Let’s Get to Know So Ji-sub: From His Dating Rumors to His Latest News

So Ji-sub’s Family


Nothing much was known about So Ji-sub’s family, besides the fact that his family consists of his parents and one older sister. In one of his interviews, So Ji-sub did say that he grew up in an underprivileged family, implying that the financial situation in his household was not doing well, hence his early debut as a model when he was just 18 years old. You can see a glimpse of So Ji-sub’s childhood in the picture below!


Who is So Ji-sub’s Girlfriend?


As a top actor, private matters must be a sensitive subject for So Ji-sub. However, in some of his interviews, the actor did talk about his personal life a little bit. Regarding his ideal girlfriend, So Ji-sub said that he likes someone who smells like peaches, works hard, and smiles without being self-conscious, has pretty legs, and understands his occupation, “She just has to be the one whom I can communicate freely with. Apart from a generational point of view, it is indeed difficult to fill in the gap. There may be times when there is something I know that the other person would not be aware of and vice versa. I also cannot hold her hands on the streets, go to the movies, or enjoy a meal at a restaurant (because he is a public figure) so I feel bad about it”.

On the other hand, So Ji-sub talked in detail about how his introverted personality impacts when he dates someone, “I am stubborn and boring because there is not much I can do. My personality is very similar to Kang In-wook (the character he played in What Happened in Bali)”.

The question of having an ex-girlfriend was once asked to So Ji-sub, as well. He stated that there’s no point in getting back together with an ex-lover, “I do think about an ex-girlfriend, but when the feelings are gone, they are not true feelings anymore”. The actor also revealed that even though the women whom he dates often initially said that they understand his work schedule, they actually never understand, “It is especially hard when I cannot see them, yet they miss me”. On the subject of marriage, he said that he wants to date at least a year before marriage, and have a quiet, private wedding with just his close family and friends, as well as dreaming of a happy family , “Though I don’t really feel confident about it (the marriage), I do want to meet someone who will be on my side forever. I also want to have many kids. Marriage is so significant to me so I just cannot meet anyone. It is like homework”.


Back in 2013, So Ji-sub was rumored to have a relationship with actress Han Ji-min and After School’s former member Lee Joo-yeon. Though has denied having relationships with either of these female celebrities, by saying that they are senior and junior in the entertainment industry, So Ji-sub keeps being linked with Joo-yeon, especially. The first rumor about So Ji-sub and Jooyeon came from a Korean women’s magazine, which stated that the actor and girl-group-member-turned-actress met through their mutual friend, MBLAQ’s former member G.O, in December, 2013. They usually met up at Hannam-dong district in Seoul, which is the same area that So Ji-sub’s neighborhood is in. In addition, the actor was said to have dropped Joo-yeon at a hair salon in Gangnam on December 20.

So Ji-sub and Jooyeon’s dating rumors resurfaced once again in October, 2016, when a journalist made a mistake in writing an article about Song Seung-hun’s birthday party with his girlfriend Liu Yi Fei. In the article, it was reported that many top stars attended the event, namely Lee Byung-hun and Lee Min-jung couple, So Ji-sub and Joo-yeon couple, Shin Dong-yup, and many more.

Despite the fact that the article was quickly edited by the journalist, removing So Ji-sub and Jooyeon’s names, many netizens were shocked about the mistake and madetheir comments, such as “Wow they’ve been dating all this time”, “Was this a mistake or intended?”, and “This means (the dating news) has been a well-known fact among the reporters. They attended the party together and the reporter also called them a couple. It’s for real. They are together!”

Well, what do you think, dear readers? Do you believe that So Ji-sub and Joo-yeon are merely senior and junior, as their past statement said?

Did So Ji-sub Have Plastic Surgery?


Besides his skillful acting, it’s hard to refute that So Ji-sub is handsome, especially when he has lots of fangirls in multiple countries. Many famous brands have offered high-paid contracts to the actor, as they believe that So Ji-sub will increase the sales of their products. However, is So Ji-sub’s attractive face natural, just like the way it is? Let’s see the comparison between the past and the present picture below!


As you can see, So Ji-sub used to have a flatter nose shape, whereas his nasal bridge was wide, and the tip was a little bouncy. However, So Ji-sub’s current nose looks better, as its bridge looks smaller, and the tip of his nose looks sharper and narrower. Despite the minor nose job, we still can agree that So Ji-sub is naturally gorgeous, right?

Have You Seen So Ji-sub’s Abs?


It is undeniable that one of the things that makes a drama or movie interesting is not only its plot or cinematography, but also the appearance of its stars. So Ji-sub is certainly considered to be an actor who takes care of his looks. Besides his handsome face, So Ji-sub is also proud of his chocolate abs, as seen in this photo where he’s been caught without his shirt.


What’s more is that the actor also shows off the fruits of his workout in his projects. One memorable occurrence was when he was in a bath tub in an early episode of KBS2’s Oh My Venus. Take a look at So Ji-sub’s fantastic body below!