Before and After: Did So Yi-hyun Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Get to Know Korean Actress So Yi-hyun

So Yi-hyun is a beautiful actress from Key East Entertainment agency. She has such great proportions: with a height of 170 cm and weight of 49 kg, she who had once wanted to become a model, is now a great actress. The actress who started her career in 2002 has built a very good reputation for herself. But a photo of So Yi-hyun from before her debut made the public question the origin of her beauty. They believe that the face she has is the result of plastic surgery.

So Yi-hyun’s Appearance Before And After

Having the same smile, not much has changed regarding her expression when we compare her before and after debut photos. Of course, she looks a lot younger, but her face hasn’t changed much. So Yi-hyun gave an explanation on MBC’s Section TV. The MC asked how she maintained her beauty and looked young. So Yi-hyun replied, “I’m just aging naturally, I haven’t even done plastic surgery,” she claimed in defence of her natural beauty.

In a press conference for the MBC program The Most Beautiful Days, a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle program that has several panelists including So Yi-hyun, she again explained that an easy way to maintain her beauty is eating and sleeping properly. Even though it’s obvious, she thought many people actually have a hard time doing the basics. Other than that, choosing a good cosmetic product is also important. She added that human skin knows what is good and what is not good for it.

A photo, that was taken back in 2011, of the event Super Model tournament has particularly drawn many people’s attention. It has become a hot issue again after the photo had been spread out among many community boards. However, apparently, So Yi-hyun is a woman who is able to maintain her skin so she looks better than before she debuted. Even though the public refuses to accept her as natural beauty, some of them see no difference in So Yi-hyun’s appearance in the past. Some of the netizens commented after seeing the photo:

“I wish I could have a girlfriend like her,”

“She really hasn’t done any surgeries,”

“She is so pretty.”