So Ji-sub Confirmed to be Dating Jo Eun-jung! Here is a List of Women who Have Been Rumored of Dating Him

Other Women who Have Been Rumored to Date So Ji-sub

Here are some other women who have been rumored to date So Ji-sub. Check this out!

Kim Hyun-joo

So Ji-sub was rumored to be dating actress Kim Hyun-joo. However, the rumor was immediately denied by both So Ji-sub and Kim Hyun-joo. The two of them met when starring in the drama Glass Slippers aired by SBS. In the drama they acted as lovers and when the drama was over they were rumored to be dating.

During an interview, Kim Hyun-joo was asked by reporters about her relationship with So Ji-sub. Things were getting interesting because So Ji-sub was going to make an appearance in her new drama, as well. She told reporters, “so I have a good rhythm with.” And, she requested, “please don’t look at the fact that we’re shooting the SBS drama together.”

Kim Hyun-joo also said, “it’s true that each other happily, and even after we broke up, we’re still good friends.” She added, “i feel pressured about this reunion that we didn’t intend, but we will ignore all that we are showing a professional attitude in regards to acting.”

But, in another interview the actor said Kim Hyun-joo is the only female friend he has. He said, “Kim Hyun-joo is my only female friend. We make phone calls sometimes, we are the same age, and so we get along as close friends.” He added, “i have scandals with Hyun-joo a few times. I think the female reason is keep a close relationship with.” Then, he was asked how they got close, but he didn’t give detail. He just answered, “we contacted after scandals. I think we became close to the scandals.”

Well, what do you think about that? Are So Ji-sub and Kim Hyun-joo dating for real?

After School’s Jooyeon

In 2013, So Ji-sub was rumored to be dating one of the members of the well-known girl-group, Jooyeon of After School. However, after the rumors started circulating, So Ji-sub denied them. In response to the rumors, a representative of So Ji Sub’s agency said, “This is the first time we are hearing this. We are currently asking him about it.” Jooyeon’s agency said that, “Jooyeon is currently on a plane from China to Korea. We will ask her when she arrives.”

The two had been dating for about a year and four months, after being introduced to one another by MBLAQs G.O. The two usually spent their dates at So Ji-sub’s home in Seoul. On December 19, So Ji-sub dropped her off at a hair salon. They even went to the U.S. together, and Jooyeon was referring to So Ji-sub as “my boyfriend.”

A spokesman for So Ji-sub denied that the two were dating. He said, “we checked with So Ji-sub and it is true G.O. had been introduced to the two of them, but they were met casually. They are not in a romantic relationship.”

After clarifying and stating that they did not date in 2013, in 2016 rumors that So Ji-sub and Jooyeon were dating again appeared and netizens said that they had secretly dated for three years. However, the rumor has not been confirmed by the agencies of either So Ji-sub and Jooyeon.

Well, what do you think about that?

Shin Min-ah

In 2015, So Ji-sub starred in the drama Oh My Venus! In the drama, besides So Ji-sub the drama also stars Shin Min-ah. Since working together on the drama, So Ji-sub and Shin Min-ah became very close, like a couple. After the drama was finished, they were both having difficulty moving on and still often related to each other. There were a lot of rumors that said the pair were dating.

However, this is not true. So Ji-sub and Shin Min-ah are only good friends and support each other. In fact, Shin Min-ah felt very honored to be able to work with So Ji-sub in a drama and learned many things from So Ji-sub. After the drama Oh My Venus! finished, So Ji-sub and Shin Min-ah starred in a lot of advertisements that had the two do photoshoots and they looked very happy. However, in reality, Shin Min-ah is dating Kim Woo-bin and So Ji-sub is dating Jo Eun-jung.