Let’s Get to Know So Ji-sub: From His Dating Rumors to His Latest News

So Ji-sub’s Latest News


It was reported that So Ji-sub is making a television series comeback by accepting a role in MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama Terrius Behind Me, along with actress Jung In-sun. The story tells about Kim Bon (acted by So Ji-sub), who’s a secret agent in espionage, and Go Ae-rin (acted by Jung In-sun), who is a single working mother of twins and Kim Bon’s neighbor. In the early part of September, a teaser for Terrius Behind Me was released, inducing the viewe’s curiosity with the contrasting scenes of So Ji-sub, who hides from someone and then plays with the neighbor’s twins while their mother watches them lovingly shown in the picture below.


In mid-September, So Ji-sub was interviewed by a media outlet. He revealed the reason he chose Terrius Behind Me as his drama comeback after Oh My Venus in 2016, saying “The drama is mixed with action and humor perfectly. What makes it thrilling is obviously the action as it comes with the spy genre. However, I really like the bright and refreshing characters around Kim Bon, so I hope the viewers will feel delighted and happy when they watch it”.


Regarding his character in the drama, So Ji-sub said that Kim Bon has a staid personality, “He always does his best. His situations with Go Ae-rin will be comical and bittersweet, making him more humane. They will be fun in a unique way”. Terrius Behind Me starts its premiere on September 27, 2018 at 10 pm KST.