Different Styles For Different Groups! Compare So-min’s Look with April and with K.A.R.D.

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Jeon So-min, from Group to Group

Jeon So-min began as a trainee of DSP Media and debuted as a member of Puretty with Hye-in, Chae-kyung, Si-yoon, and Ja-eun. It was a KARA-like group which focused on promoting in Japan. The group disbanded in 2014 due to unpopularity, then some of the members, including So-min, joined the KARA Project to compete and perhaps become the new member for KARA. She ended up in second place in the competition, but still was appreciated for her talents.

Later, she was debuted again with Chae-won, Na-eun, Ye-na, Rachel, and Jin-sol in the girl-group April, in August 2015. The group released their first mini album titled Dreaming. They looked cute and girly in their teaser photos. However, on November 9, 2015, So-min left a written letter in the April fancafe, saying that she had decided to stop promoting as an April member. As cited by Soompi, So-min also wrote, “My time as April’s Somin was very precious, and I did think about my decision a lot. However, I wanted to discover and study what I can do better as Jeon So Min. After a long period of consideration, the members of April and other friends in the agency have decided to respect my choice.” This left the fans shocked, knowing that So-min had been a member of April for less than three months. The agency then added Chae-kyung, who gained popularity during her participation on Produce 101 Season 1, to replace So-min in April.

In July, 2017, So-min, together with BM, Ji-woo, and J.Seph, were debuted in a co-ed group (mixed male and female members) called K.A.R.D. Before their debut, they planned to release three project singles. In December, 2016, they released their first project titled K.A.R.D. Project Vol. 1, with a track titled Oh NaNa featuring Young-ji, who was an ex-member of KARA.


When she was asked about her former group, she said that she had no regrets about leaving the group, rather, she was happy to have the opportunity to be with the current members (K.A.R.D.).

As she had debuted in different groups before, she also experienced different concepts and styles. In this article, Channel-Korea will review So-min’s outfit sand styles, especially from her times with April and K.A.R.D.

Group Concept

In her letter, So-min mentioned that she would find her true self and tried to be better person as Jeon So-min. With her two former girl-groups she was in, she was dressed as a cute girl because of the group concept. Meanwhile in K.A.R.D., she made a much different appearance like a sexy woman.


April is a girl-group known for their cute ‘girl crush’ and feminine concept. Their songs are more about young pure love. They dress uniformly and dance synchronized choreography to make a pleasing visuals. They wear similar or matching outfits with bright colors so they look like sisters. In their music videos, they usually act cute and smile a lot, especially toward cute boys.


Here is their debut music video, Dream Candy.


Since their first project, K.A.R.D. has had a more mature concept. The outfits aren’t uniform like the ones favored by April, but they still match and have a more glamorous look. Plus, they are a co-ed group with an equal number of males and females so they look like two couples. K.A.R.D. shows more of their maturity by dressing in a provocative style and are more glowing. The men in the group wear semi-casual outfits whereas the females usually wear outfits that are more revealing. K.A.R.D. uses a firmer choreography and more gallant moves. Overall they have a classier and sexier image than April.



For their first project, Oh NaNa, they look fancy in luxury outfits, not to mention that the vintage car behind them adds to their classy vibe.

To get a better look at their concept, here is their first project music video, Oh NaNa.

So-min’s Outfits and Stage Style with April


The pictures above show the fashion concept for April. One is shepherd-like outfit with floral accessories, while the other is soft-colored dress that resembles Dorothy’s outfit in the Wizard of Oz. Both convey an innocent look with a sweet smile, just like a younger sister or a girl crush.

On Stage

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Both of the outfits above have a big ribbon at the waist and use pig-tailed hair. In the first picture, So-min is in the same outfit as in their music video and teaser, posing sweetly for the camera with a big smile. In the second picture, she wore a simpler outfit, a plain yellow sleeveless dress with a pink ribbon around her waist. The head accessory was much simpler too, without any flowers unlike the first picture.

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In this picture, So-min wore a pinkish outfit with a similar feel as the others. She and the other members of April were all wearing a cute flower bracelet around their right wrists. She looked bright and cute, especially in the picture on the right because she added a a cute expression.

facebook.com | pinterest.comIn this picture she wore a simpler, soft-colored dress. In the picture on the left, she added a flower headband, while in the one on the right she didn’t add any accessories at all. In addition, all the outfits she wore on stage as a member of April was set to be the same as the ones worn by the other members.

In this live version of Dream Candy, April members were wearing bright yellow dressed with a white apron. They did a lot of aegyo, like winks and big smiles. At the end of their performance, they posed and waved their hands.

Off Stage

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In the picture above, she wore a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that seemed to have the same design and color as the other members, but each had their own names. Her makeup looked very soft with a bright-colored lipstick. She looks naturally pretty and sweet.

So-min’s Outfits and Stage Style with K.A.R.D.

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K.A.R.D. has much more mature look than April does. In the picture on the left, So-min appeared in a leather jacket and showed off her broad shoulders. The lighting also gave her mysterious vibe. On the right, she wore a tight dress that showed off her great body shape. She also wore bright red lipstick which provided contrast in the photo and gave her a bold look.

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In the left picture, So-min wore a white dress and we can see a brighter theme with the beach setting, although it’s still a more mature look than she used to have. Meanwhile, in the right-hand picture, she looked distinctly sexy, especially because of the water effect the shot used.

On Stage


As previously mentioned, K.A.R.D. has a strong concept with a fancier look. K.A.R.D. has a strong and powerful dance style, so the outfits on stage have to take that into account. Even though the group has a freer style than April, they still have matching outfits.

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In the picture above, So-min looked more hipster with a pink crop top and white shorts. She added some white strings around her stomach to draw attention to her beautiful abs!


In the picture above, she wore a white sleeveless crop top and a loose white over-shirt with a pair of short shorts. She chose a less colorful outfit, but still looked playful and modest.

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In the lest picture, So-min wore a tropical blue outfit and had a fresh appearance. Meanwhile, in the right picture, she wore a much more provocative black outfit to let us see her sexy side.

kpopmap.com | i.pinimg.comShe has worn various other black outfits, too, but with a calmer look. Other outfits have revealed much less skin, but still kept a mature look. She also favors soft makeup with bright lipstick to make her look more innocent.

In the live version of Oh NaNa, above, it looked like the group had a red and white floral theme combined with jeans. So-min wore a white floral-patterned sleeveless top with an addition on her right side to make it pretty. She combined it with a pair of high-waisted shorts, revealing her tight stomach.

Off Stage

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We can see a familiar look, similar to when she was still an April member in the picture above, but with some differences. So-min wore a plain t-shirt and high-waisted ripped jeans with a black leather belt around her waist. Her blond hair made her appearance look so fine.


So-min and Ji-woo both rocked  a black leather jacket in this picture. So-min completed it with an exotic outfit underneath, wearing a plain white top and a leopard-print skirt. Her white shoes matched with her top. She looked so enthralling!