Here Are The Details About ‘Voice’ Actress Son Eun-seo’s Relationship With Lee Joo-seung

Son Eun-seo and Lee Joo-seung in Voice

Through Voice, it seems that OCN continues to try to shadow TVN as the television station that produces the best crime-thriller dramas today. With the tempo of the story wrapped in bloody acts, the Voice had received a warning from a censorship agency in Korea that resulted in censorship here and there. Kim Hong-sun as the director confirmed this drama as one of the best dramas.

It tells the story of Kang Kwon-joo (Lee Ha-ha), a voice profiler whose ambition is to catch the serial killer who killed her father and the wife of detective Moo Jin-hyuk (Jang Hyuk). Kwon-joo and Jin-hyuk then joined the Golden Time team at the 112 emergency telephone service center to uncover the serial killings involving Mo Tae-goo (Kim Jae-wook). In addition, they must also be able to solve various cases in a fast deadline.

Voice claims that the cases presented are lifted from real cases and are close to people’s lives: human trafficking, kidnapping, corruption to illegal organ sales. Taking a similar pattern as the drama Signal (2016) which references major and unresolved cases that ultimately lead to solving one major case, Voice focuses on cases that only finish in a matter of hours or even minutes.

The audience will be sitting on the edge and wonder how the two detectives can save their victims while racing against time.

Son Eun-seo as Paek Eun-soo

The third season of Voice has been awaited by many Korean dramas lovers. This thrill-crime-type drama by OCN aired from May 11th, 2019, until June 30th, 2019. One of the drama’s cast members who stole the attention was Son Eun-seo, who acted as one of the Golden Time team members named Park Eun-soo. She came back for the third installment of Voice.

Park Eun-soo is described as a person who has a sharp analysis, so she is very helpful in investigating with the Golden Time team to catch the perpetrators of crime. She’s also the commander of the team and Kang Center’s right hand.

“The real protagonists of our drama are the victims. Viewers will be able to see the problem behind each incident and empathize with pain and sadness,” said Son Eun-seo, as reported by Soompi. “Everyone said Voice 3 was a drama that was in great demand because it was a story about saving people and listening to their smallest voices that could have been missed,” she continued.

This thriller is indeed known for the use of a unique theme, which is the sound profile. In the second season, the drama set a new record as the drama with the highest viewer rating for an OCN drama, with a rating of 7.1 percent. Meanwhile, according to Nielsen Korea, Voice 3’s premiere on May 11th, 2019, managed to get an average rating of 3.1 percent, and 4.1 percent for the Seoul metropolitan area.

Check out Son Eun-seo’s appearance in Voice below!

Lee Joo-seung as Hwang Kyung-il

Lee Joo-seung appeared in the first season of Voice as a guest star in episodes four through six.


Check out Lee Joo-seung’s appearance in the first season of Voice as Hwang Kyung-il below!

After Two Years of Dating, Son Eun-seo and Lee Joo-seung Reported to Have Broken Up

Celebrity couple Lee Joo-seung and Son Eun-seo have reportedly ended their relationship. It was announced by Jump Entertainment, the agency that oversees Son Eun-seo.

“Lee Joo-seung and Son Eun-seo just broke up. We cannot tell why and when they broke up, because it concerns the personal life of the artist,” said a representative of Jum Entertainment as quoted Soompi, on February 6, 2020.

And that was all the information we have gathered about Son Eun-seo’s relationship with Lee Joo-seung. Please, kindly share your thoughts about this couple in the comment section below!