Here Are The Details About ‘Voice’ Actress Son Eun-seo’s Relationship With Lee Joo-seung

Let’s Get to Know Son Eun-seo Better!

Son Eun-seo, born on Busan, on June 26th, 1986, is a South Korean actress. Her birth name is Son Ji-yeon. She is most known for her role in the OCN drama Voice as Park Eun-soo. Son Eun-seo is also the girl who got paired up with Super Junior’s Donghae in the variety show We Got Married back in 2012. And don’t you know that actor Choi Jin-hyuk was her ex? Sadly, they were reported of having broken up in early 2013. And in 2018, Son Eun-seo was once again caught up in another dating rumor. This time, it was reported that she was romantically involved with her former co-star from Voice, Lee Joo-seung. Unfortunately, once again her relationship didn’t last. It was reported the couple broken up on February 6, 2020.

In this article, Channel-Korea will be providing you with detailed information about Son Eun-seo’s past relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Lee Joo-seung. If you are not familiar with him yet, no worries, we’ll provide you with information about his profile to get to know him better, as well! So, stay tuned!

Son Eun-seo’s Dating News With Actor Lee Joo-seung

After having played together in several dramas and movies, finally, actress Son Eun-seo and actor Lee Joo-seung confirmed that the two were dating in 2018.

It turns out that this couple has been dating for the past six months when the dating news in 2018 came out. This was revealed when Son Eun-seo and Lee Joo-seung were seen on a date in a movie theater. Moreover, they had known each other since they first met on the set of the 2016 film Showdown. After shooting the film, the two reportedly became close and became good friends. A year later, in 2017, they were reunited through OCN’s drama Voice. When the filming of this drama was over, reportedly Son Eun-seo and Lee Joo-seung got closer and decided to start dating.

Responding to the news of its dating artist, Jump Entertainment as the management agency of Son Eun-seo, released a statement:

“We apologize for the delayed response. After confirming this news with Son Eun-seo, we let you know that the news is true. The two met for the first time while filming Showdown and recently became lovers,” said the Jump Entertainment representative.

Before it was discovered that she was dating Lee Joo-seung, Son Eun-seo was known to have dated actor Choi Jin-hyuk in 2012 and had become the virtual wife of Super Junior’s Donghae in the variety show We Got Married.

Find Out More About Son Eun-seo’s Boyfriend, Lee Joo-seung

Lee Joo-seung’s Full Profile

Name: Lee Joo-seung (Hangul: 이주승)

Place and Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, July 20th, 1989

Education: Seoul University – Department of Theater

Occupation: Actor

Years active: 2007-present

Agent: Clover Company

Facts about Lee Joo-seung

  • Lee Joo-seung is best known for starring in indie movies
  • Lee Joo-seung studied Theater at Seoul University
  • He started dating Son Eun-seo in 2017, six months before the dating news came out in April 2018
  • Unlike Son Eun-seo, Lee Joo-seung has never been caught up in dating news in the past
  • Lee Joo-seung who was born in 1989 is three years younger than Son Eun-seo who was born in 1986

Lee Joo-seung’s Career

Don’t you know that when Lee Joo-seung starred at the Funeral Members (2009) and One Night Stand (2010), he was still a teenager?

He was also a participant in the youth drama U.F.O in 2012. Lee Joo-seung’s breakthrough year was 2014, in which he received great praise and recognition for his appearance in the thriller movie Shuttlecock (2014), earning him the Independent Star Award from the Seoul Independent Film Festival and the 23rd Buil Film Award for Best New Actor. Lee Joo-seung later started appearing in major television dramas such as Pinocchio (2014) and The Producers (2015).

In 2015, Lee Joo-seung starred in the indie film Socialphobia, which turned out to be a surprise hit after its premiere at the Busan International Film Festival.

Lee Joo-seung’s Filmography

Like we stated before, Lee Joo-seung is best known for starring in independent movies, notably Shuttlecock. But he also appeared in several dramas over the years.

Check out his complete filmography below!

Lee Joo-seung’s Television Dramas

Year Title Role Network
Drama Special – My Friend Is Still Alive Chi-hyun
Drama Special – Outlasting Happiness Dong-soo
Golden Cross Oh Chang-hee
High School King of Savvy Ji Dae-han
Prominent Woman Lee Joo-seung
Naver TV Cast
Flirty Boy and Girl Man #4
Blade Man Joo Hong-joo
Pinocchio Ahn Chan-soo
Bland You Sung-tae
Drama Special – Let’s Stand Still Yang Joon-shik
Let’s Eat 2 [9] Lee Joo-seung/Ahn Chan-soo
The Producers FD Kim Joon-bae
The Time We Were Not in Love Oh Dae-bok
9 Seconds – Eternal Time Kang Yoo-chan
Drama Special – Explicit Innocence Cha Joon-ho
Voice Hwang Kyung-il (ep. 4-6)
Distorted Yoon Sun-woo
Drama Stage – Assistant Manager Park’s Private Life Park Jong-hyuk
Let’s Eat 3 Ahn Chan-soo (ep. 1)
Top Management Joo Seung-ri
Youtube Red
Doctor Prisoner Kim Seok-woo (ep. 3)


Lee Joo-seung’s Movies

Year Title Role
A Cheonggyecheon Dog Min-Soo (young)
Members of the Funeral Noh Hee-Joon
One Night Stand Young man (segment: “First Night”)
A Fever (short film) Young man
A Confession Yoon Kyung-Ho
Ordinary Days Lee Soo-Hyuk (segment: “Distance”)
U.F.O. [6] Jung Soon-Kyu
A Boy’s Sister Jin-Ho
Farewell Yong-Kyu
Broken Jo Doo-Shik
Shuttlecock Baek Min-Jae
Futureless Things Lee Ji-Yong
Remarkable Woman (web film) Joo-Seung
Sabra (Short film) Han Sol
Socialphobia Yong-Min
Duel: Final Round Choi Poong-Ho
Graduating Class Jung-Woo

Lee Joo-seung’s Awards & Nominations

Year Award Category Nominated work Result
39th Seoul Independent Film Festival Independent Star Award
23rd Buil Film Awards Best New Actor Won
13th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival Jury’s Special Award for the Actor
3rd Wildflower Film Awards Best Actor