Let’s Get to Know So Ji-sub: From His Dating Rumors to His Latest News


So Ji-sub, The Korean Actor

Formerly a national swimmer who won a medal at the country’s swimming race, So Ji-sub made his fortune accidentally when he was asked to accompany his friend to a modeling audition. Contrary to his friend, who failed, So Ji-sub was selected and soon debuted in 1995 as a model for the clothing company STORM. The pace of his career increased when he debuted officially in television by starring in Model, and he was continuously engaged in acting until his fame skyrocketed thanks to his role in I’m Sorry I Love You, in 2004.

So Ji-sub’s top-star status for the last two decade is in line with the appreciation he’s received through lots of awards, such as Best New Actor on the SBS Drama Awards in 2000, Best Actor (TV) on 41st Baeksang Arts Awards in 2005, Rising Star Asia Award on the 9th New York Asian Film Festival in 2008, and Best Actor, Top Excellence Award on the 9th Korea Drama Awards in 2016.

In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you all about So Ji-sub, including his full profile, the list of his television dramas, movies, tv shows, songs, and books. We’ll discuss his family, his girlfriend, his plastic surgery, his abs, his social media, his new movie, and his recent news. So, keep reading!

So Ji-sub’s Full Profile


Real Name: So Ji-sub

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, November 4, 1977

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Chinese Astrology: Snake

Blood Type: O

Nationality: South Korean

Talent Agency: 51K

Official Website: sojisub.com

So Ji-sub’s Age, Height, and Weight


As has been explained in his personal profile earlier, So Ji-sub was born in 1977. According to the Korean Age System, in 2018 So Ji-sub is 41 years old, or 40 in the International Age System.

Besides So Ji-sub, there are a number of other Korean actors who were born in the same year, as well, such as Kang Ji-hwan, Ji Sung, Won Bin, Jo Dong-hyuk, and Oh Jung-se.

So Ji-sub is considered to be a tall and slim man, as his height is 183 cm, whereas his weight is 70 kg.

List of So Ji-sub’s Dramas, Movies, and TV Shows


As has been mentioned at the beginning of this article, So Ji-sub is a former swimmer who made a career switch to be a celebrity. Debuting at a relatively young age, So Ji-sub’s acting skill has been praised by experts since the early days of his career as an actor in television series, films, and music videos. However, not many people know that before he became completely immersed in the cinema industry, So Ji-sub often appeared in various broadcasting programs as the host, which is completely different than his current mysterious and quiet image. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled the list of dramas, movies, television programs, and music videos that So Ji-sub has starred and appeared in.

1996 – MBC Three Guys and Three Girls (Guest Role as Kim Chul-soo)

1997 – SBS Model (Supporting Role as Song Kyung-chul)

1997 – Music video of Turbo’s Goodbye Yesterday

1997 – KBS Saturday Power Start: Oh Happy Day (as MC)

1998 – MBC  MBC Best Theater: What You Cherish Can Never Be Forgotten (Main Role as Dong-woo)

1998 – SBS I Hate You, But It’s Fine (Main Role as Chul-min)

1999 – KBS Declaration of Freedom Today is Saturday (as MC)

1999 – KBS Joy Super Sunday TV: Let’s Go Dream Team (as MC)

1999 – MBC Show Express (as Host)

1999 – MBC Sunday Sunday Night: Shin Dong-yup’s Fateful Drama (as Host)

1999 – Music video of Ryu Chan’s For You

1999-2000 – MBC Music Camp (as MC, along with actress Chae Rim)

1999-2000  – SBS TV Entertainment Tonight (as Host)

1999-2000 – SBS Good Friends (as Host)

1999-2000 – KMTV Decision Approval 43 (as MC)

2000 – SBS  Love Story Episode 6: Miss Hip-hop & Mr. Rock (Main Role as Oh Chul-soo)

2000 – MBC MBC Best Theater: Have You Ever Said ‘I Love You’? (Main Role as Kyung-min)

2000 – SBS Wang Rung’s Land (Supporting Role as Park Min-ho)

2000 – MBC Because of You (Main Role as Yoon Min-ki)

2000 – SBS Joa, Joa (Main Role as Park Ji-sub)

2000 – SBS Cheers for the Women (Main Role as Hwang Joon-won)

2000 – SBS Beautiful Life: Crossing the Korea Strait (as Host)

2001 – Music video of Lee Hyun-woo’s The End

2001 – Music video of Jang Hye-jin’s Beautiful Days

2001 – SBS  Long Way (Main Role as Ki-hyun)

2001 – MBC Delicious Proposal (Main Role as Jang Hee-moon)

2001 – SBS Law Firm (Main Role as Choi Jang-goon)

2002 – SBS We Are Dating Now (Main Role as Choi Kyo-in)

2002 – SBS Glass Slippers (Main Role as Park Chul-woong)

2002 – Can’t Live Without Robbery (Main Role as Choi Kang-jo)

2003 – SBS  Thousand Years of Love (Main Role as General Guishil Ari / Kang In-chul)

2004 – SBS What Happened in Bali (Main Role as Kang In-wook)

2004 – KBBS2 I’m Sorry, I Love You (Main Role as Cha Moo-hyuk)

2005 – Music video of Jo Sung-mo’s Mr. Flower

2008 – Kitaro and the Millennium Curse (Main Role as Yaksha)

2008 – Rough Cut (Main Role as Lee Kang-pae)

2008 – OCN U-Turn (Main Role as Ji-sub)

2008 – Music video of G’s Lonely Life

2009 – SBS Cain and Abel (Main Role as Lee Cho-in / Oh Kang-ho)

2009 – Bee TV I am GHOST (Main Role as Ghost)

2009 – Sophie’s Revenge (Main Role as Jeff)

2010 – MBC Road No. 1 (Main Role as Lee Jang-woo)

2010 – Music video of Soya n Sun’s Smiling Goodbye

2011 – Music video of So Ji-sub featuring Shi Jin’s Pick Up Line

2011 – Music video of Seo In-guk’s Take

2011 – Always (Main Role as Jang Cheol-min)

2012 – A Company Man (Main Role as Ji Hyeong-do)

2012 – SBS Phantom (Main Role as Kim Woo-hyun / Park Gi-young)

2012 – Music video of So Ji-sub featuring Huh Gak and Mellow’s Some Kind of Story

2013 – Music video of So Ji-sub featuring Younha’s Picnic

2013 – Music video of So Ji-sub featuring Mellow’s 6PM…Ground

2013 – SBS Master’s Sun (Main Role as Joo Joong-won)

2014 – Music video of So Ji-sub featuring Satbyeol’s 18 Years

2014 – Music video of So Ji-sub featuring Soul Dive’s Boy Go

2014-2015 – Line TV One Sunny Day (Main Role as Kim Ji-ho)

2015 – MBC Warm and Cozy (Guest Role as Jeju Island restaurant owner on episode 1)

2015 – The Throne (Guest Role as King Jeongjo)

2015-2016 – KBS2 Oh My Venus (Main Role as Kim Young-ho / John Kim)

2017 – The Battleship Island (Main Role as Choi Chil-sung)

2018 – Be with You (Main Role as Woo-jin)

2018 – tvN Little Cabin in the Woods (as Regular Cast with actress Park Shin-hye)

2018 – MBC My Secret Terrius / Terrius Behind Me (Main Role as Kim Bon)

List of So Ji-sub’s Songs, Albums, and Books


Despite already being widely recognized as an A-list actor in South Korea, So Ji-sub doesn’t hide his preference for hip-hop, as well as releasing songs and albums under the name of G-sonick. In addition, the actor is also known for being a talented photographer, hence the release of photo essay books that contain his artwork. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of songs, albums, and books by So Ji-sub that you may want to take a look at!

2008 – Lonely Life (single release)

2008 – Foolish Love (single release)

2009 – Foolish Love (original soundtrack of Cain and Abel)

2010 – The Sound Of Memory (original soundtrack of Road No. 1)

2010 – Photo Essay So Ji-sub’s Journey

2011 – Pick Up Line (single release)11월 4일 그 후…(intro)

2011 – Photo Essay Only You with So Ji-sub

2012 – Corona Borealis (mini album)

2012 – Magazine SONICe Vol. 1

2013 – 6PM…Ground (mini album)

2014 – 18 Years (mini album)

2014 – So Love (single release)

2015 – So Ganzi (single release)

2017 – Cola Bottle Baby (single release)