Check Out Kim So-yeon and Hong Jong-hyun’s Romantic Moments in ‘Mother of Mine’!

mother of mine

Get to Know KBS’ Drama Mother of Mine

Mother of Mine is a story of two women’s relationships with their daughters. The drama conveys a message about the low fertility rate, divorce rate, and the problems of the younger generation who are avoiding marriage. The drama originally was scheduled to air for 100 episodes, however, the series was extended by two weeks due to its popularity. Let’s find out more about Mother of Mine!

Mother of Mine

mother of mine

Mother of Mine (세상에서 제일 예쁜 내 딸, lit. My Daughter Who is the Prettiest in the World) is a 2019 South Korean television series starring Kim Hae-sook, Kim So-yeon, Kim Ha-kyung, Park Geun-soo, Nam Tae-boo, and Choi Myung-gil. The series airs on KBS2 every Saturday and Sunday from 19:55 to 21:15 KST starting from March 23rd, 2019. The genre of this drama is Friendship, Business, Romance, Life, Family, and Melodrama.

This drama is about a story of a mother and three daughters living in modern-day Korean society. The drama conveys a message about the low fertility rate, divorce rate, and the problems of the younger generation who are avoiding marriage.

While running a small beef soup restaurant, Park Sun Ja raised her three daughters Mi Sun, Mi Ri, and Mi Hye alone. She still runs the restaurant to this day and her three daughters are now all grown up. Sun Ja’s first daughter Mi Sun is married and she has a daughter. Mi Sun is busy working and taking care of her family. Second daughter Mi Ri cares about her mother a lot. She is confident in herself and good at her job. Mi Ri gets involved in a romantic relationship with her co-worker Tae Joo. He is the youngest son of the family that owns the company. The youngest daughter is Mi Hye. She used to be a promising novelist, but she is not anymore. She helps her mother at the restaurant.

According to Nielsen Korea, the latest episode of Mother of Mine achieved average viewership ratings of 26.4 percent and 32.7 percent for the night, marking a significant increase from the night before (when it scored average ratings of 24.6 percent and 30.5 percent).

KBS2 also released the teaser posters of this drama series. Check it out!

mother of mine
mother of mine
mother of mine

Hong Jong-hyun and Kim So-yeon’s Romantic Moments in Mother of Mine

mother of mine

Mother of Mine is received well and marking a considerable increase in viewership for its latest episode. In the latest installment of the drama, the relationship between Han Tae Joo and Kang Mi Ri faced a significant hurdle. After some initial conflict, Kang Mi Ri finally opened up to Han Tae Joo about her childhood trauma. After she tearfully revealed that she didn’t consider herself to be of much value since even her own mother had abandoned her, Han Tae Joo took her into his arms and comforted her, insisting that she was wrong.

Let’s take a look at some videos of Hong Jong-hyun and Kim So-yeon’s romantic moments in Mother of Mine!


Off-screen Moments

mother of mine

Here’s the video of their off-screen moments:

Hong Jong-hyun and Kim So-Yeon appeared in the latest episode of Let’s Eat Dinner Together, Hong Jong-hyun revealed that he was envious of his married co-star Kim So-yeon!

The two actors, who are currently starring in the hit KBS drama Mother of Mine together, appeared as guests on the May 29th broadcast of the JTBC variety show. During the episode, hosts Lee Kyung Kyu and Kang Ho Dong asked Kim So-yeon about her husband Lee Sang Woo, whom she began dating while they were filming the drama Happy Home together.

When asked how long they had dated before getting married, Kim So-yeon replied, “About a year.” Kang Ho Dong went on to ask, “Didn’t you meet while filming a drama? You started dating while you were still filming the drama, right?” Kim So-yeon confirmed, “Yes, it was just when the drama was about to end.”

Kang Ho Dong asked, “And the staff had no idea?” Kim So-yeon replied with a laugh, “Yes, but they told us later that they all thought we’d end up dating. Even though we hadn’t known.”

hong jong hyun kim so yeon

Lee Kyung Kyu asked whether it was common for co-stars to begin dating on set, and Kim So-yeon shyly responded, “I also thought that kind of thing wouldn’t happen, but it did.”

Suddenly, Hong Jong-hyun interjected hopefully, “Me too, one day…” Kang Ho Dong then asked him, “Do you want to meet someone while filming a drama?” Hong Jong-hyun replied, “Of course. But to be really honest, it doesn’t need to be a drama. I just want to meet someone, wherever that might be.”

Lee Kyung Kyu asked him if he was thinking of getting married, and Hong Jong-hyun responded, “Of course.” The actor, who turned 30 years old by Korean reckoning this year, went on to reveal, “I want to get married in my thirties.”

Watch the full Episode of Mother of Mine here: Mother of Mine