Son Dam-bi’s Hillarious Moments In ‘Vilage Survival, the Eight’

Get to Know Son Dam-bi

Popular South Korean singer and actress, Son Dam-bi, debuted in 2007. Prior to her debut, MSN Japan made a video documentary capturing her pre-debut training and rehearsals, which attracted 480,000 visitors in five days. Son trained with a well-known American choreographer in preparation for this album, and people began calling her the female version of Rain.

She is even known as one of South Korea’s Divas with a sexy and cute personality. Even though she was born in 1983, she looks very young and cute regardless of her ages. She is also a woman who has a funny personality that can make everyone around her feel really close to her.

In this article, Channel-Korea will give you a rundown of everything about Son Dam-bi: a very determined Diva, attempting to be the cutest, action Hunminjeongeum with her team, and always starving in Village Survival, the Eight.

A Very Determined Diva

Son Dam-bi is called “Kim Jong-kook’s Female Version” by her fans because she is very determined and would be like a spartan in the game. This could be especially seen in the episode where she was teamed up with Im Soo-hyang, Yang Se-hyun, and Kim Sang-ho.

In this episode, a game similar to volleyball was to be played, except the teams could use other props, such as a board, as a means of mediation. In Village Survival, The Eight, Son Dam-bi is known for not being able to hold her anger when other members of her team cannot play a game well because she is really competitive and wants to survive by any means possible. However, what caught everyone’s attention is how she looked at Im Soo-hyang with fire in her eyes when Soo-hyang failed to catch the ball multiple times. Her expression made all the members laugh really hard.

Attempting To Be The Cutest

When Blackpink’s Jennie and Im Soo-hyang tried to be cute since Yang Se-hyun failed to catch the ball which bounced off and touched the ground first, the male members responded to this with happy feelings. Looking at that, Son Dam-bi tried to be cute too to defeat Jennie and Soo-hyang, but her voice sounded like a lady’s growl. Yoo Jae-suk even jokingly said, “I thought this was ‘Ladies of the Palace’ aaahaaaa, I was startled.” After hearing Yoo Jae-suk comment, the members laughed together, even Son Dam-bi herself.

Action Hunminjeongeum With Her Team

In this episode, the team split into two smaller teams: Team Stir-Fried and Team Webfoot Octopus. The name of the game is “Action Humnminjeongeum” which consists of each team answering a question with action. In the beginning, Yoo Jae-suk was Head of the Village and gave the teams two letters of Hangul, then each team was to answer with an action to explain a word.

Team Stir-Fried members were Kang Ki-young, Yang Se-hyun, Son Dam-bi, and Jeon So-min, while Team Webfoot Octopus members were Jang Do-yeon, Song-kang, Kim Sang-ho, and Im Soo-hyang.

Son Dam-bi played well with her team and she answered twice while acting with Yang Se-hyun and again with Kang Ki-young. The first time Dam-bi acted as a cow with Yang Se-hyun, where Se-hyun was her owner. The second time, Dam-bi acted well with Kang Ki-young as a couple coming to her boyfriend’s home to eat instant noodles. The story started with Ki-young inviting his girlfriend Son Dam-bi to his home and he cooked instant noodles, but his girlfriend decided to leave home instead of eating the instant noodles. The funny thing was that Son Dam-bi wanted to go home, while Kang Ki-young wasn’t even done with his cooking.

The One Who is Always Starving

Village Survival, The Eight members have to cook their dinner together. They decided to cook fish-soup and vegetable. Therefore, the members divided the work among themselves and gave each team a particular job to do. Yoo Jae-suk and Kang Ki-young had a duty to catch the fish in the river, while Son Dam-bi and Jang Do-yeon were responsible for making the fish-soup. Then, Kim Sang-ho, Song-kang, and Jennie had to do the rest for dinner.

When Son Dam-bi and Jang Do-yeon were supposed to wash the vegetables, they immediately started to eat the raw vegetables without doing anything for cooking the dinner. Yoo Jae-suk looked at them and admonished them because they were eating the raw vegetables and even digging it in the chili paste. They just added, “We’re hungry,” with miserable faces, making Yoo Jae-suk speechless while laughing.

Finally, Song Dam-bi and Jang Do-yeon eventually started cooking when they realized that the fish caught is not enough to make the fish-soup and protested to Kang Ki-young because he just caught two baby fish while they needed a lot of fish. Because of that, they decided to change the menu from fish-soup to another dish.