Former X1 ‘Fake Maknae’ Son Dong-pyo: Profile, ‘Produce x 101’, Height, Instagram, Etc.

produce x 101 X1 son dong pyo

Meet DSP Media Adorable Trainee and Former X1 Member, Son Dong Pyo

In 2019, Mnet continued their Produce series which is an idol survival show. The name of the 2019 installment was Produce X 101 and it came with several new rules and debut line-up concepts. This time, there were more popular companies who had sent their trainees to the show. One of them were DSP Media who sent several trainees including Son Dong Pyo.

He’s one of the trainees that caught the public’s eyes; the reason being his appearance. Son Dong Pyo has baby face features, he was also the shortest participant of Produce X 101. Not only the viewers, but the other trainees adored him and also liked to treat him as a baby and a younger brother. Are you guys curious to know more about Son Dong Pyo? Don’t worry, because we will share with you all the information!

Well then without any further ado, let’s get into our topic for today!

Son Dong Pyo’s Full Profile

Birth Name: Son Dong Pyo (손동표)
Stage Name: Dong Pyo (동표)
Date of Birth: September 9th, 2002
Height: 172 cm (5’8″) (New update: Measured by his manager during a Vlive)
Weight: 48 kg (106 lbs)
Blood type: O
Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist
Company: DSP Media
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Chinese Sign: Horse
Produce X 101 Class: B -A

Son Dong Pyo’s Fun Facts

  • He’s the only child in the family.
  • Came from Yeong Deok-Gun, North Gyeong San, South Korea.
  • He used to live in Pohang, and went to an elementary school there.
  • Son Dong Pyo and his fellow trainee, Kim Min Kyu attended Yeong Dong High School in Seoul. He majored in acting.
  • His hobbies are coloring, singing, and dancing.
  • Skilled at urban dances and voice imitations.
  • Dong Pyo thinks that his best feature are his lips (at WeKpop).
  • Wearing braces on his bottom row of teeth.
  • He was part of a dance group named ARTBEAT, a K-Pop cover dance group.
  • Son Dong Pyo and Seung Woo developed a father and son relationship during the show PRODUCE X 101.
  • He trained for around 1 year and 5 months.
  • Was picked as the show’s first center for the title track “X1-MA.”
  • Son Dong Pyo stated that he was in fear of not breaking tradition, by being the show’s first center who did not actually debut, like in the previous season.
  • He can turn his face from an angelic expression to a devilish expression (from the trainee skills video).
  • Dong Pyo ranked in the 6th position, with a total of 824,389 votes.
  • He shares a room with Yohan (from Idol Radio 9/5/19).

Son Dong Pyo’s Produce X 101 Era

produce x 101 X1 son dong pyo

DSP Media sent 3 of their trainees to the popular show. They are Lee Jun Hyeok, Lee Hwan, and So Dong Pyo. The latter trained at the company for around 1 year and 5 months, and from the training, he’s known for having good dancing skills and also a great facial expression. After the company evaluations, Son Dong Pyo received B class as his original grade.

But after the re-evaluation sessions, he then moved to A class which is the highest grade in the Produce series. Not only that, one of the biggest Son Dong Pyo achievements is being chosen as the center of Produce X 101 main theme song titled “X1-MA.”

And for the rank status, Son Dong Pyo was quite stable always ranking in the top 10. However, there were a few episodes where his rank went down and he was placed outside the top 10, but at the 12th position being the lowest. But fortunately, he went back to the 6th position during the very last episode which was the final line-up announcement.

Here is Son Dong Pyo’s ranking in Produce X 101:

produce x 101 X1 son dong pyo

Before we check out Son Dong Pyo’s various spectacular performances during the show, let’s take a look at some of these adorable official introduction pictures of him!

produce x 101 X1 son dong pyo
produce x 101 X1 son dong pyo
produce x 101 X1 son dong pyo
produce x 101 X1 son dong pyo

Son Dong-pyo’s Produce x 101 Performances

Son Dong-pyo's Produce x 101 Performances

During the show, Son Dong Pyo showed a lot of his talents, especially in dancing. Not only that, but he also showed a lot of improvement in every episode. So before we watch his spectacular performances, here is his personal introduction video and some of the side game sessions.

And now, let’s take a look at this introduction video, shall we!

The first game session, where the participants should catch one of the food choices on a spinning hat with their mouths:

One of the classic Produce series games, a mystery box! Where every two trainees from different companies had to compete against each other, to guess what is inside the box and the one who answered it first would be the winner.

Here is the video of Son Dong Pyo and Han Seung Woon from Plan A entertainment, during the mystery box game:

A bouncing ball game, where he has to crush all the obstacle cans:

Then another pairing game, where Son Dong Pyo and Ham Woo Jin from Starship Entertainment did an apple game. Curious what kind of game it is? Just click the video below right away!