Let’s Get to Know So Ji-sub: From His Dating Rumors to His Latest News

So Ji-sub’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter


Unfortunately, there is no information regarding So Ji-sub’s official accounts on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. However, you can still visit his official website (www.sojisub.com) and the Instagram account of his talent agency (@51k_agency), as well as follow and subscribe to his fan pages from a number of countries on these social media platforms, that constantly update about the latest news regarding So Ji-sub.

So Ji-sub’s New Movie


Contrary to the action film that he took in the previous year, So Ji-sub chose Be With You as his movie project for 2018. He’s starring along with actress Son Ye-jin, whom he worked with as siblings in the drama Delicious Proposal back in 2001. Directed by Lee Jang-hoon, the film, which is adapted from Takuji Ichikawa’s novel and became the Korean adaptation of the Japanese movie with the same title, tells about Woo-jin (acted by So Ji-sub), a single father who is struggling to raise his one and only son after the sudden death of his wife, Soo-ah (acted by Son Ye-jin). A year after her death, Soo-ah inexplicably appeared again, because of a promise to Woo-jin before she passed away, although with no recollection of her husband and son. Even so, Soo-ah quickly adapts into family life without her family realizing that she will disappear once again when the rainy season ends.

In an interview held in March, 2018, So Ji-sub revealed that he initially turned down the offer to star in Be With You, as he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to portray a father because of his status as a bachelor. However, the actor changed his mind and accepted the role, and become very emotionally connected to his character, Woo-jin. In fact, he cried when he watched the completed film for the first time, “I don’t usually cry while watching films but I did when I watched it (Be With You). My heart hurt while watching the scene where the father shows up at his son’s field day and runs for the race even though he has nothing to offer. The scene reminded me of my own underprivileged childhood and the way I grew up. Perhaps, that’s why I was very emotional. I get older as well so I may also be getting weepier”.

Furthermore, So Ji-sub said that his real-life personality is similar to his character’s in the film, “It was troublesome to show my real personality through the characters I played when I was young. However, I find it easier these days to act as the characters who have the similar trait to mine”. In the film, So Ji-sub becomes Woo-jin in his 20s, who is still naive and struggling to get closer to his future wife, and also Woo-jin in his 40s, who is struggling to raise his son alone after his wife’s sudden death.

Lots of properties are used in order to make So Ji-sub’s appearance look like the 20s and 40s versions of his role, such as a hairpiece, loose-fitting suits, white hairs, and computer graphics. So Ji-sub also stated that he considered marriage after filming Be With You, “I had the thought that I wanted to fall in love. When I was filming my last movie (The Battleship Island), I had no interest in getting married. However, I began to develop real feelings when I was playing with Kim Ji-hwan, my son in this film. If I get married, I certainly want to become a husband who puts his wife before his children”.


On February 27, 2018, the cast and director of Be With You held a live broadcast on Naver’s V Live. The lead stars, So Ji-sub and Son Ye-jin, talked about their meeting as co-stars after 17 years,  “When my partner was confirmed as Son Ye Jin, I felt relief, anticipation, and excitement.” The actress then added, “I always thought that it would be nice to work with him. Doing a melodrama together feels like wearing clothes that are a good fit. The director liked the first take so much that I became nervous. It was a fun and joyful shoot. I can kind of remember filming scenes of holding hands and my heart fluttering. In reality, it made me think about when I was young.”

The director of the film, Lee Jang-hoon, also commented, “They (So Ji-sub and Son Ye-jin) are the best. It is a dream casting and each day of filming felt special. I watched them on variety shows, interviews, and even So Ji-sub’s hip-hop performance at his fan meeting In order to capture the details of them. I thought a lot about how nice it would if their eyes meeting, hand holding, and kissing would be heart-fluttering and even erotic”. Be With You premiered in the cinema on March 14, 2018.