in the cable variety show, Son Ho-jun gained loyal and casual fans alike on his fanbase. He often updates daily activities through his official Instagram account (@sonhojun_official). Created on 27 September 2017, Son Ho-jun’s Instagram account has been verified and posted approximately 67 posts, gained 176,000 followers, and follows 0 accounts. Here are the top 10 of Son Ho-jun’s Instagram Feed that you must see!

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Son Ho-jun’s Latest News


Soon after the wrap-up of My Secret Terrius, Son Ho-jun is reported to join the line-up of JTBC drama The Light in Your Eyes in early November 2018. Along with veteran actress Kim Hye-ja, winning actress Han Ji-min, and fellow agency mate Nam Joo-hyuk, Son Ho-jun will star in the fantasy Monday-Tuesday drama as Kim Young-soo, the older brother of Kim Hye-ja’s character who is naughty and not swamped by time.


The filming of The Light in Your Eyes already started in October whereas its first script reading took place in mid-December 2018. During the script reading, Son Ho-jun displays his humorous acting and excellent sibling chemistry with Kim Hye-ja and Han Ji-min. You can watch Son Ho-jun’s individual teaser for the drama which was released in on December 24 below!

Not only television series, but Son Ho-jun also became the main host of new tvN variety show Coffee Friends with his buddy actor Yoo Yeon-seok. The show was inspired by the actors’ previous project where they gave cups of coffee to citizens in exchange for donations, while the actual show will take place in a cafe located in a tangerine farm on Jeju Island.


In addition, Coffee Friends will invite guests to work as part-time employees, similar to the initial project where Son Ho-jun and Yoo Yeon-seok invited their friends to the project to help run their coffee truck. Accordingly, the premiere episode of Coffee Friends which will air in January 2019 includes senior actress Choi Ji-woo and rising actor Yang Se-jong as the show’s first guests.